DUST 514 Seven Day Booster Optimising Guide

DUST 514 Seven Day Booster Optimising Guide by Centurion mkll

This guide is going to explain how to get the most out of your 7 day booster. Anyone who has sat down can probably figure this out in 2 minutes.

Preface: When we switched to weekly cap I started using 3 day boosters. This is because i hit my cap in 1 1/2 days to 2 days. Now they have come out with ( temporarily ) Active Omega-Booster (7-Day). This gives you more SP then a regular active booster. But wait Its 7 days long won’t it go to waste? No this guide will explain why.

M4th – T5th – W6th – Th7th – F8th – Sa9th – Su10th – M11th – T12th – W13th – Th14th – F15th

The boosters last 7 days. So activate it on a Sunday. Get your cap by Tuesday. The cap will reset again on “next” Wednesday as long as you hit your cap on Friday you will get two weeks of cap on one 7 day booster.

Negatives: Requires you to wait to play till sunday. Less people for Skirmish squads. Hours of consecutive gameplay.
Postives: More sp for your booster. Less competition in skirmish ( more corps farming ambush for Sp).

Morale of the story don’t be dumb and activate your booster on Wednesday. Do it on Sunday and get your SP Then.

Explanation of how Active Boosters work.

Active boosters work like this. You play a game its the end now and you see your sp “being calculated” you see it go up for this example will say its 8,000 sp. When you have an active booster. You would see your sp go up to 8,000 but keep going to 12,000 giving you a bonus of 4,000 sp.

This “Bonus SP potential” doesn’t factor into your skill points cap. It doesn’t make you cap faster. It takes the same amount of time to reach cap without an active booster just but the time you get there you have extra sp.

Current Active SP Cap: 190,000
Takes you Y number of hours to get.

Current Active Booster SP Cap: 280,000
Takes you Y number of hours to get.

Theory: Omega Active Booster Sp Cap: 380,000
Takes you Y number of hours to get.

You can look at the 8,000 SP ( 190,00 sp for a week ) as the core. The “Bonus SP potential” as multiplier to your base which determines if your SP earned per match is increased.

Note: Boosters are based off of time. A 7 day booster gives you ( 7 x 24 ) 168 hours.

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