Ragnarok Online 2 Priest Builds Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Priest Builds Guide by Soushii

Seriously people, “AGI WORKS ON PRIEST!!!!!!!!!!!”. I answered this type of question yesterday. And I only got laughed at by people who are new to this game. I came from the RO2 Korean server so I’m sure that it works on Priests. And I have a Level 50 Priest there( 50 is the cap level in kRO2 ).

Anyway, For Stats, Go Int then Agi. Why Agi again? Because the Heal of Priests does Crit. Don’t Add too much Vit. 8 Vit is enough. But don’t add Vit early game. You can just balance out Int and Agi. You might be wondering why I said don’t add too much Vit and not to add it early game. It’s because Vit only adds a “LITTLE” HP for every stat point you put in it. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

Leveling Acolyte is kinda hard until reaching 25 to change class to Priest. Try this skill build for Acolyte:


But you’ll need to reset your skills if you’re planning to go Support Priest.

Skill build for Support Priest:


Skill build for DPS Priest:


Here’s the Skill Rotation for the DPS Priest:

Aqua Benedicta -> Archangel -> Adoramus -> Oratio -> Credo -> Aspersio -> Genesis Ray ( if monster is still alive ) -> Holy Light

If Genesis Ray, Archangel, and/or Aspersio is on Cooldown then you can just remove them from the rotation until they’re available again. There are also times that you have to cast Adoramus and Oratio for additional damage. You can use Credo which has 30s duration before Adoramus and Oratio since they only have 20s duration. But I used Adoramus first because it has a casting time ( well it was only 1 second. So it’s all up to you ). One more thing, I don’t use Archangel that much, why? Because DPS skills of Priests are already enough to kill the monster even without the extra magic attack that Archangel gives. So if you plan on not using it too, You can just not put skill points on it same goes with Angelus since it’s only 9% def for 10s. And use that 6 skill points on other skills.

About SP, I don’t think SP is a problem with Priest. Because they have Aqua Benedicta that gives 15% SP. Well you can just buy some SP Potions for emergency I guess.

All professions are good. It all depends on how you’ll use them.

Alchemist – You can make potions for your Priest ( HP, SP, Strengthening Pots )
Artisan – You can make gears for your Priest
Blacksmith – Weapons I guess
Chef – Regeneration foods.

Those are not the best skill build for priests around. But I’ve tried and tested them and it works fine. Anyway, you’re free try the build I posted or you can just make your own skill build. Enjoy

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