Neverwinter Reaching Endgame Guide

Neverwinter Reaching Endgame Guide by balthezore

Hi there my name or well nickname is Killuminati at Dragon server. After watching constant zone spams (how do I start farming, what items should I take, what to do once you reach 60, how to increase my GS for pre t1/t1 dungeons). I’ve decied to write a really short guide in regard helping those that are stuck as fresh Level 60 or are new to Neverwinter.

Step 1.

This is what you need to do: Do your Daily Quests. I think once you reach level 10 You can start with your first Daily Quest and that would be Daily Foundry Quest(Foundry quests are quests designed by other players- You can take foundry quest by clicking your default button L, but make sure when you pick up Foundry quest it says something as “this quest is eligible for daily foundry quest“.

Daily quests can be undertaken once a day by talking to a Kobold NPC named Rhix(Locating Rhix is easy press default button M once inside of Protector’s Enclave and at right side of interface you can see !Rhix. Click it.)

These quests are easy to locate because their icons are in blue instead of the usual yellow. All daily quests reward bonus rough Astral Diamonds that scale to your level. You can refine Rough Astral Diamonds into Astral Diamonds. Open your inventory “Default button I” and browse trough icons you should see “Refine” Maximum daily refine amount is 24,000.

As you level up there will be more daily quests such as: Skirmish, Pvp, Daily dungeon.

-By the time you reach level 60 you should have around 70-100k Astral Diamonds-Though this might depend on the leveling speed- (Astral Diamonds is ingame currency used for trading between players or to be more specific it’s a currency used to buy items of Trade house)-Also Astral Diamonds can be used as exchange currency for Zen.

Step 2.

So I am level 60 what now? At this point there are few ways to gain 5700 GS. Usually cheap way would be: Hit that L button and queue for domination PvP match (this might be frustrating experience as you will find yourself completely outgeared as fresh level 60 compared to other players.) But my suggestion would be do it anyway since PvP weapons are really good and will last long enough before you can start farming T2.

Since I’m writing this guide at TR forum I will use it as example which weapons to buy. Basically buy[Battlefield Scavenger’s Long Dagger]it costs only 5,200 Glory and it says “Main hand only” As you figured this should be your main hand weapon (DO NOT BUY 2 OF THOSE. I have seen many people making this mistake wasting another 5,200 Glory since they didn’t read Weapon info- If you want to keep on farming glory make sure to buy another pvp weapon that should be used as your off Hand[Battlefield Scavenger’s Sleight Dagger] and it costs only 4,200 Glory)

PvP vendors are located at Trade of Blades building- again press M button and click.

Now when you got weapons go and hit trade house, search for Very rare gloves for your class. You can find really cheap and really great gloves for 3-5k AD. I’d suggest you to get 2 parts of the set if you can afford it. Reason would be because double set bonus will sky rocket your GS by at least 500+ (Usual set bonus is something as +400 power or +400 Critical) And it will increase your Damage.

Cheap parts of the set are Gloves/boots- sometimes Helm.

Step 3.

Dungeons: Once your gs is around 5700 you can start your Epic dungeon runs. There are two dungeons around 5700 GS Epic Dungeon: Cragmire Crypts and Epic Dungeon: The Cloak Tower. Usual rewards around this two dungeons are Rings, Necklace, Body armor. After you reach 6800 GS you should start farming Epic Dungeon: Throne of Idris.

First two dungeons Cragmire and The Cloak Tower will drop “Seal of Unicorn” Earning fair amount of Unicorn seals is not that hard especially during DD I think drop rate is doubled. So maybe after you get enough seals it’s time to invest them into few new items!

And one last big tip would be try to time your dungeon runs when there is DD time this will reward you with 100% Very rare item for your class.

AD = Astral Diamonds
GS= Gear Score
TR = Trickster Rogue
CW = Control Wizard
GWF = Great warrior Fighter
GF = Guardian Fighter
DC = Cleric
DD = Dungeon Delves

I really hope this was helpful to all of you. And please excuse my fail grammar as you might have noticed English is not my native.

Also small note: For a full T1/T2 set info and drop locations you can thank to Dragonsbane3
Make sure to check his guide Neverwinter T1 and T2 Armor Sets List

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  1. . says:

    7,941 GS at Lvl59 wearing lvl52-56 gear (mostly greens) and a lvl40 necklace.

  2. que says:

    You never have to speak to Rhix directly for doing daily quests; just press L and click Daily Quests.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Hi Killuminati,

    Thanks so much for the information, it was very helpful. I’m currently a 42 TR and I’m trying to work out if it’s worth progressing to 60 to see if I will enjoy the end game. It looks like it’s all about getting your GS up for these epic dungeons. I like how most dungeons take 45min to complete as I’m more time sensitive these days. Can you please tell me the average run time the epic dungeons take and if a casual/social gamer will benefit from them?


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