HeroesGo New Player’s Basic Guide

HeroesGo New Player’s Basic Guide by Blueberry

The website is very lacking because it is Closed Beta and so I will enlighten new players about the game, it’s history and how things work!

Firstly, this game has always been under ESTGames, and was originally called “Howling Sword”. The Korean version was shutdown, and in 2010, the Japanese version came out. However, we can’t find even a scrap of a website for the Japanese version, so we can’t say much about it.

Now the English/Global version is out, with it’s history, this means a couple things. This game needs a lot of publicity, and it also will probably take a lot of feed back from us, so all you players better try your hardest to find all the bugs and glitches and give awesome suggestions.

Secondly, there are a total of 4 classes/characters, we all know this. They are:
Breaker (Alfonso Von Mijelin) ~ A 2 handed male swordsman, he can use heavy swords or lighter 2 handed swords
Blader (Christian De Rafel) ~ A 1 handed male swordsman, he can use a rapier type sword or a normal 1 handed sword
Gunslinger (Ruinell Pierce) ~ A dual female gunner, she can use pistols or a revolver
Mage (Merlin De Sharen) ~ A 2 handed female mage, she can use wands or staves

Of the 4 base classes/characters, they all have class advancements at around level 15:

Breaker — > Destroyer
————-> Dark Warrior

Blader —–> Duelist
————-> Lightning Fencer

Gunslnger –> Heavy Gunner
————–> Gunwhipper

Mage ——–> Elementalist
—————> Mediator

Even from level 1, every class gets an “ultimate form” through Crystalization, this is used by getting crystals. The ultimate form gets more skills and such as you progress through the game (I think, will have to double check) Some skills require crystals to function. You are required 2 crystals to transform. To obtain them by breaking/crystalizing down gear at the bladesmith.

There is a stamina system (hopefully removed in our version)

Dungeons come in multiple modes, Crazy is pretty fun and recommended for parties /o

Classes are gender locked because it’s sort of like a Character based game~

More info to be updated as we play through the English version~

Japanese Wiki with class info

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