Lunaria Story Gems Basic Guide

Lunaria Story Gems Basic Guide by Stormaggedon


Each piece of Equipment can be embedded with up to five Gems.

Gem Synthesis

  • It takes 4 lower level Gems to synthesize a higher level one.
  • The synthesized Gem will take on the attributes of 3 of the Gems used to synthesize it.
  • The Synthesis success rate for Gems is 100%.
  • You can use the Batch Synthesize button to quickly synthesize multiple Gems
  • Higher level Gem Synthesis requires more silver.


  • Embedding is a good way to greatly enhance a character’s Might.
  • Click the Gems button to open the panel, and choose Embedding tab. The success rate for Embedding is 100%.
  • Each piece of Equipment can be Embedded with five gems, and some Gems can only be embedded into certain types of Equipment.


  • Helmet: Health Gems
  • Swordsman and Hunter’s Weapon: PATK Gems
  • Mage’s Weapon: MATK Gems
  • Top: PDEF Gems
  • Pants: MDEF Gems
  • Bracelet: Accuracy Gems
  • Shoes: Dodge Gems
  • Gloves: Critical Rate Gems
  • Ring: Critical Damage Gems
  • Badge: Shield Gems
  • Necklace: Rage Gems

Equipment to be embedded can be chosen from the top-right of the panel. Gems can be chosen from the bottom-right. Embedding the Gem into the available slot is accomplished by clicking the Embed button.

Gems can also be safely removed from their embedded Equipment. There must free space in the Backpack to do so.

PDEF and MDEF Gems

  • The Demon Tower Defense instance drops large amount of PDEF and MDEF gems. Each defeated wave of monsters will drop many level 1 Gems.
  • To enter this instance, speak with the Lunaria City Guard.
  • The Demon Tower Defense instance resets every day.
  • Waves spawn in 30 second intervals.

Rage Gems

  • The Ice Lotus Sprite in the Icy Impasse instance drops Rage Gems. The Boss can use stealth tactics, as well as summon monsters. Be careful when fighting against her.
  • There is a shortcut to get the Gems from the Chest that appears at the end of the instance. Use the steel chains hanging on the ceiling, and avoid the battle completely. This trick requires excellent technique, so be careful!
  • Get access to this instance by talking with Lunaria City Guard. It can be entered twice per day. The time limit is 20 minutes.

Mystery Shop

Other Gems can be purchased in Mystery Shop. The shop refreshes with new items every 30 minutes. This can be a great place to get rare, high level Gems.

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