DUST 514 Logistics Dropsuit Guide

DUST 514 Logistics Dropsuit Guide by RedBleach

THE LOGI CODE, Five R’s updated for Uprising – & still updating

– Rezz———-Pick up your teammates
– Repair——–Rep their armor
– Resupply—-Ammo, grenades, keeps the game moving
– Reinforce—-Backup your team, eradicate the red dots
– Rally———-Create backup spawns or spot targets

SP is a precious commodity. As you must live with you the consequences of your actions in the EVE universe every skill choice you make should be researched thoroughly before making a choice. There will be updates to the guide as more information is brought in to give you a better guide. This skill tree requires a long term commitment – months for some skills – to be a real LogiBro.

The Role of Support
Currently the Logi is the only character that can carry more than one piece of equipment, that is the draw of the class. As such your are expected to carry certain items: a nanite injector, a repair tool, and a nanohiveare the most basic. The nanohive, however, is the most demanded at this point because of the low amounts of ammo resupply points on the field.“There’s no nice way to say it but if you’re not already in the mindset of doing what’s best for your team over your own pride and benefit (KDR) then you needn’t be considering most of the information here for your own style. No rips or criticisms, you’re just not ‘LogiBro’ material, and that’s fine. We need all kinds on the field, even if it’s that guy who runs only hives, remotes and proxys.” – Chankk Saotome

In addition to the basic equipment, and as your team needs require, you will have other equipment open to you like drop uplinks, active scanners, and more – covered later in the guide.

A LOGIBRO. Where to begin?
Tactics Change
First Understand your play style and how that changes with being a Logi. While you are a frontline character you are not to be playing alone. While you should be able to hold your own you role is not as a lone wolf slayer. You are a jack of all trades and the master of 1 or 2. While you will make your play style work for you, as there is no one way to do things, I have found that these suggestions seem to help the most.

Changes in Play
A Logi is an easy target:
You are slower = easier to hit.
You have a bigger hitbox = easier to hit.
You have no side arm* = weapon limitation, find a way to make it work for you.
You have no backup = you are the backup.
You’ll survive better when with a group and benefit your group by being able to repair them or even rezz them right back onto the battlefield.
Overall Know your weapon preference. Then stay with your team. 

Having said all that you should also know that because Dust514 is a game of diversity you can stack modules of many types to enhance your strengths, neutralize your weaknesses, or create unique dropsuits that are only effective only in a specific situation.

STAGE 1: Choosing your Race
STAGE 2: Choose your Weapon
Stage 2A: How to choose your weapon
STAGE 3: Your First Skills
Stage 3A: Your First 5 Million
STAGE 4: Advancing the Logistics Class
STAGE 5: The Proto Logi
STAGE 6: Equipment, Final words, and Advice
Stage 6A: Basic Tactics
Stage 6B: Loyalty Store

The Bonuses of Being a Logi
The individual CLASS bonus of wearing a certain kind of logistics suit is 1hp/sec per level, up to 5, or equal to a Complex Repair Module that is always on your suit. You will have a natural armor healing bonus, it is nice, it does not replace a repair gun (Repper).
Note: leveling up one suit class bonus for one race bonus does not transfer the class bonus to another logi dropsuit type of a different race. Example: Leveling up Minmatar Logistics Dropsuit to lvl 5 will in no way affect the repair rate of a lvl 1 Amarr Logistics dropsuit. The bonuses do not stack.

Logistics Suit Choices
The Racial Bonus and overall assessment of each class
Depending on what race of dropsuit you have chosen will determine another automatic bonus for your logistics career. And since this also deals greatly with the dropsuit capabilities themselves the pro’s and cons of each race’s dropsuit will be covered.

Each drop suit has fitting option in the form of High Slots, Low Slots, Light Weapon Slot, Grenade Slot, and Equipment Slots. As each naturally has a light weapon and grenade slot the differences will be listed as:
High Slots/Low Slots/Equipment Slots.

Amarr (GOOD). +5% efficiency to Dropsuit Repair Modules, up to 25%.
The Amarr Logistics Dropsuit is the most middle ground suit that exists, great for lone wolf play styles. It is half assault and half Logi. It has bonuses to its primary stats in health and stamina but takes a hit in speed/slot/equipment/PG count to the Gallente and Minmatar. The higher initial HP, side arm, and higher CPU are a benefit. He has midgrade shields, lowest shield depleted recharge delay, and lower PG. A unique character choice for a logi, a difficult dropsuit to master as it is most talented at the ADV/Proto Level.
120 Shields/180 Armor
Shield Recharge: 17hp/s
Shield Recharge Delay: 6sec
Shield Depleted Recharge Delay: 7sec
Move/Sprint: 4.5/6.4 mps
Stamina: 140
Hack Speed: +15%

Militia ——-2H/2L/2E + Side Arm 195CPU/ 36PG
Advanced–3H/3L/3E + Side Arm 273CPU/ 50PG
Proto——–3H/4L/3E + Side Arm 390CPU/ 72PG

