Dragon’s Prophet FAQ

Dragon’s Prophet FAQ by 1mirg

I can’t find this person:
Depending on the person you are looking for, they can be either in another map, or non existent. But, if you are looking for a certain quest enemy, and the map is telling you the person is right there. But, you cannot find them there. Then just look around. Most likely they are either Above you, or below you

How can you invite a user to a party:
Click on them, them select “invite to party”

How can you repair your equipment:
The best way is to go to a shop, and click the hammer icon in the bottom right of the ui screen for the shop

How can you Train your dragon:
Go to the lair, click the bulleted text icon, then click the big + and select the area and click ok

How can you release your dragon:
Click the P key, or go to the lair. Then click the broken tombstone icon in the bottom right side from the dragon slots

How can you remove a dragon skill:
Go to the lair, or the P key. Then drag the skill into the trash can icon

Where is this “Teleportation skill” that I keep hearing about:
Go to the skill section of the ui, then dragon the Translocation skill to a section in you hotbar. Now, go find a transportation office npc, they are the ones with a steering wheel icon the mini map. Now, click on them, then click on Register Translocation Point. Then after hitting confirm, your Translocation skill will now teleport you to that specific proximity

How can you access your mailbox, in-game:
Go to the envelop icon on the map, then interact with the mailbox

How can you link items in-chat, in-game:
Click enter, then shift click the item in your bag.

What dragons can I tame:
Anything with a Dragonkin in the name translates into a tameable dragon. But if it has just has a name and noting else, like ‘king’ or ‘doom’ in the end. Then you may be capable of taming that one too. But, in the end taming all matters on your charisma.

How can I trade:
Click on the user, then select Transaction

How can I sit:
Press X to sit

Where to spend taming experiance:
Go to the lair, then click on the dream catcher icon.

Where & How to join or create a guild or league:
Go to the tavern, chat with the clerk, then click the section you want.

How can I autorun:
Press Insert to autorun

How can I move to another area:
Just talk to the airship dockmaster npc, then select your area. They are normally found at the top of a tower, they have a elevator to them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    where do you repair your items???????

  2. Lunet says:

    How do you leave a party once you’ve joined one?

  3. ktechau says:

    How do you Share missions with Your Party? Does it matter if they have already completed them or not?

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