Marvel Heroes Pro Tips Compilation

Marvel Heroes Pro Tips Compilation by Various

– Here’s a good one, want Rocket Raccoon to stand in place while executing his quick shot without holding the Shift key? Drag Quick Shot to the right mouse attack button. A simple but huge quality of life improvement if you’re obsessed with breaking **** as I am.

– Here’s one for Ms. Marvel: Are you pissed about Photonic Wave being too slow? Hold down the skill and she will stay in the air and spam it much faster. It took me a bit to figure.

– For Hulk: your “auras” are removed when you teleport to a town, so make sure you put them on before engaging in a fight when you teleport back!

– Be aware of the icon on mobs, Green/Yellow/Red, to tell you if you should(not) be doing a zone.

– In the middle of a dungeon and need to sell some gear?
Use Bodyslide, sell your stuff, Use bodyslide again to take you back to the dungeon.

– When crafting, don’t drag and drop your items to place them into the recipe, right click the items instead.

– Holding alt will show u all the loot and destructables in an area. Highlights anything clickable

– You can teleport to party members at any time by right clicking their hero icon and chose Teleport.

– Here’s a good tip. Are you sick of using Cyclops’ Richochet? Well you’re in luck! If you hit the “T” button, you can select another hero on your roster!

-Bosses can be stunned

-Always get at least, one AoE (make sure its doing dmg into the triple digits)

-As a tank, grab the taunt power, do your glass canon teammates a favor.

-Always walk around with 80+ medipacks (when you can afford it)

-In a team, leadership always defers to the tank; both tanks and everything else, should know this, so get to know the maps bosses, mobs, etc, as a tank. If no tank is available, leadership defers to the party leader. (or Captain America)

-Always res a fallen teammate before anything else.

-The only thing you should be buying are medipacks; do not upgrade the vendor, its not worth it (even for twinking).

-Be aware that many of the boss rooms; come with objects that can be thrown at them (Explosive, poison, ice, etc) this can be extremely helpful when soloing.

-Leave your ego at the door, we all have died, run out of spirit, sold something we weren’t supposed to, etc. You are not the grand puba of an MMO, help whenever you can, you don’t have to be nice about it, just help whenever possible.

– Don’t stand in FIRE!

– Default Shift key keeps your Hero standing in one place for both melee and ranged

– Default W key forces your Hero to walk towards your Cursor

– You can map the Shift Key (Hold Position) to the Spacebar, a key that is way easier to use while stroking ASWDFGH.

– Map your favorite Right Mouse Button Power to F1, then any others you can’t fit on your hotbat to the other F keys….now you can hit an F key , right click, then hit F1 to go back to your base configuration while adding moar to your arsenal

– Fighting a boss with a party and die? Respawn and right click => teleport to instantly get back to the fight. Just don’t do it on the tank or prepare to be one shot. This works for every dungeon as well.

– When you die during a boss fight don’t wait for your team mates to res you. You are putting them in risk. Instead release and teleport back. (By right clicking on their portrait and clicking teleport) Not only is it faster, but your team mate doesn’t have to risk dieing to get you up.

– For characters with a ranged basic attack and a movement power (for black widow, it’s snap shot and escape roll): lock onto a boss by clicking on him with your ranged basic attack and holding. Once you are locked, you will continue to attack him while still being able to move your cursor in other directions. Use that cursor freedom to direct your movement power. Can do whole boss fights while being locked on. Also makes things much easier if you are someone with a lot of video lag.

– After you kill and end game boss and everyone leaves the instance rests. If you body slide out you can return to a fresh new instance (right by the boss). you can do that ever 6:30 minutes.

– Save you body slides for rematches always empty your bags before running an instance.

– For Cable: Combat Roll will always roll to the right no matter which direction you are facing.

– If you level up, don’t feel that you have to assign the points to skills immediately.
I often “carry” 3-6 points just so when the super-useful skills become available in a few levels I can pump a lot of points into them straight away.
This also reduces the need for retcon potions where you’ve put all your points into the only skills available at the start, the skills which often sucketh. Nothing worse than having 6 points in a skill that only feeds 1% synergy into the later, better version.
Bear in mind when you level up you’ll be getting more health and spirit, and often things like “fighting skill” will get a point too.

– If your using greens your prolly doing something wrong. Level your crafter to convert blue to purple and other people’s purple to yours.

– If you have a high number of characters, save your blue & purples to use w/ them as you replace them. I’ve got every hero passed level 10 & with all purples doing this.

– Combine your elements to save space in your stash.

