Avatar Star Hotkey Setup Samples

Avatar Star Hotkey Setup Samples by Lacrie and Sebastian

Hotkey Settings are very important in battle, it could lead into confusion if not early organized..
Having a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,=  Hotkey is a big NO! Since it’s hard for a player to reach a certain number pass 5

Here’s a preferable Hotkey settings using Guardian class. (They are used and altered from other several games which uses the same or near Ui)

Q- 1st Weapon
E- 2nd Weapon
C- 3rd Weapon

Z- Healing Materials i.e Potion,Meat,Cookies,Bandage
X- Usable Materials i.e Anti-Venom, Radar Detector

1- Battlefield Heal
2- Shockwave
3- Healing Beacon
4- (Reserved)
5- (Reserved)
6- (Reserved)
F- Arrow Shower

*note Reserved for future updates

Left Alt- Roll
Change Weapon- T
Special Action- U
Gesture Ui- Left Ctrl
Front Look- Left Shift

I’m an assassin (IGN: Sebastian), my hotkey settings are:

1 – Sniper Rifle
2 – Knife
3 – Pistol
4 – Potions (Bandages, Cookies, Cardiac, etc)

Q – Deadly Sprint
E – Stealth
C – Trap
V – Anti-Venom

Front Look – F

And that’s about most of all of the important stuff (I think)

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