Marvel Heroes Colossus Tips

Marvel Heroes Colossus Tips by killuchen

If you’re want to be exclusive to MM try specing to be a team player. While the damage is abysmal to say the least, your survival is uncanny. Run repulsed with pryms and taskmaster medallion. Forget synergy on SF because ur damage is bad as is, no need to waste points into it. SF is still more fun than smite because of the trash mobs. (not to be mistaken for golds and blues). SF still lays waste to them. Generally you get 5 skills to max out with the rest into anything to cater to ur fun. Ull want SF, bulwark, metallic, deflective, and which ever aura you want. 1 point into charge, challenge, and break for utility. I’ll break it down for you:

SF for the weak trash. Plus it’s the only strong dps skill you have to keep u moving instead of standing still to wind up a smite. While smite can be effective it’s painfully slow. You know what’s faster and does a ton of damage? Cars. They’re all over MM. Pick up cars and save them only for the blues and golds.

Bulwark and metallic for the defense and damage synergy. You’ll yield more from this than synergies with SF, plus you’ll actually benefit from these skills rather than just buying the synergies and not use them with SF.

Deflective at level 20 gives u I think 63% deflection of projectiles. A 20% repulsed and 12% taskmaster bumps it to 95%. You can go past 20 points with comics should u come across them or just +skills in gear. At 95% you’ll be fine on spirit. Also the dodge from pryms with dodge on chest /belt slot should give you 30% dodge which is extra handy for the spirit gain and survival.

Aura: pick whatever you want, this isn’t for you, it’s for your party. Spirit gain isn’t necessary because ull be sitting on a lot of spirit gain from deflect and dodging. +damage is nice if u end up solo and need to clear trash on ur way to the bosses. You won’t be hitting the boss for a ton but ur party collectively will so why not give 5 people +84 I think damage. That’s 84 damage rating x5.

Utilities: charge to move around faster and dodging boss mechanics. Break for getting out of cc, and challenge to taunt mobs for ur group. Why taunt? Because ur not gonna kill the mobs, ur team will. They can’t do damage if they’re dead. Ur unkillable anyway. Now taunting them doesn’t mean face tanking them, aoe taunt and start running in mini circles. Don’t spam SF, that will take away spirit from taunting. Save SF when your alone.

Cores and and costumes: you’ll want the 25% extra heal and spirit med pack. You’ll want this because you’ll be stacking %hp on costume. A simple med pack won’t cut it. The other stat on cores can be +hp generally they’re 600+ hp.Gear you’ll want +hp, +to vanguard, and dodge. Only 2 pieces can give dodge so make sure to not waste those 2 slots on anything less.

Your playstyle shouldn’t be face rolling, although you can, you don’t want to get cocky. Imagine Muhammed Ali. They’ll plenty of mobs wanting to land blows on you with taunt every 3 seconds, no need to go running into it. Cars cars cars. Did I mention cars? Throw them, they are ur best form of dps when you make your way to the boss or when ur soloing.

I hope this guide helps, burned an hour of my work day just writing it lol.

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