– Synergize your artifacts, gear, and hero: have one artifact that increases crit chance and one that activates increased dodge chance on crit, for example. Gear for crit and dodge chance, and invest in a power that does something on dodge or crit (infuriating humor, for example).

– Leveling
Save good blues and purples for other characters. You can upgrade and convert them via crafting. This goes double for +XP gear.
Don’t forget to turn in the Madripoor blade shards for the artifact!
Refrain from upgrading too many crafting mats. It’s expensive. Higher level mats will be easier to obtain. If you need, take advantage of your high level friends’ generosity.
Use an F key for your flight power. Rebind if necessary.

– Endgame
If you sell after every daily mission start picking up whites and grays. You’ll never fill your inventory in just one run (The AIM facility might be an exception). They’re worth half a normal item in vendor XP.
Costume cores can be stored in crafting tabs! You will get a ton over time.
Green mobs are always better XP.
Don’t quit an instance after getting unbeatable heal affixes. Bodyslide to a hub and recruit others to join your cause. Most people will jump at free boss loot. Also, the shield helicarrier usually has higher level characters.
Use an F key for your ultimate power. Rebind if necessary. Do not switch to another power while it’s in use. This usually cancels your power, wasting the cooldown.

– Don’t forget to turn in the Madripoor blade shards for the artifact!

– One thing I would point out again is upgrading your blues at your crafter. Once you do it and understand what is going on its amazing. Only upgrade blues that have your core stats on them that you like plus a lot of defense or attack depending on gear or weapon slot. It makes a great blue a ridiculously good item sometimes. It keeps what stats were on it at first and adds to them. I think all my gear is almost crafted. It makes you just as excited about blue drops as purples hoping the stats are what you are looking for lol.

– The other big thing was already posted as well. Do not combine a lot of crafting mats. It is fine at lower levels but becomes very expensive quickly. You will kick yourself when you wasted a small hedge fund on combining mats and the stuff starts dropping in a few levels.

– You can toggle mouse button abilities using your F keys. Right click on either LMB or RMB ability to see all available abilities. Hover over one and click F1 – F6. When you press the appropriate F key that ability will be toggled on.
Example: I have Shield Bounce mapped to F1 and Shield Toss mapped to F2. Most of the time I leave Shield Bounce on, but for boss fights, where there are no adds, I’ll press F2 to toggle on Toss.

– If you have multiple character tabs in your stash, if you open your inventory and right click on an item to store it, it automatically goes to that character’s tab. Same with crafting materials if you have that tab. Super handy. I used to drag and drop each item! Yeesh!

– If you have a character with good AOE and like blowing stuff up, bundles or crates and destructables can yield some decent stuff. It’s pretty random, but smashing things is fun right? Some characters are way better than others at mass aoe destruction though.

– Spam alt to see if random items drop. Their name/text goes away after about five seconds.

– Tab makes the mini map bigger. (Default bindings.)

– To see emotes do /help

– The NUMPAD keys have some dialogue like in old D2 days.

– When you see Rhino in Act 2 and he has red >>>> . . . RUN OUT OF THE WAY.

– Boss medals have random stats most of the time. You can always go back and rekill them if you want to get a better version of your medal.

– In case you somehow don’t know, alt+right click donates items to vendors. THERE IS NO BUYBACK FOR DONATIONS.

– ALWAYS get the waypoint for the next chapter before talking to Manifold (to reset story progress.) For example, if you reset back to Chapter 1 without first going through the Jersey Docks, you will HAVE to redo chapter 1 and can’t just warp to the Docks if you change your mind. Once you get the waypoint once, you are set and can go there as you wish on your main or alts.

– If you wish to graciously leave a party click the little mouse icon above all your party members on the left of the HUD. Beats kicking ’em all like some uncouth ruffian.

– When King Hippo pulls his fist back to charge his power attack, hit him with a high punch. He will then uncover his stomach and you can unload on him. When he falls down you win.

– Resetting your progress will not wipe the waypoints you have previously discovered.

– Another way to assign hotkey is through the power fan which can be accessed by clicking on your RMB or LMB power in your HUD. It will show you the powers that can be mapped to those buttons. From that UI, you can mouse over a skill and press F# (or whatever you’ve mapped it to) and it will assign it to that key. It’s nice since you don’t have to have your Skill Trees open to do this.

