Tynon New Player’s Guide

Tynon New Player’s Guide by Rednaz

Welcome to Tynon!

If you are reading this it is because you were most likely directed here by a mail you got in game or someone was nice enough to send you here.
So you are new to the game and you are going to have a lot of questions, here are some of the basic things you should know before you jump into the game.

Character Creation

Once you select your character class and sex you will NOT be able to change it. Make sure you are happy with your choice and avatar name BEFORE you hit continue on the character creation screen because this will be permanent.

If you already got past that point and you still don’t like your character here are some options
1. Using the same e-mail address you registered with you can play on a different server and create a new character.
2. Create a new e-mail account/address and register to the game again so you can play on the server you are on right now.

Game Basics

The game Auto-Saves, you do not need to do anything to save the game your progress is saved at regular intervals.
There is no logout of the game. There are benefits to staying logged in 24/7 we’ll get to that later.
In order to Exit the game simply Close your browser window. Don’t worry you will not lose anything the game auto-saves at regular intervals.
Follow the quest line from the point you start the game. This will help teach you the basics of combat in the game and get you used to how the battle system works
If you get sidetracked off of the quest you are working on you can return to it by click on the quest on the right hand side of your game screen. This is directly under the radar/map screen on the top right side of your game screen.


At the bottom left of your screen you will see other people talking here is the breakdown of what does what

The ALL tab will broadcast across the server for everyone to see, this will cost you gems to use if you do not have speakers (this can cost you real money).
The REALM tab will broadcast your chat across your realm, there are 5 realms. Fire, Water, Light, Dark and Forest, the realm you belong to is denoted by a small icon at the top left of your game screen next to your avatar photo.
The GUILD tab is used for chatting to other people in your guild once you join one. Make sure you are on the GUILD tab when announcing things related to Caribbean Pirates, Guild Warfare etc,.
The PRIVATE tab is used for whispering to individual people. When you select this tab the default will say “Name”. Change that to the name of the player you want to talk to followed by a space and then your sentence for example: Rednaz Hey how are you?
To minimize or increase the size of your chat window look on the chat tabs next to the word private you will see two small arrows up and down, click the down facing one to minimize your chat window, respectively click the up facing arrow to make your chat window bigger.


Yes you CAN attack other players in this game. This is a PvP game.
As of 6/20/2013 an update was implemented wherein you can no longer check a person before attacking them. If you can attack them they will be red and a clashing swords icon will appear. USE EXTREME CAUTION since you cannot see the power level of the person you are about to attack.

Level restrictions for attacking do exist, I’ll leave this for you to discover along the way just keep in mind you will not be able to attack everyone you see.

Other Things

Stamina is the energy you use to attack other players or monsters. You use 1 each time you attack someone. Some monsters or events will cost MORE than 1 stamina to take part in.
You get 1 stamina every 10 minutes for free so if you run out just go afk or do something else for a while.
Everyday at 6am and 6pm at your time zone you will get a free 30 stamina bonus because Tynon is awesome!
You can earn FREE credits everyday by participating in the Noble Lady quest in the game on your server!
You can rank up your title using reputation, you can get reputation in the Area defeating other people, out in the wild by attacking other players AND winning or by participating in various events on the server you are playing on.

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  1. Mike Clark says:

    Not sure if this is a request or a suggestions, but the labyrinth bosses “only” give Tokens.

    It is virtually impossible for me to get tokens 44 times out of 48 without something wrong with the so called randomness. Why is there even a choice to “pick a card” when you defeat the boss when every single choice is the token? It kind of kills the excitement, and is a bit frustrating when the jewels and gems show, but are never actually a choice.

    I believe the coding has to be set to get a token 90+% of the time.

    Any one else complaining about this issue?

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