Ragnarok Online 2 Priest Hybrid Detailed Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Priest Hybrid Detailed Guide by VachV

Since many are curious on how we should work on skills and stats when it comes to hybrid-priest build, i thought of putting up my own guide. This guide will let you play a Hybrid-Priest role in such a way, unless you show your skills others might think that you are a FS-Priest in some situations, and in other situations some others might think you are a battle priest. Also your role as a healer will never be questioned(Unless you play dumb – that cant be helped)

Table Of Contents

1. Terminology
2. What is a Hybrid-Priest?
3. Why should i choose Hybrid over FS-Priest or Battle-Priest?
3.1 Why you shouldn’t be a battle-priest?
3.2 Why you shouldn’t be a pure FS-priest?
3.3 Why should you be a Hybrid-Priest?
4. Stats – from beginning to end
5. Skills – from beginning to end
5.1 Detailed Description on the skills and recommendation
5.1.1 Attack branch
5.1.2 Support branch
5.1.3 Utility branch
5.2 What skills to choose until level 25
5.3 Sample skill builds
6. SOLO-ing Bosses level 1~50(tips and tricks)
7. FAQ

1. Terminology

Followings are some of the terms used in the game genarlly. If you are a a beginner, you might be wondering what they actually mean.

PVP – Player Versus Player
PVE – Player Versus Environment
HP – Hit Points
LFP – Looking For Party
LFM – Looking For Member
RHM – Random Hard Mode
DPS – Damage Per Second
FS – Full Support
MT – Main Tank
OT – Off Tank
DOT – Damage Over Time
HOT – Heal Over Time
CD – Count Down
Ress – Ressurect
HL – Holy Light
HH – Highness Heal
Reno – Renovatio
Ray – Genesis Ray
KS – Kill Shot
AOE – Area OEffect
POT – Potion
AH – Auction House
MATK – Magic Attack

2. What is a Hybrid-Priest?

Hybrid priest is a role where, you can grind alone being able to solo mobs(or boss), whilst maintaining the role as a healer in parties.

3. Why should i choose Hybrid over FS-Priest or Battle-Priest?

3.1 Why you shouldn’t be a battle-priest?

For one is, you will be kicked out the raids in later-game due to lack of heal. People invite you to raids as a healer(mostly), since there are classes out there who can PVE-DPS much more better than a priest.
Second is, being pure battle priest will make it harder for you to do solo grinding than a hybrid one. Trust me i have solo every boss outside the dungeon(including willow worker and goblin leader) being a hybrid-priest. Pure battle priest wont be able to(or really hard).

3.2 Why you shouldn’t be a pure FS-priest?

well, as for me, i dont play this game to be someone elses healer all the time. I play for personal satisfaction being able to master in both PVE and PVP. I am all in for healing and keeping the party alive, but when needed i want to ace in PVP and PVE solo too.
Second and most important is, being a FS with HL level 1 will make your life really miserable when leveling up.
Finally being a FS-priest you can never win(almost impossbile even if all other opponents are pure dumbs) in coliseum championship.

3.3 Why should you be a Hybrid-Priest?

Because, being a hybrid will give you the luxury of ace-ing the all aspects of the game.

PVP – coliseum screenshots

Posted Image

Posted Image

PVE – screenshots

Posted Image

4. Stats – from beginning to end

Your main stat is Int.
Every 1 point you allocate on Int, you will get 2 MATK.

Your secondary stats are AGL and VIT.
AGL will increase your crtical strike chance.
Every 1 point of VIT will increase you HP by 6(before buff).
Also VIT will have an affect on the amount of heal you will get from portions.

Basically there are number of viable options you can choose for your stats.

