DUST 514 Surviving in Your Dropsuit Guide

DUST 514 Surviving in Your Dropsuit Guide by Dark ShadowFox

Hello Folks, as you have now known in the Universe of Dust your going to be stuck in your dropsuit along time, without bathroom breaks so this class is to teach you to make the most of your life in your dropsuit before you kick the bucket both bring devastation to your enemies forces and or MCC depending on where you are deployed and if you are with competent people or not.

So here We Go!


Now This Isn’t an official guide but lets start with dropping your Scan Profile.

Dropsuit Command Is the Skill You Want to Spec Into, if you plan on getting sighted less and living a bit longer. Now I wouldn’t recommend dumping all your skills into this skill as your going to end up a stealthy piece of paper.

ok, so lets move onto taking some actual rounds into your armor, while shields are nice armor is what has saved myself and a few of my squad mates on the battlefield.

Specing Into Infantry Mechanics Will Not Only Increase Your Dropsuit’s Base Armor But also your vehicles armor :D Those bullets will punch into your chest less. Use Of An armor plate module is still recommended as the Max level of this will help its nothing you want to put your life on, especially if your using a Militia Dropsuit, So Spec into Armor Upgrades too.

We focus our attention to CPU/PG usage,

while this may not seem vital at first since you may be using a Militia Suit For a while till you rack in both SP and ISK so you can afford your skills. Specing into Infantry Electronics, and Infantry Electronic upgrades will not only increase your maximum CPU output but also allow you to fit CPU modules increasing in even more. CPU is vital for fitting better weapons and modules. On Vehicles its vital for fitting new turrets and damage modules, speed upgrades, etc.

Now For Powergrid, Powergrid is related to CPU in allowing you to fit better modules and weapons the more you upgrade it, Specing into Infantry Engineering will increase the maximum PG output in both your dropsuit and your vehicles. Couple it with Energy Grid Upgrades and You will be fitting pg upgrades in now time, BZZT 8D

Lets take a walk shall we? *walks the class to a giant room with fancy stuff in it* and here we have the shield room, CCP’s fix all solution to everything! We have shield modules, hardeners, rechargers, etc! *flings stuff around*

Now Increasing your Dropsuits Shields is a long draining process that requires specing into a few things here. first off make sure your skill level is at II for engineering. Now were going to unlock Shield Operation, Spec into that make sure your level is at four. and Boom! You have unlocked Infantry Shield Management 8D

I would also reccomend specing into Long range scanning. Profile analysis, Infantry hacking, profile damping and sensor upgrades. To give you more of an edge on the battlefield.

and that was surviving in your dropsuit 101, My personal Gude/ Class/ something to surviving in your paper shell a bit more.

More Tips by Free Healing

#1 – Don’t RUN if you don’t have to. Walking will keep you from being detected more easily. You may ask “but if i have a profile dampener then running shouldn’t be a problem?” which is true but thinking from a Squad perspective. Some of your team may not have Profile Dampeners and if you run, they may try to catch up to you. The enemy will then see that they are coming. And you may find yourself in the path of an unfriendly Heavy Machine Gun. I speak from experience. Note if you have a shotgun the prior statements might actually work in your favor. EXAMPLE!

Enemy – “Oh look someone is coming at our flank”

Enemy – *turns around*

You – “hi”

Enemy – “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Dead Enemy – “When the kitten did that shotgunner get there?”

#2 – Avoid Open spaces. Seriously, you’d think it’s a given but sometimes i have to slap myself when i walk around thinking nobody is there and then WHAM! Sniper. There’s also the Risk of Tactical Duvolle Assault Rifles. Or HMG’s with crazy Sharpshooter. Just avoid open spaces and try to keep to any cover you can.

#3 – Don’t run after enemies. If your behind cover shooting at somebody and he runs away. Don’t just go after him. You never know how many people are back there. Stick with your squad and if they decide to chase, back them up from a safe distance.

I’m sure i have more but i can’t think straight right now so that’ll be all.

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