Blade 9 Dungeons Guide

Blade 9 Dungeons Guide by Jerome

Chasm of ancient tomb

chasm of ancient tomb

1. Viper(Boss)
2. Beryl(Elite)
3. Flo(Elite)
4. Jade(Elite)
5. <Ancient Tomb Lord> Auf(Boss)
6. Mordell (Boss)
7. Red Leaf Master (NPC)
8. Quaneisha’s Box
9. Stygian Captain (Elite) & Nocturne (Elite)

(2,3,4,8) can’t enter at normal mode
Need killing (1,5) to complete the dungeon
Need killing (7,9) to active (5)
Stygian Captain (Elite) in (7) & Nocturne (Elite) (9) only in normal mode

Need killing (1) to enter (2,3,4,8)
Need killing (2,3,4) and making a dialogue to Red Leaf Master (NPC) to active(6)
Add some new traps and monster types

Sura Palace

sura palace

1. <Huge Hammer> Denzel (BOSS)
2. <Piercing Eye> Cornelius (BOSS)
3. Shane (BOSS)
4. Enchanted Asura King (BOSS)
5. Guardian Beast (BOSS)

Shane will appear after destroyed three Shane’ weapons (113.134) (138.52)(the last weapon need to kill <Piercing Eye> Cornelius).

You can enter the 5 area after beat 3 (5 can’t display in normal mode)

In the hard mode,you need to go back to the 3 area after kill the Enchanted Asura King(4),and then the Guardian Beast (BOSS) was appearing in the 5 area, it will complete the dungeon after killed the Guardian Beast (BOSS)

Holy Forest

holy forest

1. <Son of Wind God> Rose
2. <Son of Wind God> Roy
3. <Son of Wind God> Wade
4. <Ghost Khan> Hagar Shelmer
5. Habakai the Wind Druid (NPC)
6. <Wind God> Newsham
7. Corrupter

1, 2, 3, selectively kill the Son of Wind God, If you do not kill, Habakai the Wind Druid (NPC) can call it together. If you kill the BOSS will be the NPC form, affecting only the story content.

you can find an imprisoned Shaman Ghost near the Ghost Khan Camp, and then talk to him, many ghost totem will appear in that area, talk to these ghost totem until find out and destroy the totem of Ghost Khan, the Ghost Khan (4) will appear at this time.

Come to the 6 area, you will find that the wind god is calling the Corrupter, then talk to Habakai the Wind Druid (NPC), get the blood from the son of wind god, to interrupt the ritual.(need to kill the son of wind god (BOSS)or talk to the son of wind god (NPC) will appear many guards, kill them and Habakai the wind druid can get the blood of the wind god.

Corrupter will be called after active wind god .

Raksasa Palace

raksasa palace

1. Planter
2. Ghost Archon
3 &4. Thunder Ball
5. Earth Lord
6. Flame Ferris

Players will decrease 10% of the total HP per second when they entering the 2 area because of the electric current. So you should turn off the thunder ball.

It will appear a portal after Ghost Archon dead. you will be transferred to the 5 area.

The six lights will shine after the death of the Ghost Archon. Every players can choose one light to active (more than 3 be active),and get a different buff. And then…ok… kill Flame Ferris..!

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