Stellar Impact Maneuvering Tricks Guide

Stellar Impact Maneuvering Tricks Guide by voydwalker

Hello and welcome new and old players of this amazing game.

Maybe you are a sprouting newbie looking around clueless or a hardened player in search of more knowledge, maybe you are hellbent on torping Stilgar or a forum troll that has to post in every topic(geh weg) ^^. I hope there is something each of you can learn here.

First of all let me tell what i will not discuss. I will not tell you teamwork is a key(no-brainer). I will not tell you outnumbered=outgunned= certain defeat(no-brainer?). I will not discuss what are the best builds for this and this ship. I will not teach you when to attack turrets, when to farm and when to fall back.
I will simply list cool tricks and manouvers you can pull out of your hat instead of a white rabbit . Some of them i have come up with myself, some i was told and seen.

You have all fought oponents that seem to be staying alive whatever you do to them. You have all felt the bitterness of having to wait half a minute while the enemy takes your teleports. And i am sure you want to be those players. But how do they do it? Total mystery to you right? Let me shed some light on this
So lets begin shall we?

1. Recharging shields
It may be obvious or not, but shields recharge Times X faster than the hull.(surprise, hull repairs too but very very slowly). while in combat, get behind an ally so you dont take any damage and stay there so your shields recharge a bit. dont forget to blast at someone while you recharge, so you are not useless while you do that.

2. Beacon
That is one handy gadget. with its help a group can quickly retreat from or reinforce a far off area. it is visible for 5 seconds until it activates and is then invisible for 60 seconds. use it next to your ship when you are low and block any incoming shots with your ship and if you survive for 5 seconds you can quickly escape battle.

3. Blocking missiles or torps
Ahh that is my favorite. see that big fat missile headed for your ship that will kill you? see those torps? i bet you can evade 2 of them but the 3rd will hit you. you have a beacon? you find it so useless during the heat of battle? hehehe countless times i saved my ass by blocking a torp/missile/ or one of the big gun’s shots with that handy lil thing.

4. Stealth
15 seconds of MADNESS even with no upgrades the skill is so useful. escaping a deadly trap where your ship is out of position or sneaking up on a lone enemy. stealth is your friend. use it but keep in mind enemy can have scanners or have decloaking shots.

5. Tanking
Thats simple concept actually, use the friendly force field and ships as cover whenever you can. they let you shoot through them, so no problem. when you need a hasty retreat, use them to block incoming fire. turrets, big asteroids and friendly players can serve that role as well. keep in mind asteroids and turrets block your shots, so dont waste ammo

6. Speed
Not all ships can fit in the category speed demons, but for those that do: autoaiming leads the target to ensure a hit. when the distance between 2 ships is big, the distance needed to lead the target is big as well. if you are fast enough to manouver, either cut engines to make the shots fly near you and miss, or make a turn to avoid fire. only problem with this tactic is it puts you in unfavourable position to fire after you evade the shots or a sitting duck for the next wave of shots. depending on situation decide how to act.

7. Clouds
quite obvious you think? just hide in the damm thing and think you are invincible? lol there is a bit more to it than simply that. first, any shots from inside the cloud make ally ships visible unless you use the special guns to keep you cloaked. then a nice tactical manouver you can pull is: you are followed by a ship and both fire at each-other. you run for a cloud. the enemy is close by and already guessing your next position and probably ready to fire. what he doesnt expect is for you to actually turn around and exit the cloud while he enters it. a small ruse to give you a couple free shots. it may be all you need sometimes

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