DUST 514 Infantry Starting Skills Guide

DUST 514 Infantry Starting Skills Guide by Cross Atu

First Wave

Concept open to debate and review, input of other D514 vets welcome.

Data Current as of Chromosome build

First a warning: If you desire to make a new Corporation do not do so on your main character. There are three character slots per account, dedicate one of your alts to being the head of the Corp you wish to create so that the ISK and SP costs of creating and maintaining a Corp don’t cost you valuable resources on the character you play.

The following ‘core’ skills are presented as a reference for players new to the game who wish to invest their Skill Points without any ‘wasted’ while deciding on a role/specialization.
Note: Guide does not assume the presence/use of AUR.
Note2: This is an Infantry guide. While some of it will pertain to drivers/pilots it should not be assumed to be fully applicable.
Note3: Categories below are defined by effect, not labeled as you will find them within the market/skill tab.


  • Circuitry (Increased CPU)
  • Combat Engineering (Increased PG)
  • Dropsuit Command (Unlocks specific dropsuit skills, Lowers Profile)


  • Shield Boost Systems (Increased Shield recharge rate; Unlocks Shield control)
  • Shield control (Increased total Shields)
  • Field Mechanics (Increased total Armor)

Offensive Skills

  • Weaponry (Increases handheld weapon damage)


  • Vigor (Increases Stamina & Stamina recovery rate)

Second Wave

These skills are highly recommended but more selective/specialized in their value. Level them when you have a sense of your chosen role on the battlefield.

Note1: The following list is presented as a collection of generally useful skills. Skills omitted are not to be considered useless, nor is directly training all skills present in the following list to be construed as an optimized plan for specialized battlefield roles. Use of this list should however provide a solid level of utility regardless of chosen specialization/role thus avoiding any superfluous (i.e. “wasted”) skill point expenditures.
Note2: Shield Extenders and Armor Plates are often considered “either/or” investments. While I use both it is a less common practice and SP can be saved by choosing one or the other to focus on.
Note3: Skills associated with equipment are not to be considered useful for a dedicated Heavy player as the heavy dropsuit line provides no equipment slots.


  • Light/Heavy Weapon Upgrade (reduction in weapon CPU cost)
  • Light/Heavy Weapon Upgrade Proficiency (reduction in weapon CPU cost)
  • Chosen Dropsuit (raise to level 3)


  • Dropsuit Command (Finish leveling to 5 for decreased Profile)
  • Profile Dampening (Lowers Profile)
  • Shield Enhancements (Unlocks Shield Extender)
  • Armor Upgrades (Unlocks Armor Plates)

Offensive Skills

  • Chosen Weapon (Effect varies by weapon)
  • Grenade (Unlocks higher meta variants including Flux and AV)
  • Demolitions (Unlocks Remote Explosives, both AV and anti-personnel)


  • Hacking (Increased control of spawn locations, faster hack speeds = continued movement)
  • Drop Uplink Deployment (Increased number of spawn locations, Map control = tactical flexibility)
  • Mobility (Unlocks mods to increase speed)
  • Endurance (Increases Stamina)


  • Nanocircuitry (Unlocks Nanoinjectors and Nanohives)
  • Remote Repair Systems (Unlocks Repair Tools <– Repair friendlies for points)
  • Armor Repair Systems (Unlocks Armor Repairer <– Repairs self, Upgrades effects of Armor Repairer)

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