Stellar Impact Anchorage Map Strategy Guide

Stellar Impact Anchorage Map Strategy Guide by Darksteel

This post is about how to start and to react to some possible situations, also gives information to what kind of ships,items to select or not. Veteran players do some situations possible but those tactics are for new and intermediate players.

All of those comments will be my personal ideas, some cases are situational and theymay clash your ideas. Fell free to add your comment.

Map: Anchorage

Ship and İtems:

This map is one of the biggest maps, and objectves pretty far away from each other. To counter side attacks, raid enemy sides, react fast,… selecting fast ships gives big advantage to team.

– Corvettes are the best options, 2 of them can raid enemy lab or planet with escort ships very fast. More than 2 can be problematic to your team (insufficient fire power) depends on enemy setup. Quantum accelerator, quantum leap, reinforcements, torpedos, shockwave are very usefull. If you don’t select reinforcements skill you must buy escorts. Without escorts ships it takes too much time to destroy turrets and time is the key.

– One frigate can help team (vision)at late game since its a big map(vision), most of the time game ends 30-60 mins.

– Destroyers are both good offence and defence good choice for this map.

– One SV can easily control center of the map since there are alot of asteroids. More than one is useless.

– One Dreadknought or Cruiser is enough. Speed tanks are also good.(Quantum accelerator,defence skills, speed items)

– One support, but may not be necessary.

– Carrier, i suggest you to not select. Maybe a fast Carrier.

– NEVER select Artillery ship in this map.

– As i told this map needs speed, i suggest you to use quantum accelerator or leap and upgrade your ships speed first.

– If your teams speed is low you can’t counter enemy raids. In some situations, whenever you try to counter enemy attack at your lab or get back , enemy attacks your planet and when you try to get planet back this time enemy attacks your lab. All you do is move top or bottom to recap your objectives. At that time enemies tech is more advanced and have economic advantage.



One player each to lab and planet. (A –B)
1 -2. Rest of the team should go top or bottom portal. Never try to take both of them at the same time. This may result unnecessary deaths and those death gives enemy numeric advantage to attack to the objective near to that portal.



1. Attack enemy pbjective. Fast ships better (with escort ships), other team members can help to take it. Enemy may counter, always ready to fall back.

2. Attack enemy portal.

3. There may be an attack from enemy from bottom portal.

• This situation may be opposite.



1. Defend enemy attack to lab.

2. Defend enemy attack to planet.

3. Attack top portal.

4. Attack bottom portal.

• While defending try to counter them same or +1 amount of ships. If most of the team try to counter enemy opposite side of the map or objecives will be defenceless. Try to send fast ships first. Use turrets to your advantage.

• While attacking portal, attack together nearly with all team. The reason about that is enemy can reinforce their defence from base and opposite portal. In most casses with “Enemy 2 Portal” situation is the worst case. They can attack or reinforce anyside of the map. Best option is to take one of portals as fast as you can.



1. Take your objective back. Do that as fast as you can. After take it “Enemy 2 Portal” situation occurs.

2. NEVER attack an enemy objective while enemy controls that sides portal. Its nearly impossible to escape from this situation. Maybe a corvette with both quantum leap and accelerator can escape but its waste of time and effort.

• This situation may be opposite.



1. After you attack enemy objective get ready to fall back . If you manage to cap enemy objective try to delay them as much as you can and when you see that situation turns that you cannot hold them anymore, lock the objective and run. Dont fight them face to face enemy reinforcements may come anytime.

2. While enemy tries to take their objective back attack opposite side.

3. Start attacking enemy base if enemy doesnt have enough force to repel but ready to fall back anythime. Some players tries to attack turrets top or bottom of enemy base(depends on which side you capture).While they attack their ships take damage from turrets, they become easy prey for enemy especially slow ships.

Thank you for reading.

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