Some of them are,
Int – 51, AGL – 27, VIT – 3
Int – 51, VIT – 27, AGL – 3
Int – 49, AGL – 31, VIT – 0
Int – 49, VIT – 31, AGL – 0
Int – 40, AGL – 40, VIT – 8
Int – 40, VIT – 40, AGL – 8
Int – 36, AGL – 36, VIT – 25

I would recommend, one of the following two.
Int – 49, VIT – 31, AGL – 0
Int – 36, AGL – 36, VIT – 25

Having higher VIT will reward in many ways.
Your job as a healer in a raid is to keep the MT/OT alive.
If MT dies, then the whole party is in big trouble.
To keep the MT alive you should be alive right? When a boss aoe, or when adds spawn around a boss, with lower HP, you will be concerning your own HP rather than healing the MT. This is one reason why many raids fail in the end game.
My advice.. always go for VIT build as a priest.

When you start upping your stats, start with INT always and up it until 36. From there you can decide for which build you will goto. At lower stats, your crit rate is really low. Thus no point spending points on AGL at the start of the game. Also until you are level 50, your VIT wont matter much in normal dungeons. So INT first, then decide your build.

5. Skills – from beginning to end

The skill set you choose will decide your future in this game.
Once you choose your skills, they cannot be changed or modified unless you buy cash item called Skill Reset Scroll.
In the later part of the game when you all reach level 50,
you will see that the Skill reset scrolls which have been put by players are being sold really fast.
WHY? caz many players (almost 90% of them) got their skill tree messed up initially.

Therefore i ll explain what you need and what you dont need as a hybrid priest and will give out sample skill builds to guide you through.
(ofc i will put my own build in it, though i won’t say which )

5.1 Detailed Description on the skills and recommendation

Skill tree is divided into to three branches.

  • Attack branch
  • Utility branch
  • Support branch

5.1.1 Attack branch

Posted Image

This is one of the basic attack skills you get. As for being a healer, you will hardly have time to use HL in raids. As for grinding, You are far better off with DOTs than using HL. As a hybrid priest, leave this at level 1. You don’t really need to up this skill.

Posted Image

This skill is not useful for a hybrid-priest. Leave it at level 1. This skill is not bad, there are better skills out there where you can allocate your points rather than on this.

Posted Image

This is good DOT skill you can have for PVP. Specially in coliseum this will reward you nicely. You can either choose to leave it at level 1 to be better on support side or can up this to level 4 or to max level. 20 secs, 30 secs doesn’t matter, since you can recast it and keep it going as long as you want.

Posted Image

Judex is a core skill for you, but in terms of level, you should keep this at level 1. This skill will help you in grinding, raids, PVP. Grinding, it will help you to stun all the mobs around you which you have already casted DOT on and in that 3 secounds stun time, you can heal yourself. In raids judex will help your party when clearing mobs. You stun all the mobs around will help DPS to clear them fast. Finally, in PVP coliseum, you can stun every soul around you and cast DOT on them and KS, or, u can stun the guys attacking you and escape quickly from the danger. Like i said, this skill is a must you must have in your skill inventory, BUT keep this at level 1.

Posted Image

This is your best DOT skill and most useful skill in grinding. Why? because it has 25 m range, where as other 2 skills have only 20m range. So you can easily lure mobs to you and grind faster to level up. Also in PVP you can DOT a player far away or you can hide in a room and DOT the mobs spawn in the area to gain easy points. A Skill you must max, because by the time a mob runs to you, it has already suffered some damage due to the long distance he had to run.

Posted Image

This is your third DOT skill. It has higher damage than oratio but have 1 second casting time. But 15% DOT is really promising. I suggest max this or up it to level 4, or if you chose to max or up oratio to level 4 then you can leave this at level 1 to gain more skill points for support side. Note that, you might need to keep either oratio or adoramus at level 4 (not both at level 5) to make sure core support skills are done.( i ll come to that in sample builds)

Posted Image

This is an AOE skill as the above description. Good for grinding. It s really usefulness comes when used with aspersio. However, even so, there is no reason to use more than 1 skill point on this. Leave this at level 1. But add this to your skill inventory.

