Ragnarok Online 2 Mini Mongi Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Mini Mongi Guide by xKirai

Okay so, recently I’ve been busy with AoD (Abaddon of Despair) and stuff like that and haven been visiting the forums much.
Came to realise that there’s still a number of raids out there that isn’t able clear it or have a clue with it.
So I’m here to share a little of our information.

Please note that the information given is purely base on experience and we do not have solid data of what the boss is really capable of.

Skills of Mongi

Purple Ground AoE – Doesn’t deal damamge but silence you for 5sec. (Cast every minute)
-Makes you inviscible while being silenced. Normally cast on the highest threat.

Red Breath AoE – Deals around 2-4k damage.(Cast every minute)

Mic Toss – Deals 5k + dmamge follow by 1k + Damage over Time.(Cast every minute)
-Buy a Pot, Save a life.

Mini White Tornado – Deals crazy amount of damage.(Cast every 500k Hp)
-First tornado will be cast at 2mil Hp.

Random Target Stun – Randomly cast a stun to the raid.(Cast every 30sec)
-Good positioning will help alot.

Blue Ring AoE – Turns everyone inside into a sheep.(last 5sec)
-Does not deal any damage.

Clear the DJs with range attacks, Bring down the speaker after that.
Taunt the speaker to damage.
Start the fight in the middle of the room and DPS hard.
All DPS should stick and beat the 1min mark timer.
Mongi’s AoE will not deal any damage if you’re standing inside the purple circle.
Simply put, Mongi is a Stick, Tank and Spank battle.
Enrages at 8mins, Fight against time.

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