– ok guys, going to share a big one here for those that don’t like using a lot of keys on the keyboard. Note: this is also how you can change the key for ‘show all’ to a toggle…

find your MarvelUserInputSettings -> on windows 7 it’s Document->my games->MarvelHeroes->MarvelGame->config directory.

in this file, you will find all of your keybinds – if you change the Control, Shift, or Alt to True you can now make ALT + A or Shift + A do a different hotkey on the action bar. if what i said was over your head, don’t worry about it

the changing show all to a toggle is achieved by setting the OnRelease RevealInteractiblesReleased to OnRelease RevealInteractiblesPressed. Once you do this (2 places in most files) you just have to hit the key once when you enter a new area and it’s toggle on for good.

– Ok, another big one for you guys – Setting up a video config that doesn’t use the defaults.

You’ll see that there is 5 notches on the video bar. Each notch has it’s own set of settings.

You can change what is toggled on for each settings in the MarvelCompat file found in your config folder.

the default location for config folder in windows 7 is Documents->my games->MarvelHeroes->MarvelGame->config

If you scroll to the end/near the end of the file you will see config headings that look like this:


Under that heading you can change what is toggled on/off. For example, I play in 3d sometimes and have to toggle shadows off, but I want to keep all of the other eye candy on, so I set DynamicShadows=False

Hope this helps, this is the only place you can currently change the video settings.

– Tired of typing commands in chat? Here are a few shortcuts!

/p=/party, which limits your chat to your party specifically.
/t=/tell, sends a private message to the player of your choice.
Holding down Control allows you to instantly invite any player in your screen to your party.

– Want to run an instance solo and don’t know why random people are automatically joining a party with you? Turn it off by going to Options -> Gameplay, then uncheck “Join Party When Entering Instance”.

– Cable can teleport trough walls safes alot of walking while doing The Hood Dailys and its fun!

– Using any more than 2 exp or rarity boost potions at a time is mathematically cost inefficient due to diminishing returns.

– You can solo farm the Madripor group challenge at lvl27+ by clearing each arm of the instance without shutting the rifts down. This way you don’t increase mob difficulty. Once the instance is clear, go back down each arm, shut the rifts down and wait for the boss to spawn in the middle. Expect the boss fight to take ages, but with an empty instance you have a large area to kite in.

– Incidentally, not shutting the rifts down, and just farming the instance until clear, ignoring the boss fight, leaving and resetting is by far the most efficient XP grind I have found.

– Sell NOTHING. Donate everything to your crafting dude. You should not be running out of money.

– Use cube shards to level up your crafter.

They are worth 500 XP each. When you need 10 to get a single fortune card, it is more valuable to use them as a donation for the XP.

Later, once you’re done leveling the crafter, try the vendors if you want. Once you have your vendors/crafter leveled where you want, then start collecting them for trades.

If you are wanting to farm for XP. Fight MODOK.

He spawns mobs every time he teleports, endlessly. You can run around and beat just his mobs, and then when you get tired of it…defeat him and move on.

– You can do the same enchant on your costume over and over until you get one you like for that level slot, it will not effect your other enchants but it will hurt your pocket.

– Don’t bother picking up and converting crafting mats as you go, your just wasting credits. Just keep a few you need for upgrading gear to purple and your costumes, once you do the daily quests high tier crafting mats drop like candy, if you need a low level one, you can break a big one.

– to leave a party press /leave

– if your captain america, dont take ‘shield expertise’ and ‘combat veteran’ it doesnt sync well

– Your costumes can have more than 1 affix on it, Each grade can be applied once and will add to the overall stats of your costume.
Grade 1, 2, 3, etc.
Can end up with a pretty nice costume

– To invite someone to your party, type the following:
/invite username
Or hold CTRL and right click on a person Invite to party box will pop up and just left click on it.

– Faster Health Potions:
Rebind your [H] key to the [SPACEBAR]

– Always zoom out your minimap, and as it resets after every load don’t forget to zoom out again. You’ll see doors, quest objectives and teammates further away making things much easier for you to find.
Use the Z key to zoom out and M to zoom in to save having to use the +/- zoom buttons (this also means you don’t have to stop playing to adjust the zoom level).

– Also, it’s always worth sticking a point in powers that display enemies on the mini-map, or getting an artifact/costume/medal that does the same – it makes it much easier to find large groups of enemies when levelling.

– If you’re just slightly wounded while a teammate just hava a sliver of life, avoid taking the red orbs. They drop shared among all players and not seperatly for each player like regular loot. (Also goes for Blue and Purple orbs).

– Hold down control and place your mouse cursor over the player, it will tell you their level.
or Press U to bring up the social panel and click on the “nearby” tab.