Posted Image

This is your KS skill. Or your finishing move. It comes with 7 successive hits and each has a high chance to crit. When maxed, in coliseum you inflict 2500-3500 damage on non-tank player. Meaning you can get a kill if used on anyone around 3k HP(depend on your buffs). This will let you crown as coliseum champion. Definitely max it(however if you are thinking of comboing with arch angel, you can get this to lvl3 or 4. Most important this is, with aspersio you can cast this instant and also, you can fly around while the skill is being casted. In PVE also will help you for solo-ing bosses and in raids sometimes when you have time to breath you can cast this on bosses/mini-bosses etc.

5.1.2 Support branch

Posted Image

This is your main healing skill. max this one. Some say it is sufficient to leave this at level 4, but i disagree. In the end game you will need every bit of heal this skill gives you in raids. Some say it s just 3% increase from level 4 to level 5. But think.. Level 1 being 30%, 3% increase is 10% increase in total heal compared to level1.

Posted Image

This is one of your core support HOT skills. With instant cast and no cooldown, you will be casting this skill always on your party/raid members. Therefore max this skill. Specially when your know a boss is going to aoe which has dot also, casting this will help big time.

Posted Image

Upping this skill is a big waste. Don’t look at the figures above. Actually crit effect is negligible compared to level 1 even when you max this. Leave this at level 1. I can give a detailed calculation on it later, for now just know that level 5 and level 1 has a very little increase in total effects.

Posted Image

This is a very useful skill. When used with aspersio you will have HOT effect. However you will be casting this in every 10 secs. This skill is a burst skill, which gives a big heal affect, however you can cast this every 10 secs. Upping this skill will be overheal. Therefore leave this at level 1.

Posted Image

This skill gives you additional 2% healing effect for every level. This is a buff skill, means it will stay for 30 mins(in this case). There is no wrong choosing when it comes to this skill. You can either stay at level 1 or up it to level 2,3,4 or max.

Posted Image

Another useful support skill, but you will usually need this in rare situations. Like your tank is going to die, you can heal him to full hp with this skill. Just leave it at level 1. Even at level 5, it can be only recasted in 3 mins.

Posted Image

One of the best support skills you will have. This becomes a must to be maxed in late game raids in PVE. In PVP also in coliseum this is a must skill to have. 40% damage reduction buff is a must to have as a hybrid priest. One way you are going to pawn Battle-Priests in PVP. Definitely max this.

Posted Image

Another very important skill to have in your skill line up. We as hybrid-priests use this for 15% hp effect gives when used with aspersio. Specially when a boss is going to aoe, we can use it to boost everyone’s HP by 15% which reducing the overall damage we get by aoe, therefore leave this at level 1.

5.1.3 Utility branch

Posted Image

Blessing is another core skill for a priest. This will give 30 mins HP buff for all the party members. Max this one.

Posted Image

As a hybrid priest having this at level 1 is sufficient.

Posted Image

One of the most important skills. Nothing to discuss, level 1(max) it.

Posted Image

With no doubt this is the most important skill you can have as a priest. hybrid/battle or FS. Definitely max it. Not only that max this as soon as possible. This will make grinding much more easier.

Posted Image

This skill has very limited uses. Preferably level 0 if you are not going to get others skills down the line.

Posted Image

Good skill to use in raids when MT is having some debuffs from boss/mobs. But it s optional. Preferably level 0 if you are not going to get others skills down the line.

Posted Image

It s not useful to spend points down the lane to get increase in haste rate. Preferably level 0 if you are not going to get others skills down the line. If increase in haste was 25% or above then definitely worth to get it. But 10% at max is not enough for your attention.

Posted Image

Important skill when a boss is going to aoe on the whole party. But not worth to come all the down in this skill tree just to get this buff. Assumptio is much more beneficial. Preferably level 0 if you are not going to get others skills down the line.

