Lunaria Story Instances and Events Guide

Lunaria Story Instances and Events Guide by Stormaggedon

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth becomes available at level 41. Talk with the Labyrinth Witch to enter the Labyrinth. The time limit for finding the exit is 30 minutes.


  • Players enter the Labyrinth on the first level.
  • Speak with the Labyrinth Guard to claim the first reward.
  • Find Level 2, claim the next reward, and proceed through the Labyrinth.
  • Players must go through each Level, in order, in order to claim the rewards.
  • The goal is to pass through each level, numbered 1-18, claiming all of the rewards.
  • Each level has a Portal leading to the previous level, a Portal leading to the next level, and 3 Portals leading to random levels. One of these levels may contain a mysterious Labyrinth Merchant, a mysterious shop, and mysterious, rare items…
  • High Labyrinth levels give better rewards.
  • Pass through each level, in order, claiming all the rewards, and clear the Labyrinth! Players who successfully clear the Labyrinth will be ranked, so challenge yourself to have as short a run as possible.


  • The top of the screen has 5 cards, which may be flipped. Turning them over reveals hints about which Portals lead to which levels. Players receive 5 free card flips.
  • After passing through a Portal to a new Level, the previous Level’s card will flip, to better your odds of choosing the correct one.

Demon Tower Defense

This instance is open for parties consisting of 2-5 players, level 40 or higher. Demons and monsters respawn on 2 floors of the tower, with 10 on each floor. There are 30 waves that need to be defeated, in order to clear the instance.

Game Rules

  • This instance has two difficulties: one is normal, and the other [Heroic]. Monsters fought in [Heroic] instances are much more difficult.
  • After a wave spans, the monsters in that wave will attempt to march past you, to the portal. If 100 of them reach it, then the players fail the instance.
  • Players should fight to keep the monsters from reaching the Portal. They can clear the instance if they are able to survive all 30 waves, and keep less than 100 monsters from reaching the portal.
  • Monsters come in two varieties: one has high PATK, and the other high MATK. They have the same appearance, but watch what they say closely, and you may be able to tell which is which.
  • Chests and jars found throughout the map contain buffs. Break them to receive temporary stat boosts. These items respawn, and Buffs they contain may change.


  • Maximize the damage per second (DPS) the team can deal to ensure victory. The more players in the party, the better the odds of clearing the instance.
  • Be a team player. Form parties with a good mix of classes to optimize and balance your strategy. For example, Swordsmen might tank monsters, while the Hunters and Mages do as much damage as possible from a distance.
  • Also, break those jars, and use those buffs! They can make the difference between victory, and defeat.

Escort Missions

Escort missions become available to players after they’ve reached level 37. It is a great way to earn Silver and Reputation. Escorts come in different levels: normal, outstanding, excellent, legendary and mysterious. Higher levels grant larger rewards. Talk to Handsome Bill in Lunaria City to accept Escort quests.

Start Escort Quest

  • Talk with Handsome Bill to open the Escort panel.
  • Click Start Escort to begin the quest. Your character will automatically head for the destination, with the NPC Escort following in tow.

Refresh Escort

Click the Refresh button on the Escort panel to refresh the level of your Escort, and potentially earn one of a higher level. Better rewards are given for successful completion of higher level Escort quests. Selecting the Maximum Level button guarantees receiving the highest level of Escort quest.

Interrupted Escorts

There will be a pop-up panel when the escort begins. The pop-up panel can be closed by clicking the ‘X.’ Reopen the panel by clicking the Escort button that appears over the character’s Skill slots at the bottom of the screen. Click Start in the Escort panel to have the character automatically head to the Escort quest location.


Check the Daily Events tab of the Events panel, to find events that double escort rewards.

Star Palace Ruins

The Star Palace Ruins is a solo, PvE instance. Click the Star Palace Ruins icon on the top-right of the screen to enter the instance. Take on rooms full of opponents, with monster level adapting to player level. Each wave completed nets EXP, Silver, and Star Spirit. Each level in the ruins has a 5 minute time limit. The faster a room is cleared, the bigger the rewards.


  • The difficulty rises according to the current level a player is in the ruins.
  • Every ten floors there is a Boss battle.
  • Monsters have high HP and DEF, so players who have attacks have a high area of effect (AoE), may be more successful defeating them.
  • Bosses reward players with special items. They have high Dodge, DEF and Shield, which makes players who have high Critical Strike and powerful skills suited for them.
  • HP and Mana packs cannot be used inside the Ruins, but each new level automatically restores both before the battle begins.
  • Players are allowed to reset to level 1, once per day. They can then auto-simulate all the levels they had previously beaten, which quickly gains large amounts of Silver and Star Spirit.
  • The first player to clear a level, as well as the player who has the fastest clearing time, will be displayed in pop-ups that appear at the top of the screen within the instance.


  • Enhance your attributes before entering the Star Palace Ruins, or you’ll clear too slowly.
  • Use attacks with a high AoE, to damage multiple enemies, and clear levels more quickly.
  • Use the stairs on the left part of the Ruins for a slight Dodge Buff. This Buff won’t appear under a character’s Health and Mana bars, like the other buffs. Standing there will also slowly drain the monsters’ HP.
  • A higher Might means more levels can be cleared. Increase that Might.

