Avatar Star Guardians Basic Guide

Avatar Star Guardians Basic Guide by Mikecenary


Guardians are basically the healers and supporting class of the game, although unlike generic support classes, guardians have deadly weaponry that are most capable in mid-range. They are very viable in both offensive and defensive teams in any type of game.

Regarding health, they have more than the assassin, and less than the gunner.
Regarding speed, they are faster than the gunner, and slower than the assassin.



Submachine Guns [Reliability: High] – Very reliable for any guardian. Since guardians work best in mid-range, submachine guns are their best assets. They deal a hefty amount of damage usually higher than 120~ per shot (All depending on the weapon) and commonly ranging in 35-40 bullets per magazine.

Shotguns [Reliability: Med] – Personally, I never use shotguns since guardians are not built for close-range combat. The two opposing classes have weapons that can take you down easily if you’re too close. Usually the only reliable time you can use them is when you’re behind an enemy and upclose.

Bows [Reliability: High] – In earlier levels, bows aren’t really that reliable if you don’t know how to properly use them, but once you’ve started upgrading your [Arrow Shower] skill, you’ll realize how powerful and fearsome the guardian can be. Each arrow explodes in approximately 1-2 seconds each, with a reload of 1.0-1.2 seconds, and can drain 1/5 to 1/6 of an enemies life + collateral damage from explosion. The trajectory of each arrow arcs downwards, which means that you have to shoot a little higher to hit an enemy. If you don’t plan on using a bow, you best be using an SMG all the time.

Grenades [Reliability: Low] – Not much damage to deal and slow cooldown makes this weapon unreliable in any situation. Best stick with a bow, which is basically a fast shooting grenade with a much lower cooldown. May be used as a tertiary weapon complementing the bow when your target is behind walls, but the damage is very minimal.


The Stealth Arrow:

You’ll only need a submachine gun and a bow for this, and also you need your switch weapon to be assigned to[Q] like in default and make sure that your submachine gun and bow are cycling. It’s pretty simple:

[Hold down LMB (Left Mouse Button) throughout the whole process]
Submachine Gun (3-4 Bullets) > [Q] – Shoots an arrow > [Q] – Submachine Gun (3-4 Bullets) > [Q] – Shoots an arrow~ Repeat

You alternate this process while aiming at your enemy and dodging. When you press [Q] while holding down the LMB, it will automatically shoot a single arrow. Since the bow has a 1.0-1.2 second cooldown, you can alternate with the submachine gun while it’s reloading. The submachine gun usually shoots 3-4 rounds per second.

Here’s the awesome part, when arrows stick to your enemies front, they won’t be able to see it, so they won’t even notice that you’re shooting arrows, until they explode. Even if the enemy gets you first, you’ll surely get a quick revenge.

Anti-Camper Shower:

Basically it’s when you spot a stationary camper from a distance and perform a maxed [Arrow Shower] on ’em. How you can do perfect trajectory is all up to you to learn, just remember to aim higher and higher above the enemies head the longer the distance. If you manage to stick all 6 arrows, it’s 99% death from there.

Arrow Boost:

Can’t reach a certain hard to reach area? Try shooting an arrow on the ground or wall, wait a couple seconds, then jump forward, it might come in handy

Teammate needs to move faster? Shoot an arrow on their back and they’ll be boosted forward, or shoot an arrow on their feet and they’ll be boosted upward.



1.] Battlefield Heal [Recommended Level: 5] – I raised mine to level 5 because it not only heals you with 1000hp, but also heals your teammates as well, and only at a 16 second cooldown.

TDM –   ★★★★★
DMN –   ★★★★★
KOTH – ★★★★★

HINT: I assigned this skill to [CTRL] button for faster usage during emergencies. I put dodge in [Shift], like any other FPS/TPS should be.

2.] Shockwave [Recommended Level: 0 – 1] – This skill works depending on your play style. If you have a good enough aim to fend off close range enemies, or a group of capturing enemies, then this skill deems useless. However, if your goal is to push away as many enemies away from you or your defending point, then this skill could come in handy.


TDM –   ★☆☆☆☆
DMN –   ★★☆☆☆
KOTH – ★★★

Thank’s to everyone who contributed to testing out the Shockwave skill, and those victimized by its potential. Credits: CaptKooh, ymint88, LionXII, desofire, Langravine.

