Dragon’s Prophet Secret Apartment Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Secret Apartment Guide by Aquarelle

Greetings Disciples,

You have fought your way through dungeons, battled fierce enemies and tamed the most fabled of dragons but now you want to just go home and put your feet up, relax those aching muscles and have a place to call home.

With the implementation of the ‘Spirit of the Red Flame’ patch, you can now own a Secret Apartment which allows you to build a home on your very own island, free from harm by other players or monsters! Because of that, we present you a step-by-step guide regarding this feature.

Secret Apartment

1. First off, you will need to get a Secret Apartment Ticket from the Marketplace. You can buy this using Diamonds or Dragon Insignias. For those who bought the larger Founder Packs, you will have received this by e-mail.

2. After you have acquired the ticket, head to the glorious city of Arteicia located in Laedis. You can get there by Airship from Bakra (Nileo Highlands), Satuma (Koramos Pass), Puertia (Arboran) or Wynnadia (Lilia City). There, you will find the Path of the Elders. You can get there by using a flying dragon.

path of the elders

3. When you approach it, you will see a huge portal coming from the skies. Just fly into it. It will teleport you to the housing zone.


4. This is the location where you will be teleported to. It’s always the same, unless you use other ways of transporting (like a Home-Sweet-Home Rune or the Osiran Egress skill) which will take you to the map where you purchased an apartment.


5. Now lets head to the Apartment Manager NPC. If you don’t know where to find him – open your World Map (default key ‘M’). It has a special green icon so it’s not hard to spot it. Even so, let me highlight it.

apartment manager

6. After you get inside of the building where this NPC is, just talk to him. You will be able to purchase your apartment for 100.000 Gold. It will also give you the information such as rent, tax rate etc.


7. Look to the left. See the stairs? See the portal? Perfect. Just get close to it.


8. When you go through it, a window will pop up. Just select ‘Home‘. (Note: the “Visit” button is used only to visit your friends’ apartments. Unless they give you the permission, you won’t be able to move furniture, deposit rent etc).


9. You are inside now. Do you see the strange mechanism next to the door of your apartment? Use it. You will see a row of squares with your Secret Apartment in one of them. Select it and then press the red button at the bottom.


10.  Your door will have just been changed to the teleportation stone. Use it to teleport yourself to your very own island.

teleportation stone

11. And there you are! Note that you can build only ONE building in your Secret Apartment.

secret apartment

Thank you for reading and I hope this has helped you!

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