Shark’s Lair

Shark’s Lair is an instance designed for 2-5 players in Lunaria Story. It becomes available once an Adventurer reaches level 40. This instance has 2 bosses, Glacius and Pyros. Players are urged to form a party of 5 members to clear it, as this instance can be very difficult.


  • Glacius is the blue Shark Brother, and has high HP, high PDEF and high MATK.
  • Pyros is the red Shark Brother, and has high dodge, high PATK and high MDEF.


  • Healing: the Shark Brothers will heal each other if they are close, about 10% of their Max HP each time.
  • Revive: the Brothers must be killed at the same time, otherwise the one who is still alive will revive the other after 10 seconds.


  • Form a Party of five members for the instance, as the Shark Brothers are very strong.
  • Ensure the Party has a balance of classes, with different members taking on roles suited for their class.
  • Victory is difficult, but possible, with smaller Parties of 3-4 players.
  • Enter the instance with only 2 party members, nightmares are a preferred way of spending time.

Battle of Might

The Battle of Might begins everyday at 19:30, and lasts for a half an hour. Any player level 40 or higher can join. Click the Battle of Might icon on the top-right of the screen to enter.

Players are automatically assigned to one of three teams: yellow, red and blue. This is shown at the top of the character’s avatar. The system auto-balances teams.


Potions cannot be used in the Battle of Might, however, Chicken can be found scattered throughout the map. If consumed, it has the effect of restoring HP. When a player dies, they respawn in their team’s safe-zone, with full HP and MP. From there, they can choose to re-enter the Battle.

There is no friendly fire, so players can freely attack the opposing teams without worrying about hurting their team mates.

There are various platforms in the map. Use them wisely, optimize your attacks, and strategize with your team to maximize the damage you inflict.

Kill streaks, achieved without dying, earn you titles in the Battle of Might. A kill streak of 3 opponents earns you the title of “Rampage;” five gets you “Killing Spree;” and so on. Players who end another’s Kill streak can earn bonuses.


  • Points: Killing another player gets you 50 points. Points are not earned for killing the same player in a short period of time. Your death also awards you 10 points. Bonus points are awarded for shutting down a player’s Kills treak. The max limit of points is 10,000.
  • End of Streak: Bonus points are given for ending another player’s kill streak. They are as follows:
  1. Ending a player’s “Rampage” streak gives you 50 points
  2. Ending a player’s “Killing Spree” streak gives you 100 points
  3. Ending a player’s “Dominating” streak gives you 200 points
  4. Ending a player’s “God-like” streak gives you 300 points
  5. Ending a player’s “Legendary” streak gives you 500 points


If a player dies, when they respawn, they are given a Buff that boosts Max HP and Attack by 10%. This Buff can be compounded up to 20 times. Additionally, players who are given Buffs will have them reduced if they kill another player.


The top ten players on each team earn special rewards. Players who are not in the Top 10 also receive awards valued according to their rank on the team, as long as they earned more than 100 points in the Battle. 3 Gift Packs are awarded to those on the team that finished first, 2 for the second place team, and 1 for the third place team.

Romantic Interlude

For male and female parties, only. If a married couple enters the Romantic Interlude, they will receive the Birds of a Feather and Eternal Bond Buffs. The Birds of a Feather Buff grants a 30,000 DEF boost. Eternal Bonds Buff provides a 30,000 ATK increase. Couples will also receive double rewards.


  • Parties must consist of one male, and one female.
  • Each team member must be at least level 45.


  • Players will encounter 5 waves of monsters in this instance. Each wave includes 20 monsters.
  • New waves will spawn once the previous wave of 20 monsters has been cleared.
  • The Boss will appear after all waves are cleared.
  • The instance is cleared after boss has been killed.
  • Players fighting monsters of the same sex will only do one point of damage per hit. Players fighting monsters of the opposite sex will do damage as usual.

Boss Tips

  • Sex Transformation: The Boss will change their sex during the battle. This can be confirmed by looking at the symbol (♂ for male and ♀ for female) above it. Once the Boss has changed sex, partners should change their strategy. One should act as a tank, absorbing damage, while the other deals damage.
  • PATK and MATK: Boss can use skills with both PATK and MATK. Only those who have high Might, stand a good chance of clearing the instance. The Buffs for married couples will greatly increase a party’s odds of victory.
  • Going Berserker: Each time the Boss loses 10% of their total HP, they will go berserker, which temporarily greatly increases their ATK. Both partners will also be able to deal their normal amounts of Damage as well, so they should plan carefully how they’ll handle this situation.


  • Defeating monsters awards many Accuracy and Dodge Gems.
  • Clearing the instance rewards players with large amounts of EXP and silver. Married couples get double rewards.

Quiz Spectacular

Quiz Spectacular is an event very different from the others. A true test of knowledge, not of Might! Answer correctly, and be rewarded.


Players have 10 seconds to read the question, and 10 seconds to answer. Points are awarded for correct answers. The quicker a question is answered, the more points will be won, so answer quickly!

There are three options players have, to maximize points, better their odds of answering correctly, or having another shot at a question they answered correctly. Each item can only be used once per quiz.

  • Double Points: Receive double points for a correctly answered question.
  • 50/50: Removes half of the wrong answers.
  • Do-over: Get another shot at choosing the correct answer.

Players will always be shown the correct answer, even if they answered incorrectly. Learn something, and do better next time!

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