3.] Achilles’ Heel [Recommended Level: 1 or 5] – It basically debuffs enemies and makes them receive more damage from any source. At level 1 you have an 8% chance for a 5 second debuff when using an SMG, and 20% chance at level 5. If you’re planning to use SMG more often, I suggest upgrading this to level 5. It’s very good for picking off enemies one by one.

TDM –   ★★★★★
DMN –   ★★★★
KOTH – ★★★☆☆

HINT: It’s passive. So every shot has a chance to deal this debuff. It’s a heavy damage boost.

4.] Arrow Shower [Recommended Level: 4-5 or 0] – I love this skill, and if you’ve seen me in battle you’ll see why. Though at lower levels it’s pretty weak, at level 4 you’ll be able to shoot 5 arrows at once , and at level 5 you’ll be able to shoot 6 arrows. You need to stick 5-6 arrows to kill someone with full health (even if it’s a gunner with shield buff), 2-3 if you spray him/her with bullets. I maxed this out for offensive purposes. If you’re not planning on using bows, leave this skill at 0.

TDM –   ★★★☆☆
DMN –   ★★★★☆
KOTH – ★★★★★

HINT: I assigned this skill to [E] and the Use key to [F]. Thank me later

5.] Healing Beacon [Recommended Level: 4-5] – A guardian without a beacon is an undependable guardian. Heals teammates up to 8 meters with upto 350hp each tick, it’s a life saver. I put this at level 4 to leave room for Achilles’ Heel, but if you’re full on support then max this out. And please, place it somewhere most of your teammates are, just make sure it’s behind a wall where enemies won’t spot it easily.

TDM –   ★★★★★
DMN –   ★★★★
KOTH – ★★★★★

HINT: I recommend leveling this skill up first, until atleast level 3 before leveling either Arrow Shower or Battlefield Heal.


Note: Not all builds will work for you, Guardians have the most diverse options for skill setups. These are mainly here to give you an idea of how experienced Guardians work out their builds.

Lazy Man’s Build (a.k.a Broccoli’s Build)

Battlefield Heal – 4
Shockwave – 1
Achilles’ Heel – 5
Arrow Shower – 0
Healing Beacon – 5

Hard time using bows? Well this build is all about spraying your SMG as much as you possibly can. The only downside is that you can only focus on one enemy at a time, so you can’t be in open areas as snipers will take you down easily.

Hybrid Support Beacon Hugger Build (a.k.a Leafarica’s Build)

Battlefield Heal – 1
Shockwave – 1
Achilles’ Heel – 3
Arrow Shower – 5
Healing Beacon – 5

Well here is my skill build, Basically it is hybrid one… I prefer lvl 5 beacon over Battle heal since 350/tick every 2sec. can save your ass even if you in the frontline… lvl 3 Achilles Heel and not 1? I find that 12% chance(lvl 3) trigger fairly enough almost all the time

Max Arrow Shower is just lovely especially if you are being outnumbered, simple stick that Arrow Shower someone and watch them scatter out of cover for other teammate to kill… It is a team fight.

Well Shockwave works well on many knifer Assassin already… but it is lovely in KOTH to stop your enemy team from stealing the tower.

Frontline Killer (a.k.a Aim and Tanky’s Build)

Battlefield Heal – 5
Shockwave – 0
Achilles’ Heel – 5
Arrow Shower – 5
Healing Beacon – 0

For this build you’ll need to practice cycling between SMG, bow, arrow shower, and battlefield heal. Once you’ve got a pattern going on, you’ll be deadly anywhere in combat.

Passive Support – Intermediate

Battlefield Heal – 5
Shockwave – 0
Achilles’ Heel – 5
Arrow Shower – 0
Healing Beacon – 5

This build is purely for those who want to stick to their beacons and have no intentions of gaining massive kills, and just eyeing out for your teammates survive-ability.

Frontline AOE Support – Hard

Battlefield Heal – 5
Shockwave – 1
Achilles’ Heel – 1
Arrow Shower – 4
Healing Beacon – 4

I recommend this build if you’re planning on supporting teammates while at the same time want deal heavy damage to groups. This build is quite stressful to maintain though, since you have to cycle all skills correctly.


For gems and rings, your basic priorities are DEF>VIT>STA>REGEN

Defense lowers the total damage we receive, and that being said, our heals will be MUCH more beneficial to ourselves. +40 Def already gives 5% Damage Reduction.

Vitality increases healing effects. Partnered with a high defense you’re pretty much good to go.

Stamina increases our HP, but the damage we receive will be the same. Adding even 200hp will just add like a second to our lifespan.

Regen increases self-regeneration, not recommended for low level gems.

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