HeroesGo FAQ

HeroesGo FAQ


1) What is Heroes Go?

Heroes Go is a 3D Dungeon Based Fantasy MMORPG centering around a wide selection of skills and talents that allow players to fully customize their way of combat.

2) Is this Game Free?

Heroes Go is an entirely Free-to-Play game with micro transaction elements.

3) What are the System Requirements?

Minimum Spec. Recommended Spec.
Operating SystemWindows XP or later versions
CPU Pentium 4 2.0GHz + Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 +
RAM 1GB + 2GB +
Video Geforce 6600 + Geforce 8800 +
Storage3.0 GB +
InternetBroadband Internet connection

4) Where can I download Heroes Go?

Currently, for closed beta, players will receive their email invitations with the link to the client download. Please keep an eye out for those emails as they will help you patch before release!

5) Where can I find information related to gameplay and help?

Information about HeroesGo and gameplay related help can be found through our website’s “beginner’s guide” section which will allow players to watch segments about certain elements of the game prior to start. We’ll also be updating our website in the near future with further guides and content as they are made available.

Gameplay Questions

1) How many characters can I create on one account?

All players have 5 character slots initially that’s free to use. Once, you’ve unlocked the requirements stated such as reaching level 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. You’ll be able to unlock the rest totaling 10 character slots.

2) How is movement based/allowed in-game?

Movement in-game is based on keyboard controls using the default arrow keys and ASDF,QWER skills tabs. However, all of the hotkeys are able to be changed and modified to whatever you feel is appropriate for your comfort. At a later date, we will be supporting Gamepad usage as it will be one of our launch priorities.

3) How many classes are there? And what are they?

Currently, we have four classes available.


Strong, Melee Warrior able to deal high damage in close combat. Its high health pool allows it to tank massive damage while still being the forerunner in any group.


Quick, Agile fighter able to deal massive amounts of damage in a relatively short amount of time due to its tremendous attack speed.


Ranged damage dealer with high burst and crowd control abilities. Their ability to zone monsters/players allows them to have a high skill cap.


Ranged Magic User/Supporter with the potential for dealing the highest burst in-game.

5) What are character/guild bonuses/buffs?

Character bonuses and buffs are stat increases that are available to usually to alternate characters. This feature is designed to allow users who have a high level main character to easily create new characters and have a small advantage leveling. Guild bonuses and buffs are features that are prevalent inside a guild. Once player’s join a guild, they are privy to these buffs and bonuses as long as they stay within the guild. Guild members and leaders can level up their guilds and purchase specific buffs through the Guild Manager. ***Please note that character and guild bonuses are not allowed during PvP***

6) Is there PvP in this game? How does it work?

PvP is allowed through the usage of an arena system. Once players reach the required level 10, they are able to click on the drop menu and select PvP. From there, players will be transported to the PvP Arena which allows players to purchase specific PvP related items from vendors and to join PvP created rooms.

PvP system is treated equally in the sense that players who are significantly lower level will receive a buff allowing them to compete with higher level characters. Please note that even though you have the buff which allows you to compete, certain skills required to effectively PvP will not be available for use.

7) How do I level up?

Players can level up through a number of ways in Heroes Go. The standard way is through obtaining quests and leveling through dungeons and instances. An alternative way of leveling up is through the usage of a party system that allows party bonuses depending on the number of members in the party.

8) What is the maximum level/level cap?

Currently, during closed beta testing, the current level cap will be 40.

9) How do I sell my stuff?

Gear and items that you obtain through your progress in-game can be sold through our in-game NPC shops. All shops are able to purchase your items. However, only specific shops can ‘crystallize’ your gear.

Players who obtain high level gear and or rare/legendary gear can sell their items using the ‘Agent Shop’. All main towns will have an Agent Shop in town and players can choose to register items to sell and or purchase items from other users.

10) How do Crystals work?

Crystals in Heroes Go are tremendously important as they are the key items required in order to transform your class to your alternate form. These crystals are also required in order to use specific skills which can only be activated through the use of crystals.

All players are given (50) crystals to start with and to obtain more, players will have to obtain gear from dungeons and hunting. These gears can be “crystallized” through the blacksmith shop that’ll break down the gear and reward you with either crystals and or enchantment tokens.

11) Does this game have guilds?

Heroes Go thrives with the usage of guilds and allows players to fully customize guild advantages! Guilds can yield advantageous bonuses and buffs through leveling and purchasing specific passive buffs for its members.

12) How does the currency system work?

Heroes Go currency is in the form of gold, which is obtained through quests, dungeons and monsters.

13) How does the upgrade system work?

All gear except rings, necklaces, belts and earrings are able to be upgraded through blacksmith NPC’s. All items are a specific grade depending on their rarity and quality. The required upgrade token to upgrade the specific gear is dependent on the type of gear you wish to upgrade.

14) How does the craft system work?

Crafting works on the system of ‘Craft’ Crystals. Players obtain these crystals through a number of ways. Either through questing, hunting and or through our item shop.

Item Shop

1) How can I obtain eCoins?

eCoins will be the main form of currency used to purchase items from our Item Shop. Players can purchase eCoins directly from within the Item Shop and or go through our website.

2) How do I use the Item shop? In-game or through website?

Players can get to the Item Shop using both methods, while in-game on the bottom right of your interface. Players can click on the Item Shop button that will navigate them to the appropriate window. Players will also in the near future be able to login to our Item Shop through the Heroes Go website.

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