Posted Image

This is a nice skill having MATK increase if you max it. Putting 1-2 points is not worth spending many points and coming down this line. When used with Ray this will give very high damage. Only drawback is it has 60 secs effective cooldown. Either level 0 or level 3-5.

5.2 What skills to choose until level 25

Many new players will be curious how to choose the skills upto level 25. And how the skills should be chosen. I know i was.. when i started. Remember this is a merely a guideline for beginerers, and might not be the best way to go. But definately one of the best.

Posted Image

5.3 Sample skill builds

Followings are some sample builds to guide you through.


6. SOLO-ing Bosses level 1~50(tips and tricks)(In-progress)

7. FAQ

Q : I’m interested to hear how much you’re using Heal during a world boss solo
A : I guess what you mean is, how should the skill rotation be when you are solo-ing a world boss as a hybrid priest.
You can start the boss with casting Renovatio and Aspersio pre-battle.
at start,
DOTs( Credo -> Adoramus -> Oratio) -> Judex(since aspersio is active will give stun) -> Ray
Renovatio -> DOTs -> Heal 2x -> Aspersio -> Judex -> Ray
When you see you are gaining more damage than your heal and reno can handle, use HH in between since instant cast and use Assumptio.
If you have archangel use it.

Q : From the looks of it a Battle Priest PvP build should be more than capable of handling world bosses. It only has Heal 1/5, but at only a 13% output difference it shouldn’t affect the outcome TOO much.
A : At level 1 your heal is 30% of your MATK, where as at level 5 it is 43% of your MATK.
That is (43-30)/30 = 43.3% increase in your heal.
For an example at same MATK, when battle priest heals 1000, hybrid-priest will heal 1433. It is subsantial difference in heal.
Even from level 4 to level 5 , that 3% increase is actually 10% increase in heal compared to level 1. Like i posted under heal skill, in later game more the punch you pack from healing, more successful you will be.

Q : i don’t really agree is about “Heal” and “Highness Heal” : You put Heal at max and highness at 1. I do the opposite. Why? Because in party/raid, there will sure be the main tanker to focus on, but there will be others that will need heal too because some are dumbs or running everywhere. And for that, i’d rather use a “multiple heal” good skill more often than using a “good solo heal” skill.
A : I think many have this wrong idea of priests have to keep the whole raid alive. Actually in late-game 2 priest’s role is to keep the MT/OT alive. Sorcs’s role is to keep DPS alive.

This is how a part/raid works.
Tanks(MT) – tank the boss and keep the threat to yourself to make sure boss is focussed on you. This is done by doing first attack and/or continuous tanuting and keep attacking. That way MT will prevent boss focusing on the rest of the party being a meat-shield. In dungeons MT will be getting 20-40% damage from the boss in one attack.

Tanks(OT) – tank the mini-bosses or adds boss summon. This will help DPS to clear the adds while OT is tanking them.

DPS – dps on boss, and when adds are summoned dps on the adds and clear.

Healers(Priests) – Make sure MT and OT and yourself alive. Nothing else. Boss will be doing AOEs randomly or in at fixed percentage of boss’s HP. You must not loose focus of healing MT, OT and keeping yourself alive even for one secound. Tanks die = whole party is in trouble and most likely raid will fail.

Healers(Sorcs) – Make sure DPS are alive and help in DPS, Deluge for AOEs when needed. Now we know boss will AOE and DPS will get damage also, sometimes DOT. Sorcs role is to keep LOR(Land of recovery) on DPS and heal them. Healing DPS is not a continiuos thing, but as secondary-healers in the pary/raid, keeping DPS alive is sorcs’s responsibility.

Tanks not doing their job etc. is another issue. It is lack of coodination in the praty/raid. If you ask me, if you dont plan what to do in the raid and players not doing thier jobs properly, then such raid is bound to fail and it MUST. why? dungeons is a core part of this game and even without proper plan and coodination if a party can complete the raid, then there is something wrong with the game. In pubs(public parties), leader has to brief on what to do before the party/raid starts. Lack of plan or coodination has nothing to do with level HH to max than keep it at level 1.

