Blade 9 Guild War Guide

Blade 9 Guild War Guide by Jerome

A Guild War event will be held every week. The winner(s) will get unique rewards.


The Time Schedule:

Monday(12:00am)- Thursday(11:59pm): – “Registration”, Guild Masters of each guild can register to NPC “Guild Quest Manager”

Friday(12:00am): -“Elimination Round”, the Top 4 Guilds (weekly contribution credits) for each faction will have a chance to participate in the next round.

Saturday(07:30pm): -“Semi-Final Round”, the Guilds that qualified will be divided according to its faction.

Guild ThunderClap#1 vs Guild ThunderClap#2 = Guild ThunderClap Winner1
Guild ThunderClap#3 vs Guild ThunderClap#4 = Guild ThunderClap Winner2
Guild RedLotus#1 vs Guild RedLotus#2 = Guild RedLotus Winner1
Guild RedLotus#3vs Guild RedLotus#4 = Guild RedLotus Winner2
Guild RagingTides#1 vs Guild RagingTides#2 = Guild RagingTides Winner1
Guild RagingTides#3vs Guild RagingTides#4 = Guild RagingTides Winner2

Sunday(07:30pm): -“Final Round” , The Final battle. 1 Winner for each Faction.

Guild ThunderClap Winner1vsGuild ThunderClap Winner2 = ThunderClap Winner
Guild RedLotus Winner1vsGuild RedLotus Winner2 = RedLotus Winner
Guild RagingTides Winner1vsGuild RagingTides Winner2 = RagingTides Winner


The War System (semi-final round/final round)

@exactly 07:30pm, both sides will be able to enter each guild war preparation area, while waiting for the guild war to begin in the preparation region.
@exactly 07:35pm, both sides Guild Masters will fight each other in a separated area. The winner will get 1000 points (if no winner, no reward points) then they will be transported to the preparation region.
Later, all players can enter the guild warp map to begin the battle.

Get points methods:
1. Killing a player will give 5 points to your guild, Deaths will cost 2 points for your guild.
2. Take a Flag ( 3 flags in total) gives 150point each for every 20minutes the flag is under your capture.
3.The guild will win when the point reached to 10000 (the guild war will end at exactly 09:00pm, if both sides have the same points, there will be no winner.)
rewards: Red Lotus / Thunderclap/ Raging Tides Lord TITLE ; (master only)Binding King’s Horse (7 Day)and Binding Lord Cloak(7 Day); 10000 credit.


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