Skill Suggestions:
Armor Repair Systems: +5% repair module
Armor Plating: +2% armor module
Dropsuit Armor Upgrades: +5% dropsuit armor per level
Dropsuit Shield Upgrades:+5% dropsuit shield per level

Caldari (OK). +5% efficiency to Dropsuit Shield Regulators, up to 25%.
This build is a unique choice for those who like to shield tank, solo soldier logi. Shield tanking offers a quick regeneration of hit points in cover and lacks any physical speed or scanning penalty at this time. This suit is decent for jumping in and out of battle. Your armor is near non-existent, but with 4 Low slots at proto level this is very customizable Logi that capitalizes on modules over equipment specialization, though 3 equipment slots is good for most Logi work. This Logi shines in front line support and damage as it can stack the damage mods very easily. Overall a decent choice for a basic Logi. It is an easy class to step into and gains bonus quickly at the advanced level and Proto Level. Less CPU than like suits.
180 Shields/90 Armor
SR: 20hp/s
SR Delay: 5sec
SDR Delay: 8sec
Move/Sprint: 4.7/6.6 mps
Stamina: 115
Hack Speed: +15%

M- 2H/1L/2E 175CPU/ 39PG
A- 3H/2L/3E 245CPU/ 55PG
P- 5H/4L/3E 350CPU/ 78PG

Skill Suggestions:
Dropsuit Shield Upgrades:+5% dropsuit shield per level
Shield Extension: +2% shield module
Shield Recharging: +3% recharge module
Shield Regulation: +2% regulator module

Gallente (GREAT). +5% efficiency to Dropsuit cpu/pg, up to 25% JUST for equipment.(overall one of the best logis)
The polar opposite of the Caldari. Many Low slots, a few high slots, but balanced to give you a great many Logi possibilities in the game when dealing with equipment. The high allowances for gear means that he can hold several at the highest levels making him a prime choice for a support Logi that has all the tricks: injector, hive, repper, scanner, RE’s, Proxy mines, or whatever. The low slots allow for armor tanking or great module stacking for specific builds for hacking, sensor boosts, sprinting, ect. A great choice for a Logi build at the proto level. The versatility that the character offers lends itself to specific situational builds quite well with a focus on equipment but lower overall protection. Complicated to balance as it has a low slot count at the first two levels, but strong potential at the Proto level
90 Shields/180 Armor
SR: 15hp/s
SR Delay: 6sec
SDR Delay: 8sec
Move/Sprint: 4.7/6.6 mps
Stamina: 125
Hack Speed: +15%

M- 0H/2L/3E 195CPU/ 39PG
A- 2H/3L/3E 273CPU/ 55PG
P- 3H/5L/4E 390CPU/ 78PG

Skill Suggestions:
Armor Repair Systems: +5% repair module
Dropsuit Armor Upgrades: +5% dropsuit armor per level
Equipment Specific Upgrades as that is the draw of the suit.

Minmatar (GREAT). +5% to Hacking Speed, up to 25%. (overall one of the best logis)
This is the Logi from the previous beta builds. Though the stats have been altered and other options removed every Logi is compared to this one, the original logi with 12 slots. The racial bonus is decent, it plays to the idea that the Logi will be with the group so whenever the group hits an objective, turret, resupply, or whatever he can leave the defense to the slayers and hack the point faster than anyone else. This may come into play more when eWar starts taking a bigger role in the game. Low shields, ok armor, (lowest initial HP) and faster movement speed allows him to stay with the roving packs a little better than the other Logis. A versatile, well balanced build as well with 4H/ 4L/ 4E at proto level. A good all around choice for a Logi of any skill level.
90 Shields/150 Armor
SR: 20hp/s
SR Delay: 6sec
SDRDelay: 8sec
Move/Sprint: 5/7 mps
Stamina: 120
Hack Speed: +20%

M- 2H/2L/3E 195CPU/ 39PG
A- 3H/3L/3E 273CPU/ 55PG
P- 4H/4L/4E 390CPU/ 78PG

Skill Suggestions:
Dropsuit Armor Upgrades: +5% dropsuit armor per level
Armor Repair Systems: +5% repair module
Hacking: +5% per level to hacking speed (maximize race potential)

Find the Weapon and type of grenade you like to use and that you are most effective with.
Your Gank Factor.
NOTE: Your Logi has ONE* weapon slot- make it count. You will need to put some skills into upgrading it. Also without militia variants of all weapons it can be a very difficult choice on which weapon to choose because a proper Logi we simply can’t spare the extra 100-300k just to mess around with alternative weaponry to find our proper niche due to the high demand of skill dumps into Dropsuit, Module, and primarily Equipment skill branches. So make your choice a good one by following the instructions in STAGE 2a: How to Choose Your Weapon.

Your gun is a backup fire-support element, and not meant to be slaughtering the masses. You lay down some support and remain conservative so as to stick with your team. It still needs to be something you’re comfortable with, so that in a pinch you can still handle your own with a flanking enemy or finish of an enemy to then rezz your compatriots.

