Lunaria Story Guild Battle Basic Guide

Lunaria Story Guild Battle Basic Guide by Stormaggedon


Up to 16 guilds can join the Guild Battle. If the total number of applicants exceeds 16, then the system will randomly choose which Guilds will compete. The higher a Guild’s level, the better its chance of getting selected. Guilds who fail to get selected will be refunded their application fee.


  • The time to apply for the Guild Battle is at 12:00, from Monday to Friday.
  • The Guild Battle Map is generated at 12:00 every Friday.
  • Each round is 15 minutes. The first 5 minutes are for Guilds to prepare. The final ten minutes are where the fighting happens.
  • The Battle begins at 20:00 every Saturday, and lasts for one hour.

Battle Rules

  • The Guild that kills more Flags is the winner.
  • If both Guilds have killed the same number of flags, the Guild that kills more players is the winner.
  • If both Guilds also have killed the same number of players, the Guild that has the lower average level is the winner.
  • If both Guilds also have the same average level, system will randomly choose a winner
  • The Flags have 1000 HP.


  • The Flag is the symbol of a Guild. Protect it! Characters with high Might should be tanks, and absorb a lot of the damage, while those with low Might should attack the other Guild’s Flags.
  • Once the Flags are gone, then go after the other Guild’s players.
  • Members cannot be added or kicked during the Guild Battle.
  • Add some lower level characters before the Guild Battle begins. This will help in the event there’s a tie-breaker, and the Guild with the lower average level moves on.
  • To increase your Guild’s chances of being selected, a lucky Rabbit Foot may be a good idea…

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