Stellar Impact Skills Review

Stellar Impact Skills Review by nDie_Emperor

-Work in Progress-

Attack Skills:

cd: 45/42.5/37.5/30
The ship fires 6/7/8/9 heat-seeking rockets towards the targeted opponent.
Rockets deal 60/69/87/114 damage.
Have 5% critical chance against shield and hull.

Thoughts: 378/507/730/1077 burst dmg if all rockets hit.

cd: 45
The ship fires 3 torpedoes towards the area targeted by the player.
Torpedoes ignore armor and shields.
Each Torpedo deals 150/172/217/285 damage.
Torpedoes activate after covering 10/9/8/7 units.

Thoughts: Needs to be upped for real use. Best burst dmg in the game i think and must have imo.
Im not sure on weather to mix rockets and torps
since torps ignore shield while rockets dont. In my eyes this will create the following conflict of interesst:
You either want to 1shot someone with torps or hit someone with very low or nonexisting shield.

For example if you hit a target with 800 hull and 800 shield with 3 torps, the target dies instantly
since the 800 shield is bypassed.
If you attack said target your torps have an effectiveness of 100%.

On the other hand if u hit a target with 900 hull and 800 shield with the same 3 torps,
the target doesnt die but instead lives with 45 hull and 800 shield which would be an
additional 845 dmg you have to deal one way or the other to kill it.
Since you dont instant kill your target with the same 3 torps the effectiveness of the torps drops by 50%.

This means, that for torps to get their full effectiveness you have to attack a target that is:
a: a 1 shot for the torps
b: has no shield

The ship fires a heat seeking missile towards the targeted opponent.
The missiles deals 350/402/507/665 damage to all target in a 4.5/5.25/6.75/9 unit area.
Have 10% critical chance against shield and hull.

Thoughts: Weak dmg compared to the other 2 but it has aoe. Only usefull if 3-4 people on a team skilled
it to lv3 to counteract clustering imo.

All enemy ships located within the shockwave’s radius take 200/230/290/380 damage points.
Opponents affected by this skill cannot launch any skills for 0/2/4/6 seconds.

Thoughts: Dmg is superweak and you got to level it to get the silence. Not a good idea imo
since you dont want to get close and personal with most ships anyways.

Utillity skills that dont require leveling:

Countermeasures: If the opponent fires a bunch of lv3 torps and missiles at you this skill
(even totaly unleveled) is worth up to 2400 extra hp. Great defensive tool for the squishy destroyer imo.

Quantum leap: Can be used to evade torps and to a lesser extend rockets and missiles and is also a super
utility skill. You can chase, evade, engage, disengage or just use it for mobility (slow nebula).

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