The best weapons for a Logi are the AR, SCAR, CR, RR, or a MD and grenades THOUGH there are exceptions and Logis that have made the others work for them.

AR – the Assault Rifle is always the most standard piece of equipment on the battlefield. It is simple to use and requires only moderate skill. The GEK or Exile/Dren/Toxin (BPO from Merc Packs) AR is great for a Logi, at advanced levels the TAC AR (TAR) and other rifle variants open up.
+ can go 1v1 and live in medium to short range battle
+ versatile weapon with variants
+ moderately easy to fit
– you may be getting closer to enemies than you want, but that is your job if you are a Logi, stay with the team.
– out – distanced/RoF/damaged by other rifles.

STAGE 2: Weapon Choice cont.

SCAR – the Scrambler Rifle is very similar to the AR but falls under the laser variant for bonuses (or shield damaging). The basic version is semi-automatic or can be charged up to deal an intense amount of damage. An Advanced version is fully automatic without the ability to charge up. It is extremely effective against shields and pretty accurate.
+ erases shields
+ charges up for a power shot
+ red dot scope
+ decent at all ranges
– not as effective against armor
– overheats pretty quickly without higher levels in the skill, can kill you
– no militia variant

RR– the Rail Rifle has a small charge up time before going full auto. It hits hard, but most importantly it outdistances all other weapons in the rifle class which has lead to many discussions on the forums.
+accurate at all ranges
+hard hitting
+low fitting cost
– 0.25 charge time – not for twitch reactions
– Low total ammo
-possible changes with weapon rebalancing

CR– the Combat Rifle has a high rate of fire and is also a burst type weapon, firing several rounds with each trigger pull. It is second only to the Rail Rifle in distance owning. Like the RR there are balancing discussions presently being held.
+auto-variant available.
+low fitting cost
+scope has a slight zoom
– possible changes with weapon rebalancing.

MD – Mass Driver. The Doctor of area denial, damaging the masses and finishing off the wounded. Difficult to master and to start out with. A direct shot is powerful, but most of the time you will be aiming at the feet of your opponents to be specific in damaging certain areas or enemies.
+ possibly damage many people at once.
+ proto is high damage
– low initial damage (ADV and proto level pwn), not good for 1v1 short range
– small blast radius
– no militia variant
– friendly fire – ‘on’ in some matches

LR – Laser Rifle – NO in general. A raw beam of energy erases shields and causes panic in groups of shielding players. The LR has a tiny optimal range the size of 1-2 tank lengths. Outside of it there will be little to no damage done.
+ damage at mid range
– low damage starting out, must keep beam on enemy, AND at short range YOU WILL DIE. It is less than worthless at short range. Very difficult to use when your class requires you to be close to rezz and rep your team.
– overheating can kill you
– short fire time before overheat
– no militia variant

Shotty – Shotgun, hard for a slow logi to use, but deadly at short range and the best alternative in close quarters if you do not use the MD or SMG. Still a few issues being worked out with the physics and animations.
+ close range god gun. Finish off opponent when running to rez in a close quarters battle
– range makes it worthless in open areas.
– “If for some psychotic reason you decided the shotgun was the logi weapon for you, you haven’t spent enough time practicing.” – CS. This is for an alternative CQC builds only.

SMG – The distance nerf in uprising has made this weapon viable again. Still only in close quarters but it’s a bear at eating enemies up close. It is relegated to a sidearm for a reason, but should you have a build or two just for up close battles I wouldn’t say no. The higher tiers tear up armor like a beast!
+ effective against armor
+ fast reload speed
+ large ammo clips
– AR and Shotty beat it nearly every time.

Flaylock Pistol – Generally no. A side arm with a small clip that can double as a mini MD when you have limited CPU/PG. Limited range and small explosion area. Like the MD the proto is boss.Try it on your Alt. Difficult as a main weapon. The proto does massive damage but it must be a solid/direct hit.

Sniper – NO- as you are not doing your job.

Plasma Cannon – NO- but it can be fun to play with. OHK single fire, arcing rocket launcher.

Scrambler Pistol– No. CQC high damage limited weapon. SCR is has the needed distance.

Find one to focus on. Combinations are possible with the Amarr logi, (LZR, SMG).

Grenades: A MUST. This is used as your secondary weapon*. And with nanohives you wont always run out. You must learn to cook these babies for insta-kills (one hit kills or OHK) – practice practice practice – these are your sidearm weapons (unless you are Amarr). Cooking means holding the grenade for a time before you throw it – or hold it and suicide. With the right timing this becomes a very effective weapon.

Do not use the BPO/C nades, you cut yourself short by 1 (2 nades as opposed to the 3 of basic gear), and they are regularly cheap and well worth the buy.

Flux= shield burners and equipment destroyers, great for group support, but will not finish off opponents. You can either lead with these and finish off a player with a weapon that deletes armor.

Locus= standard nade. Higher tiers offer wider areas and higher damage.

