DUST 514 Assault Rifle Skills Guide

DUST 514 Assault Rifle Skills Guide by Kalante Schiffer

This only for people who just has started playing and want to become successful AR users.

When you start you are going to get like 300k SP i think. Do not waste them on suits yet, getting your suit will be later once you notice that you can kill heavies faster than normal.

Getting yourself to a decent level will take you less than a month if you have active and passive boosters. If not it will take you a month and another a week or two depending on your level of skill as a player.

Skills: The first week

1. buy the skill sharpshooter and upgrade it to lvl 4
2. upgrade weaponry to lvl 2
3. Upgrade Assault riffle operations lvl 2.

Standard Suit:
Use a nano Hive for now, there is not much you can do at this level, other than persevere

Skills 2nd Week

1. Get the GEK (its not OP, OP players who use it are the ones, nerf them) DO NOT WASTE YOUR ISK ON ANYTHING ALSE, other than the Duvolle which will be unlocked later
2. Upgrade to Weaponry LvL 3 (damage mods of 5% should be unlocked now for light guns you could use them if you want, but i notice no difference)
3.Upgrade your reloading to LvL 2
4.Upgrade your assault operations to lvl 3

Skills 3rd Week

1.Upgrade your assault riffle operations to lvl 4
2. Upgrade to weaponry LvL 5 (Damage mods of 10% should be unlocked now, it does make a difference now)

Suit: Get the Assault type-II for now it will be useful to put all the necessary things you will need
Nano Hive
get Basic armor plates
get Basic CPU upgrade
Two 10% damage mods

Skills 4th Week

By now you should at least be able to defend yourself and never go negative
1. Upgrade your Assault riffle operations to lvl 5 unlocking Proficiency Level. (this is where the good stuff begins and these take longer to upgrade) get Assault proficiency LvL to 1 for now giving you 3% more power (damage). Use the duvolle if you have the cash.

Skills 5th week

1. Upgrade sharpshooter to level 5 unlocking its proficiency. Make sharpshooter proficiency lvl 1 giving you 3% more range i think.

Skills 6th week

1.Upgrade Assault and range proficiency to level 2.
By now you should be able to take even the strongest clans and do decent, yet you still have to unlock like 20 more levels. Who knows maybe you could become one of the strongest AR players out there. (people who have used tanks to boost their KDR do not count)

some simple AR tactics. 

Deceive your opponent, this comes in handy when you are on a tight spot, or simply just want to troll your enemies making them think you are going that way but you truly don’t  your enemy will start going to the wrong direction and you will be at his back ready to kill him (this depends if your enemy is a rookie,but it can also fool the most experienced players 50% of the time).

If you seem to notice that you are running out of ammo and you only have like 20 bullets left and your enemy still has all of its armor because he’s a heavy noob wait for a team mate to weaken him and use those last bullets to kill him. (no its not kill stealing of you weaken him first)

Know your spawns, this may take a month to learn all of the spawns. I preferably choose my favourite paths of any given map and learned if there was any spawns there, and what do you know… there was a lot, so just be careful, having a strong situational awareness is the strongest skill any good AR player can have next to his strafing, and aiming skills.

Recommended Sensitivity: 70. (I am still experimenting with this, 70 for X is perfect for turning around, but i am trying to make the Y axis better because it goes up too fast) if its too difficult to control your aim at 70, start at 50 or 60 and later 70, once you master the speed of 70 raise it up to 100, with 100 you will turn faster, react, and strafe better.

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