Dragon’s Prophet Costume Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Costume Guide by Priscatella

Hey there!

Since I’ve seen a lot of people asking about how Costume and the % of it works, I decided to wrote a little guide here.

Note: English is not my main language.


1. What is a Costume

2. Pro’s & Con’s

3. How to turn Items into Costumes

4. What I can transform into a Costume

5. How the Costume Transformation % works

6. Red & Negative Costume Transformation %

7. How to unlock the second Shard Slot

1. What is a Costume

Is a regular piece of Armor or a Weapon which you can transform by using a Costume Transformation Elixir. This Costume piece can then be equipped in your characters Costume tab, making your equipped Armor or Weapon looking just like the way you want.

This feature will allow you to look how you please, without the need of changing the equipment in your Character tab.

Costume gear doesn’t have any stats. Only a stat called Costume Transformation. (Look point 5 for more information).

2. Pro’s & Con’s


  • You’ll look the way you want.
  • You can transform any piece. No need to transform an entire Set.
  • You can have up to 10 Pages of differents Costumes.
  • Allows you to place a Shard on each Costume.
  • Having more Costumes, will increase the Shard Capacity.
  • Unlocking 10 Pages of the same equipment will unlock you the second Shard Slot.


  • Pretty expensive if you want to take profit of this feature
  • A bit messy with the Costume Transformation %

3. How to make Items into Costumes

First of all, you’ll need an Item called Condensed Costume Transformation Elixir or Standard Costume Transformation Elixir.



As you can see, each item will give you a random quantity of Costume Transformation %.

The more %, the better, but more expensive it will be.

Once you have bought the Costume Transformation Elixir you want to use, you’ll find it in your Bag, on the second tab, in Marketplace Bag.

Now make sure you have your Items you want to transform unequipped in your bag.

Now, right-click in the Costume Transformation Elixir, then left-click in the first Tab of the Bag and then left-click the Item you want to transform.

A warning will pop-up, saying you’ll lose the stats of the Item and if it’s a weapon, you’ll need to have the same type of weapon equipped for the Costume to show up.

(In order to make your Weapon Costumes to work, you must have a same kind of Weapon equipped).

4. What I can transform into a Costume

You can transform everything.

Doesn’t matter what class you are.

You can be an Oracle, transform a Heavy-Armor helmet into a Costume and be able to equip it.

There are no restrictions in this aspect.

Though, Dragon’s Prophet is not like RoM. In here, if you’re an Oracle, you can’t transform a 2H Sword and equip it.

So basically, the restriction is only applied on the weapons.

5. How the Costume Transformation % works

I’ll type it first and then I’ll give you an example with some pictures.

Each piece of Costume has a random Costume Transformation %.

Depending on this % and the Energy Capacity of your equipped Gear, will allow you to place a Shard.

This Shard Capacity is determined by doing the X % of Y

X = Quantity of Costume Transformation

Y = Energy Capacity of your equipped Gear

So the operation will go like this:

X * Y / 100 = Z

Z = Shard Capacity on the Costume Tab

Real Example

We have this Helmet with 365 Shard Capacity


And we have this Helmet Costume with 10% Costume Transformation


Then for knowing the Shard Capacity on the Costume tab, we’ll do 10% of 365 = 36,5 (Will be 36)

And you can find this number if you place your mouse in the vertical bar, like this


This means you can place a Shard that has 36 or less Energy.

BUT Your Costume Transformation % stacks!

So, another example will be if we have our Equipped Helmet


And we have 4 Helmet Costumes with different Costume Transformation %





So, the total amount of the 4 Helmet Costume Transformation will be a 22%.

This means we’ll do the 22% of 365 = 80.3 (80 in this case)


Now you’re able to place a Shard of 80 or less Energy.

But, I can’t see the difference?

Look carefully, this is without the Shard on the Helmet Costume


And now we add a Health Shard of 72 Energy that give us +29,1 Health Points.


And now look again at your HP!


And what is this -X% Number in Red?

It’s because you placed a Shard with more Energy then the Capacity of the Slot.

Look next point for further information.

6. Red & Negative Costume Transformation %

Thanks to Jasonfly for this information.

I don’t know if this is a bug or if it’s intended, and in the second case, I don’t know either if you can have repercussions to your Equipped Gear like loosing Durability more faster.

Basically, we’ll take again the Helmet example with 36 Shard Capacity in the Costume tab.

If you place a Shard with more then 36 Energy, you’ll see some -X%.

This Negative Percentage means “how much” are you loosing of the Shard.

I don’t know how much you can lose for -1%, so I can’t give you information about that


You can add a Shard and it will add correctly the Stat of it till you don’t hit -100%.

For calculating the -100%, you’ll need to multiply the Shard Capacity on the Costume tab * 2.

So, will go like:

Shard Capacity * 2 = Maximum Energy Shard (-100%)

On the first Helmet example, we had a 365 Shard Capacity on it and on the Costume tab we have a 36 Shard Capacity




We’ll have to:

36 * 2 = 72 Maximum Energy Shard (-100%)

This basically means you can place a Shard of 71 or less Energy and you’ll gain a bit more Stats then placing a 36 or less Energy Shard.

Example with Pictures

This is without a Shard.


Here we add a 81 Energy Shard (When the limit is 72 Energy).


And here we add a 64 Energy Shard (Between the 36 and the 72 Energy Limits).


7. How to unlock the second Shard Slot

In order to unlock the second Shard Slot, for example the Helmet, you’ll need 10 different Helmet Costumes in the 10 different Costume Pages.

Once you’ve 10 Costume Helmets, it will automatically unlock the second Shard Slot for you.

As you can see, I don’t have 10 different Costume Helmets, for example, so is still locked for me.

Thanks for reading and I hope this guide is helpful for any player

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