AV= Anti Vehicle nades, throw just above the vehicle – timing is difficult – and they don’t work on anything else. They are hard hitting when you get to the higher levels. As a Logi you will most likely not skill into Swarm Launchers until much later in the game as it takes your whole 1 weapon slot (barring the Amarr). These will be your tools of destruction for LAV’s and Tanks when they get close to your cover.

Last Defense
Melee: If someone gets too close – it is difficult to use, don’t depend on it. And as a Logi your slower movement doesn’t lend itself to melee or nova knives… but hey if you want to roll that way go ahead – I don’t suggest it but it could be a fun build to pull out at times. And without a module your melee attack just is what it is.

STAGE 2A: How to Choose your Weapon by Chankk Saotome edited by RedBleach
Make an Alt (alternate character – remember your PS login ID can have 3 total. Your main, and two alts).

With your Alt log in and do the following:
Use that ALT’s starter 500k SP and buy straight into these skills and nothing else. You’re just using this character to test weapon types and then they’re going bye-bye:

Weaponry III
Light Weapon Ops IV
AR Ops I
Laser Rifle Ops I
MD Ops I
Shotgun Ops I
or any others you would like to try.

Now we build the simulation.
Get a Militia Gallente Medium Frame (because of the Low Slots). Load it up with a couple militia armor plates to slow it down and no other modules. Then use your one weapon on it and a militia repair tool, no hives, no injectors. The purpose of this is to keep you in the mindset of a LogiBro from start to finish even during this little side excursion. Now you’re a super-scrub logi. Go die like you’re supposed to… a LOT, with each weapon.

Get a feel for the weapons. Their general alterations as you progress in levels aren’t that different from the militia or starting tier so if you can’t handle it now you won’t be able to later either.

Yes, you’re wasting time but this is a good practice before skilling into anything in DUST if you don’t want to waste days, or weeks, or even months of SP on unnecessary skill branches. Remember that your Main’s SP is precious – Do Not Waste It

Found a weapon you like? A SINGLE weapon you will rarely if ever deviate from. And if you will it will only be for militia grade? No, seriously, you can’t be wasting points. In STAGE 3a CS will go for the most costly weapon to jump start with the MD in the LogiBro continuation but you may shave some points off not upgrading weaponry beyond minimal requirements for the SCAR or AR.

If for some psychotic reason you decided the shotgun or LR was the logi weapon for you, you haven’t spent enough time practicing. Go out and do it again.

STAGE 3: Basic Skills
Skill Suggestions by priority (opinion), “defense is the best offense”
Keeping yourself Alive, you can’t help anyone if you’re dead. As a Logi your life is paramount as if you are dead there is not hope for your companions to be brought back from the brink of death, loosing their gear and hurting the clone count of the team.

Beginning this game you will have an immediate option to skill into a Logistics class, this Specialization Role, if you would like. Your first skills will be those that put you right on the path of being a Logibro. So, try all the suits and weapons first to give you a feel for the game before you commit to one Race path, for once on that path you cannot turn around (SP comment at the top). As a general rule you spend the minimum SP possible for the skills that open up the paths for your needed skills. For example: You would not take Dropsuit Command to lvl 5 as there are no bonuses past the 1st level. There are several of these.

Note: Certain skills have greater benefits for different suits. An Amarr suit benefits from both Dropsuit Shield and Armor skills but a Caldari suit will benefit little from an inherent armor skill and greatly from the shields skills (comparing the bonuses gained from invested skill points). So, invest appropriately for your tanking style.

Your first purchases are going towards HP (Tank Factor) and your Medium Race suit type. Your militia equipment is fine for a while and will suffice for repping, rezzing, and resupply for the moment but will be getting better soon. Will you go Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, or Minmatar? Each suit type has it’s own bonuses in regards to slot layout that are featured in STAGE 1.

STAGE 3a: Your First 5 Million
See The posts in this thread by Chankk Saotome for the full post. A step by step process for building your Logi skill path for every 500,000 skill points.

CS “did skill levels for every 500k SP up through the first 5 mil here. If you haven’t got it figured out by that point then we’re all really in trouble. Me especially for failing to educate.” – CS

This is a very general flow of the whole Logi progression and can be tweaked according to your race’s bonuses (armor or shields), but it is the best to maximize your total SP cost-to-benefit investment early.
RB Note: Drop Uplinks are favored by many Logibro’s but still an optional skill. (I’ve never invested in them) and have instead gone with Active Scanners.
RB Note: Regulators are good for some builds, but test Rechargers and Regulators yourself first before committing.

Initial 500k:
Dropsuit Command I
Race X Medium Suit III
Race X Logistics I
Dropsuit Upgrades II
Armor Upgrades I
Shield Upgrades I
Dropsuit Core Upgrades II
Uplink Deployment I
Nanocircuitry I
Repair Tool Ops I

Here you’ve got your tier1 logi suit, tier 1 equipment, militia grade modules and militia grade weapon (AR is all we’re gonna have for a while, sorry) right at the start. We’ll work on those modules next since we want to stay alive to make our first couple million SP. NOT just running through a meat grinder.

