DUST 514 Newbie Survival Guide

DUST 514 Newbie Survival Guide by The dark cloud

Alright my fellow newbie lets begin with what you have to do BEFORE playing the game.

-You have a mic? Yes? Well then go to the options, enable voice comms, then press select go to the top right corner and turn push-to-talk off. (this is just a stupid leftover from EVE online dunno why its still here). Now you are not a voiceless moron anymore and evolved to a annoying voice in the background complaining about your team. Good job.
note: if you have a mic that did cost 5€ or have a annoying voice stay off comms please

-Lower the sensitivity. This is essential to be able to aim properly simply cause otherwise you will spray all over the place and wont be able to hit the broadside of a barn. (this is as well located in the options as you might not know my fellow reader)

well basic controls are the same like with most FPS except that you switch weapons by tapping R2. And more important thing is when you keep holding down R2 you get a little menu that shows your “inventory” which shows all the fancy guns and equipment that you have put on that dropsuit. While holding down R2 and moving the right thumbstick into a direction you can select what you want and this is the only way to select equipment.

Alright because you are a newberry you probably only have access to nano hives (ammo packs) and nanite injectors (medkits). Nano hives provide you and YOUR TEAM with precious ammo and grenades so please use them in good spots and not in the middle off the road. nanite injectors are used to revive downed team members. A downed team member is highlighted with a needle icon. To revive somebody select the injector from your inventory, run up to the body and press R1 to revive him. You better kill hostile players close to you first simply cause a rambo revive will get you killed and the guy you just revived again. Reason behind this is that the revived guy needs around 1.5-2 secs to get up his feet.


-Oh look a enemy tank what to do?
Well first off small arms fire and regular grenades will do zero-minimal damage to it and no your assault rifle is not useful either. Do not engage a tank without the proper weapon to it (AV weapons)

-AV weapons:
-Swarm launchers are basically lock on missile launchers which can be used by any kind of infantry
-Forgeguns are strong AV weapons which can only be wielded with a Heavy dropsuit. They need to be charged and then -release the blast to the enemy vehicle to do massive damage.
-AV grenades can only be used against vehicles NOT Infantry cause they have a homing function when you throw them close to a vehicle.

Vehicles and their counters:
LAV’s (Light attack vehicle aka buggys/jeeps): use AV grenades on them they work wonders
Dropship: use swarm launchers in combination with nano hives and they drop down pretty quickly
HAV’S aka Tanks: those are hard to crack. My best advice would be to ambush them with AV grenades and a forgegun. Depending on the driver you might end up dead before you can shot your 2nd forgegun blast.

Well folks thats it for today i hope this guide is useful for those who have no clue about the game.

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