Will it be useful to max HH to level 5? YES
But is it necessary to max HH than to keep it at level 1? NO

However, this is a guide only and it is personal preference to take HH over Heal. If you know what you are doing it will work. However, it will be bit harder for yourself. I have done both actually. Initially i was on Heal lvl1 and HH lvl maxed also. It was working until Bapho and PVE arena Normal modes. After that it became harder. But with Heal maxed and HH lvl 1, it works like a charm. Again, it is a personal preference.

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  1. SugaRRusH says:

    The picture links are already broken. Is there any way I can still see the skill guides? I really wanna use this build!

  2. SugaRRusH says:

    The picture links are already broken. Is there any way I can still see the skill guides? I really wanna use this build!

    Thanks in advance though

  3. Sakun says:

    I’m still not quite sure between raising agi or vit , some say u don’t have to raise the vit (leave it to cards and eq) and raise agi because of crit and dodge chance, but increasing the agi will be waste if the crit not as often as we hope , its like gambling , can you teach us (at least , me) about the pros and cons of raising the agi or vit or maybe both , thank you . Ps : I’m still waiting the boss solo guide :p

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was thinking raising up holly light skill for DPS , with aspersio it can do critical for 3 times , and with archangel it can boost the damage more, what do yyou think?

  5. Maefleur says:

    To all of you wondering whether to put skills in some dots and not in others my suggestion is this. Max Credo but leave the other ones and instead put them in healing stuff, such as Sacrament and even HH or Sanc if you wish. Remember you are a healer, and maxxing all the dots is going to only help a smidgen where as other healing skills are going to help alot more.

  6. Nikolai says:

    oh yeah , and i just want to clarified something , in the stat build, when you said int – 51 do you mean we have to increase the int stat until 51 , or in the status char the int have to be 51 , cause i’m increasing the int until 15 (i’m lvl 12) .but in my status char it says 72 on int , sorry for my bad english :D

  7. Nikolai says:

    This guide rocks! :D , it opened my eyes about the build and duty being a healer , do you have chance creating a guide about eq guide about hybrid priest? it’ll be really helpfull if you did, thank you very much :D

  8. Nepiliz says:

    There’s no BEST BUILD bro but I can tell you this that this GUIDE is for me the BEST. This build is a nice build for all players who wants to become a hybrid priest, I use this myself too. Though its a nice build I change some stats, and other skill. I didn’t follow it 100%, and its my own preference. :) Better to give it a try and later on you will understand the fundamental of being a hybrid priest and maybe you can create your own guide!! :) Gudluck :D

  9. Zeizki says:

    Can i ask…. is this the best build for Hybrid Priest..??
    Coz i see many of guide…

  10. Vair says:

    guess i got his build. its second sample isn’t it ? anyway if i using this build from level acolyte do i can cover up my team in dungeon ? please reply this .

  11. Padresito says:

    what Cards need to start in LVL 50

  12. Faithdriven says:

    Thanks for the guide. I am brand new to the game and this really helped get me going. :)

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    This is a great guide, thank you very much!
    Please keep it going!

  14. Kamahari Akuma says:

    I thank you for writing this guide, if anything to show that, as a Priest, you can still be a good healer in dungeons/raids, and not have to gimp yourself in the leveling grind.

    Also, I have to agree with your idea on maxing Heal over HH, since I played an Acolyte (who is now a Monk). I’ve seen the healing from just a rank 1 HH, and it has saved my ass many times, and the healing that comes from a maxed Heal has often been satisfactory for my needs.

    I do have a question on Meditatio, since I’ve read in another guide that what the skill does is increase the amount of healing a critical heal does. Is it really worth maxing it for the 500% increase, or just leaving it at 340% increase for the sake of needing access to the skills that follow it?

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