FOLLOW STAGE 2A:Choosing Your Weapon before continuing
Note: CS skills Shield Regulators and Shield Rechargers. Not every fit will benefit from these modules. STAGE 4 covers basic fits. I would suggest instead to go for Grenadier lvl 1 first.

STAGE 3A: Your First 5 Million SP cont.

Armor Plates vs Shield Extenders: I of one, III of the other. Whatever fits your Race
Armor Repair Systems I
Shield Regulator I
Engineering I
Electronics I
Repair Tool Ops III

Now you’ve got your tier1 logi suit with tier1 modules, equipment, still a militia grade weapon but that’s coming next.

1.5 Million:
Weaponry III
Light Weapon Ops III
Weapon X Ops I
Nanocircuitry III
Armor Plating or Shield Ext II (whichever is still at I)

2 Milllion:
Armor Plating or Shield Ext III (Whichever is at II from above)
Drop Uplinks III
Race X Logistics Dropsuit II

Holy Kittens, you’re actually starting to look like a real Logi now. Still tier 1 suit but you’re carrying advanced tools and even some advanced modules. And that suit is about to change.

2.5 Million:
Race X Logistics Dropsuit III
Electronics II
Engineering II

And yes, that’s it… Hey, just wait till you’re waiting a month to get one level of one skill.

3 Million:
Armor Repair Systems III
Shield Recharge II
Shield Regulation III

Now you’re sitting on a solid ADV LogiBro at only 3mil invested thus far. But it can be made better. A LOT better. We have the technology. We have the science. WE HAVE MATHS!!!

3.5 Million:
Shield Recharge III
Engineering III
Electronics III

4 Million:
Armor Plating or Shield Ext IV
Repair Tool IV

4.5 Million
Armor Plating or Shield Ext V (whichever is IV from above)

5 Million
Repair Tool or Nanocircuitry V

This last one at this point is totally selfless and intended to show your commitment to the role at this point. Both to yourself, your squad and corpmates, and your fellow logis on the field. You are not a guy wearing a Logi suit for some arbitrary means. You are not even a “logistics” runner. You are a LogiBro.

You could also go for the Logistics suit V earlier while at back at 3mil (costs 2,487,920 SP to max the role). At 5 million that would leave all modules and equipment at Advanced tier III with the prototype suit available to you. I suggest modules and equipment in line with and ahead of the suit because the proto-suits, even for specialization roles, are mad expensive and not something you want to be losing left and right while fully decked out, even if only in Adv gear.

As stated before, we are needed on the field to do our job to the best of our ability, whether our teammates even notice or acknowledge our presence. Rushing to a proto suit without proper equipment and modules doesn’t exemplify that ideology and makes you a target.

It will take almost 273,660 skill points of that race to get to the Logistics class and another 49,760 to get just the first level and have extra equipment slots. Depending on whether you use boosters or not and how much you play that could take two months or more to get to 5 Million. It is a commitment.

STAGE 4: Advancing your Logistics Race
Your First Steps as a Logi
BASIC Logistics Fitting:
Your basic builds should reflect the code with your weapon of choice and this basic equipment:
Your first builds are 2(4) lvl. 1 or greater Logis – Drop Suits with 3(2) equipment slots

Minmatar and Gallente
Dropsuits with 3E slots:
#1- EQUIPMENT: Nanite Injector, Nanite Resupply (Nano-Hive), Repper (repair tool)
#2- EQUIPMENT: Nanite Injector, Drop Uplink, Repper OR Active Scanner

Amarr and Caldari: 2E slots
#1-4 – EQUIPMENT: Nanite Injector orNano-Hive or Drop Uplink or Repper or Scanner

Injector and repper are usually best starting out. As you advance whatever equipment you choose you will build variations that suit the team and you. You could favor Nanohives that repair armor or active scanners as opposed to the other equipment.

I have found that the best High/Low slot combinations are as follows, maximize your suit’s strengths, it cost too much to try and correct the weaknesses:
High SlotsShield Extender + Shield Recharger, Shield Extender, Shield Energizer or Damage Modifier
Low SlotsArmor Repper + Armor Plate or Shield Regulator (as appropriate), Cardiac Regulator, Profile Dampener, or CPU/PGU mods

Rally optional – but needed
Your first job if nobody else will take it: spawn with #2 and place the drop uplink in a protected area for ambush or near an objective for skirmish to rally your troops. When the drop uplink goes down place another. The rest of the time resupply, repair, and reinforce. Or use your scanners to share enemy movements with your fellow soldiers.

Skills to be advancing for a Proto Logi.

You have an Adv level Logi, here are some suggestions before pushing to proto level:

– Reinforce –
Depending on your Tank style (shield or armor) invest in these which give a bonus for a module type and open up new levels of modules to use:
Note: Your builds most will commonly use at least 1 shield extender, 1 repair, and maybe 1 armor module. Just skilling to the advanced levels that give the better modules are a good choice – even if the race does not excel in that area because you want what little you have to count.

