HeroesGo Magic Crystal Basic Guide

HeroesGo Magic Crystal Basic Guide by Surreal

Just wanted to take the time out and explain a certain element in the game that some of you may not be aware of and hope you can benefit from it.

“Magic Crystals” in case you’re not too familiar with them are materials that you obtain through your HeroesGo adventures. These are usually obtained from completed EX-Dungeons and EX-Dungeon related quests that yield “Magic Crystals”.

“Magic Crystals” are a material needed to obtain Magic Stones and Unique Magical Armors. Each section of dungeons, has a NPC peddler named “Adolf” that players can use to exchange certain items with. To obtain these crystals, players can complete EX-Dungeons that will always provide 1 Magic Crystal from the end chest. Also, there’s EX-Dungeon related quests that the player has to complete in succession to obtain a hefty reward that also includes 5 Magic Crystals.

To go a little more in-depth about what you’re able to obtain using Magic Crystals, let’s discuss what they are.

Magic Stones are specific stat bonus materials required for crafting certain stats on weapons and armors. So, for example, if I have the item “Magic Stone: HP Recovery XXX”, I can socket the item into an armor/weapon that meets the requirement to obtain that stat. Now, when players exchange the crystals to the vendor for the unique magic stone chest. The actual magic stone that you obtain is random and you’ll have to gamble a bit to obtain the specific stats you’re looking for. The specific range of stats for each category you obtain is dependent on the level of the magic stone!

Unique Magic Armor chests are chests that contain unique magic grade armor, (purple) with the level requirement matching the section you exchange it from. So, if we obtain and open a chest from “Alpen Remains”, player’s will obtain a random unique magic grade armor with a level requirement being 10.

Why are these gears worth the amount of effort and time needed to farm up magic crystals? Well, the most benefiting element of the unique magical armors is that all classes can wear them. These gears are not class specific and provide a visual upgrade! The armor pieces also come equipped with a random set of sockets, usually ranging from 1-3. The actual socket stats are also random.

In short, obtaining crystals may take time and effort. However, in my opinion, they’re well worth the effort early in content.

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