HeroesGo Classes Basic Guide

HeroesGo Classes Basic Guide by fuzzycat89

After 3 days I finally got my Elementalist to level 38 and in the last 2 hours I made a character each in the other 3 classes just to see their skill set and the initial feel of how they are like. Here’s what I think about each of them.

– He’s gonna have a lot of HP, given that only rare > unique grade items have max HP bonus and the HP gain per level of a character is quite modest, Breaker with his passive HP increase will have at least twice as much HP as other classes.
– Additionally, he’s also going to have a lot of defense and super armor. In other words, he can’t be flinched most of the time.
– He is slow.
– Breaker does some awkward amount of damage with very low damage multiplier and low hit counts (except for chargeable ones). His 2-1 job might do a decent amount of damage if you get used to the charging, however that will also leave him vulnerable sometimes. Luckily, he won’t get knocked down or flinched. His 2-2 job has some nice crowd control (CC), i.e. blind and bind but with a lack of hit increase upgrade or charging, it’s questionable what its final damage will be.

– He’s the opposite of Breaker, it’s all about speed & dodging.
– If Breaker’s job is to buff himself up, then a Blader’s job is to debuff enemies’ defense, by a large amount.
– His skills have some crazy damage multiplier and hit count.
– He has accuracy buff, but also because he seems to miss more often than other classes
– He seriously lacks range attack
– He doesn’t have super armor
– His skills rely on being able to combo in close range. In other words, he will have great difficulty against enemies with super armor
– His CC might be the most awkward to land since they blend in some of his 2nd or 3rd combo skills. This will result in some hit or miss situation, depending on if you calculate the distance right, especially against super armor enemies.
– His stun probably is the weakest among 4 classes as it has “Chance to stun” rather than “Stun the enemy” (100% on hit)
– He has low defense

– She’s fast
– Her skills have nice range and damage multiplier
– She has nice critical rate
– She is the master of Stun and Freeze (watch out for getting stun lock by one)
– She has super armor on some of her skills
– Pistols have low base damage, thus will have some impact on the skill damage
– Some of her skills involve movement (or knock back) that don’t really work well with other skills in the same combo.
– Can’t say I’m aware of any other Cons of gunner. I think she even has more defense than Blader. The previous 2 points seem few compared to Blader’s Cons but each point really makes a big impact on her gameplay. I have a feeling that pistol tend to miss attacks a bit.

Magician: (my main class)
– She does an obscene amount of damage, can wipe a whole room within 1-10s at high level.
– She does fairly well stunning and freezing people
– She has the highest range among 4 classes (watch Frozen Rail freeze the whole room)
– Her skills have wide area of effect
– She has very high amount of MP
– She has resistance buff which helps a bit against elemental damage. Other classes don’t have this.
– Unless you aim totally off the zone of her skills, she rarely miss. If at all, she also has an accuracy passive for staff.
– She is damn squishy. Without proper equipment, a random mob can hit her for 70% HP and a boss can one-shot her (not frost giant)
– Her skills have the highest casting time/animation, which sometimes leave her vulnerable. This has a much larger impact on magician than on other classes, due to the previous point.
– Her highest damage combo: Blink + Frozen Rail + Frozen Break has very low vertical hit box, narrow width and is, sometimes, hard to aim due to the Blink (teleport backwards).

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