Choose 3 strengths and max those skills from this list (ones you use):
Dropsuit Armor Upgrades: +5% dropsuit armor
Armor Plating: +2% armor module
Armor Repair Systems: +5% repair module
Dropsuit Shield Upgrades: +5% dropsuit shield
Shield Extension: +2% shield module
Shield Recharging: +3% recharge module
Shield Regulation: +2% regulator module
Profile Dampening: -2% to dropsuit scan profile – 5lvls and 1Complex module to beat adv scanners

When fits are lacking:
Dropsuit Electronics: +5% dropsuit CPU
Dropsuit Engineering: +5% dropsuit PG

Then Push for your Proto Logi, another 1,940,580 SP to max racial bonus and slots.

STAGE 5: The Proto Logi
The Proto and Effective Skills to Maximize
When does one go for the Proto Logi Level? Whenever you want. If you have at least Advanced gear available for all the gear you commonly use then it is appropriate to go for it. I would suggest a maximization of 3 defense skills and 2 equipment skills first before going for it. Because: Maxed This requires over 2.5 million SP. It is not for the faint of heart to attempt. You are looking at a weeks of play time and passive accumulation, with or without boosters, to hit this level. You will want to have many of your skills already at a satisfying place before attempting this Proto level.

Also look at your reasoning. Having a better racial bonus may be really important for you or of little importance. Most often people push for the proto level for the increased PG/CPU and increased amount of H/L/E slots. If you are doing ‘fine’ in your opinion just wait. It is a difficult mountain to climb and expensive to maintain.

Recommended Skill increases once at Proto level:

Also Note that although it is not listed in the skill description advancing a core equipment/module skill reduces the PG by 3-5% per level. So even a militia build will benefit from the increase.

Higher tiered nanohives resupply at faster rates, repair armor, last longer, or cover wider areas. These are key for winning any battle and having the best will increase your SP/WP gain.
Higher tiered nanite injectors restore 80% of a player’s armor. Not the 30% of basic or the 50% of advanced; giving the players of your team that armor tank a better chance of surviving the rezz and fighting back rather than just needing to run away to get repaired. Greatly helps your team.

Dropsuit Biotic Upgrades: 
1% sprint/stamina/stamina recovery per level and opens up modules that affect sprinting and stamina. You could be a speedy Logi and speed tank with these modules. Low Slots

Drop Uplinks
Create a rally spawn for a fall back position. Drop Uplinks are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment on the battlefield – spawning near the battle, behind the enemy, never allowing an enemy to regroup, near a hacked point for quick recovery, etc. but difficult to deploy effectively.

Active Scanners
A burst of red dots on people’s scanners will put the attention of other blue dots in the area over there or allow you to call out their position.

Repair Tool Operation
Lvl 1 you should be using the Flux Repair tool. It gives you a longer stream and can keep you out of danger. Lvl 3 should be the Triage for increased infantry repair. Going proto gives you a two streamer… very nice, or one that can repair 175hp/sec at close range.


Secondaries for You [/b](you selfish kitten – but highly recommended) 
These are all costly but helpful
Profile Dampening: -2% dropsuit scan profile (you disappear a bit more on the scanners) Very Helpful

Weapon: You need to kill in an FPS so maximize your weapon and traits for it. (+7 Million and counting for each weapon)

Demolitions: Play with this, if you have the equipment slots to pack this stuff around. Proximity mines are only AV and you can lay down up to only a few of them at a time (still nerfed). Place them on paths highly traveled by LAV’s to get free kills. Remote explosives are a good tool for defense. You can have up to three out at a time (more as upgraded), 1 detonation signal will set them off in the order they were activated. Place at objectives – signal to stop/kill a hacker. Place in groups, at CRU’s, or at corners and time the explosion for great fun – you may get hate mail for this.
PLUS, Now they are STICKY! Place on walls, behind objectives, or slap them all on an LAV and suicide a tank!

Hacking: 3+ if you plan on being effective in skirmish. The Logi suit already has a natural hacking bonus as do scouts (5%). For a Minmatar this skill makes it godly. Though a very expensive skill I suggest maximizing it. (1.5 Million) Cuts the hack time so you can actually hack a CRU before they can respawn and revenge kill you.

Grenades: Explosions for any occasion. AV, Flux, and Locus all gain bonuses to radius and damage with each level.

Currently can’t recommend these skills as they are not radar wide, only a few meters from the character, but it is your choice:

Precision Enhancement: +2% dropsuit scan precision (more easily scan others)
Range Amplification: +10% dropsuit scan radius (you scan a greater distance)

Logissaults: Logis that max out ganking power. Caldari and Minmatar, most commonly, can pull it off by stacking all their highs with damage mods/shields and setting themselves up with armor or speed mods for an interesting Gank/Tank. A real glass cannon most of the time with No Equipment.

Infiltrators: Speed mods, cloaking mods (soon), and Hacking Mods. Just run around taking objectives. Gallente and Minmatar mostly, Caldari can too.