– If you are a ranged character with decent mobility, spec for high HP Regeneration and Defense. Glass cannons tend to die in very few hits, but if you have high regen, you can recover from hard hits fast.
(I run Hawkeye with 1980/min HP regen. It’s awesome.)

– Upgrade all of your blue gear to epic gear by using the crafter! You can then transform that epic gear for another character if you switch as well!

– For punisher throw down a land mine at a charging group after explosion for damage follow up with rocket launcher for a good one two punch.

– Crafter leveling tip:

All blue and purple gear donated to crafter gives roughly the same amount of experience regardless of the gear level (blues give around 70xp and purple grants about 140xp), so use those low level items you won’t use on your toon to level your crafter.

If you want to go “back in time” Avengers Mansion and Xavier’s school both have NPC’s that will allow you to “story warp” back to earlier missions (you will loose your current progress, so pick an appropriate place in your current story progression to do this). All previously opened waypoints will still be accessible though which is handy. You can do boss runs on earlier missions with uber-efficiency and build up a nice cache of medals (guaranteed drop) and elite gear (higher drop rate than trash or elite mobs) to donate for crafter XP gains! Since your toon will be a significantly higher level than the early bosses, you can even swap in some higher MF or Item find gear and still do very efficient runs. Green Goblin in the Raft is super easy to access since there is a waypoint just before the fight. There are other bosses that are pretty easy to get to as well if you don’t mind a little run.

– Evasive maneuvers like Storm’s “Scirocco Rush” and Cyclop’s Roll (many characters have some version of this) can be used while holding down your left click/right click powers. That means you can easily spam basic powers while evading around a boss’ attacks, blending into a dodge from your power and coming out of the dodge still casting it. It’s a great way to maintain DPS while evading attacks during solo boss runs.

– If you replace a purple with a purple, do not vendor the old purple! Change characters and have it re-crafted for a purple for your alternate character.

– You can lock on basic attacks to mobs. If, for instance you are fighting shocker, just left click on shocker and hold the button down. You can now move the cursor away from him and you will lock onto him and keep firing. This means you can use evasion abilities to dodge attacks, but when the evasion ability ends its animation your hero will keep on attacking whatever was targetted. You will also move automatically back into range if you rolled out of position.

– Don’t sell duplicate heroes to make space; use them to level up said heroes ultimate power.

– You can set F1-F4 to change your right click skill on command. Don’t know how I was playing before figuring this out

– Deadpool tips:
1) Don’t use (or use really carefully) Lil’ Deadpool on bosses with “healed when dealing damage affix” – attacking Lil’ Deadpools will heal boss.
2) Learn “Troll-teleport tactics” for killing some slow bosses with huge tell when they will attack is so much fun teleort to safe spot – donate some lead into him, repeat.
3) Learn Lazy-Safe-Killer tactic – Simply run around the boss avoding all of his attacks (teleport will help too) while leaving Foot Gauges and Stik Bombs – you don’t even need to shoot the boss and no need for asking the boss to get your bullets back
4) Lil’ Deadpool is not always turn the bosses into more stupid then they are – sometime they simply ignore plush fellas or simply distracted on them for a second. But Lil” Deadpool have a great chance to interrupt some nasty big attacks from the boss (like Magneto’s bubble).
5) Don’t disregard Power-Ups. Plush Hulk grants significant damage and defense buffs (attacks which previously one-shotted you now will leave you barely alive) and healing from Teddy Bears is 20 spirit cheaper than “Get better faster”
6) Tacos!
7) I miss the yellow boxes
8) To clear regular goons fast and safe simply throw Lil’ Deadpool at them and follow up with STink Bombs, and few more Lil’ Deadpools just to be safe.

– Some attacks are solo attacks that will stop any other attacks you are using, but a lot of abilities and attacks can be used simultaneously.

Learn which ones are which so you can always be using multiple attacks at the same time. As several people have said, most basic attacks can be used by holding down the button and using rolls and escapes, but can also be used at the same time with other attacks.

For instance, on Daredevil I frequently throw out a few Club Sweeps and a Club Throw to soften up the rest of the enemies while I’m beating on one with his basic attack.

– Don’t waste a skill slot on any flying, as fun as it may be. In the later levels that slot would be better served with a defensive ability.

– This is somewhat “weak” but helps when fighting bosses in throne rooms. If you can keep the battle fairly close to the entrance door, as you are starting to struggle with health and can’t load medipacks fast enough, simply run back out the entrance door (which I guess has just become an exit door) and give yourself time to reset health and catch your breath. When ready, go back in. The boss is still hurting, but you have recovered.
Saves time over returning to Waypoint after death or bodysliding.

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