AV Eliminators. With a Amarr mostly, Logis: the many high slots filled with damage mods greatly increase the power of a proto swarmer, makes you the king of vehicle popping… but you can’t kill anything else, unless you are Amarr with a sidearm. Or just really good grenades may be your bag… baby.

Tear Miners: Mines and explosives play well for your character as you have all the equipment slots in the world. Use them, experiment with them. It can be really fun.

STAGE 6: Equipment, Advice and Final Words
EQUPMENT – Thanks to Shady merc

Drop-links: Deployable spawn point. Not only are these easy points for you but it will let your dead team mates rejoin the fight a bit safer and closer. Without a drop-link on the field you will either spawn on the front lines (usually without cover) or randomly on the map somewhere.

Repair Tools: A 2 handed tool that locks on targeted objects and repairs armor at a set rate up to the maximum. The stream is continuous until the stream is broken, target is out of range, target dies/is destroyed, or trigger is released. At higher levels a logi will often keep the rep-tool,or repper, locked onto a teammate and follow them through battle gaining WP from kills and reps. It can be effective at higher levels and some variants offer double streams in order to rep 2 objects at once. (my personal favorite method for reaping WP – Get Core repper, at 175hps, and follow an HMG)

Nanohives: Deployable resupply/repair points. Militia level last for 5 seconds. Advanced level and Prototype level can repair armor, last longer, and cover a wider area and reap many War Points. (Nanos, reppers, and uplinks maximize WP)

Active Scanner: These can allow you to control the flow of a battle outside of your squad. It lights up the enemies scanned on your teammates’ radar, as well as equipment, hopefully turning their attention to the danger or allowing you to call them out. You are also locked into its use for the duration of the scan time and cannot switch your weapons, thus – you may be left vulnerable when using it.

Nanite Injectors: Stab a downed teammate with this to bring them back with 30, 50, 80, or 100% armor. The location is mostly fixed. It counts against their KDR but the team does not lose a clone and they do not lose a fitting. I do suggest committing to the 80 or 50 level on your fits. Avoid the walmart rez.

Remote Explosives: Mines that explode with a signal once activated – all at once. Often placed on objectives to catch hackers or in tight locations like a doorways for maximum damage. A few Glitches with deployment and resupply to leave you vulnerable or forced to switch weapons in order to resupply. Sticky! – sticks to most surfaces when thrown (not under ceilings) like LAV’s, Tanks, walls, floors, etc.

Proximity Mines: Mines that only react to vehicles. Tanks, LAV’s, and whatever may come in the future. +4 deployed at a time. Each level increases amount deployed. Some vehicles are faster than the automated signal to explode and thus evade destruction.

New Gear to Come:
Webifier: Slows movement of vehicles and infantry.
Deployable Shield: Bubble shield of protection
Energy Drainers: unknown
Infantry Active Modules: Activated bonuses (unknown super powers)
Cloaking: Either over an area or just on a dropsuit.

Final Words
There are many different builds and many different pieces of knowledge that could have been added. Like basic tactics – Move from cover to cover or “If you are dying before they do get more HP, if they are running off before you can kill them get damage mods.” – not mine but very true. Note the TTK (time to kill) is very short right now – we hope it gets worked on.

The trick is to find your playing style. Example: While the Shotty is awesome the Logi is slower than most players and also has a high scan level so the element of surprise is lost and you cannot evade as well – yet some people have figured out how to play well with it.

I like the support role; however the Logi Proto suits are amazingly powerful because of the customization possibilities. You could turn your Logi into a dmg dealing speed freak or an AV terror. The possibilities are not covered in this guide. This is just for the beginners. Many other Logis have offered input and specifically made threads on different builds, basic tactics, drop uplinks, and many other subjects. This will get you started in the role.

Experiment with weapons and setups to find your niche. The equipment bonus of the Logi is your advantage. Make a pile of proximity mines with remote explosives and see a tank just melt with surprise. There are different ways to make your squads work – you can be the one that tips the battle in your teams favor.

These are two comments on what it means to be a Logibro, not a logistics class, a Logibro. If you do not understand then you are looking for a class with equipment and this guide is not for you. This is for the Logibro.

From Vyzion Eyri,

it fits with the selfless role of the Logibro:
I will spend whatever costs necessary to ensure blueberries know they are never alone in the fight to overcome to pubstompers.

There is no battlefield I will not walk, no mountain I will not scale, no LAV I will not stand in front of, if it means the blueberries realize that one day, one glorious day, they will be that man. That selfless logibro who gave up 500k in one game to prove to them that protobears may be tough, but it is the spirit that lasts.

I will fight to the bitter end to pick up that fallen comrade, even if it means sacrificing myself by placing my shields between the body and the sniper I know is watching, hoping for a free kill, knowing that his rebirth will begin with the death of his savior.

I will sink to the bottom of my wallet to ensure that blueberries will never cry for ammo, never hurt for armor, never sigh for bleeding out.

I will work until the enemies see my selfless acts of purity as true Logibro-ness, and refuse to kill me.

Sometimes, it is the simple fact that a hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple as placing a nanohive on a blueberry and telling him his killing streak wasn’t over, that keeps me going.

Chankk Saotome wrote:

I have a dream… It is a dream deeply rooted in the Logibro dream.

I have a dream, that one day amongst the constructs of Ashlands, waves of heavies and assaults will be trailed by golden lines of life saving armor repair, standing in the glow of restocking nanohives reaching out and crushing the foe before them. I have a dream.

I have a dream. That downed bluedots will not be afraid or too impatient to wait for the aide of a nanite injector and even stay beside their fellow clone for supplemental armor repair. I have a dream.

I have a dream, that one day, men will not be judged by their KDR but by the true benefit they offer their team, I have a dream today!

I have a dream, that one day, from sweltering plains of Skim Junction to the frozen peaks of Manus, men and women will work together and aid one another to their fullest for the benefit of all above and beyond their own self interest, I have a dream.

I have a dream, that one day, even right there in the fields of Line Harvest little blue dots, and little green dots, will join hands as sisters and brothers in overcoming the overwhelming odds of reddot oppression to work in the full spirit of brotherhood, I HAVE A DREAM TODAY!

A strong man can do many things,
But the strongest knows he cannot do everything alone.

TIPS AND TRICKS – J Falcs edited by RedBleach

• Toss an uncooked grenade or two around a corner and it can buy you that second or two you need to rez a teammate.

• Don’t drop nanohives in a popular grenade point, place them a bit farther back or off to a corner with a little cover.

Generally, you’re added firepower is more beneficial than a repper. But, generally isn’t always the rule. In a two on two, you’re repper will do little for your teammate usually. Things change up some with a heavy though when their HMGs can hold groups at bay. This is more of a learned tactic of when to rep and when to fire and only done with adv/proto versions.

• DU should be placed a little farther back than the frontline normally. They tend to last longer and are less likely of being overrun.

• The active scanner has high, but limited, vertical scanning. Always nice getting to a building and scanning for infantry on the roofs.

• If you have them,don’t be afraid to use BPOs of other suit types. My DU build is a scout suit. I quickly drop a few links (one in between start spawn and close to first point, and another between first point and next point. Then switch out at a resupply or die trying.

• If you run flux, toss one into a null cannon before capping. Gets rid of REs (although in this build, I am seeing much less of them than in Chromosome).

• Set up shop outside a hack point with nanohives and start chucking nades. It can buy the time you need to hold enemies at bay while your squad forms up on you. Likewise, the same is true when playing defense on a point.

• Let your squad mates know you are a running a repper. Some of them will remove a low armor repper since you will handle rep duty.

• Use supply depots to replenish your equipment. Drop two hives, run to depot, switch to new suit, and you’re ready to go when the two hives run out.

• Make lots of builds. A game changer is only a suit switch away.

Stage 6B: Loyalty Store
FW or Faction Warfare offers you the ability to battle for whatever faction you decide to side with. No decision is permanent, you could battle for Caldari and then radically switch to Gallente. The battles have 5 things you should understand:

1. What happens here affects the EVE world in real time.

2. Eve Pilots, real players, rain down the orbital strikes in battle

3. Orbitals are earned by the whole team, not per squad, and the first squad leader to request an orbital after it becomes available get it.

4. Friendly Fire is ON. You can kill anything with a health bar be it red or blue. At 5,000 points of FF damage you will be kicked for the day. If you kill an ally they can choose to punish or forgive you. 5 Punishes in a battle will kick you from FW for the day.

5. Loyalty points are earned instead of ISK. – really. Those loyalty points accrue and increase per level of loyalty to a given faction, which increases the Loyalty points received at the end of a match. Fighting on the opposing side of a given faction will lower your Loyalty rating of the other faction.

The Loyalty Store offers items that are bought with ISK and LP – but often at reduced costs.
What you can buy from the loyalty store is of great importance. Each race offers their own suits and gear that, like Aurum gear, can be used at a reduced level requirement, sometimes less PG/CPU, and bonuses beyond normal gear. For example:
Minmatar offers a Proto 2 stream rep tool that has a 25m stream and reps at a rate of 90hps
Caldari offers a Proto injector that will revive with 100% armor
Gallente offers Proto scanners with higher precision and range (not time though)
Amarr offers Proto drop uplinks that can be used when you only have the adv. level.

On top of specific equipment each race has modules, vehicles, dropsuits, and gear that are unique to that race -but it also means that they may not have other items that you may use. Amarr has plenty of armor mods but no shield mods for example.
The loyalty store is a great way to get advanced and proto gear when you don’t currently have the levels to use it. Only have your logi suit at the advanced level? Fight a few loyalty battles to get some points for a Proto version. Besides that some of the gear is just better than the normal variants.


Please, offer any insights you wish or ask any question. I would prefer that this thread is used for questions and suggestions for the guide. It is not meant to be an end all, just a working baseline for beginners.

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