Lunaria Story Increase Might Non-VIP Guide

Lunaria Story Increase Might Non-VIP Guide by TohLouis

1. Orange Equipments
A full set of orange equips gives you lots of might! Earn it by doing Warrior Duel and earn points daily. Get the helmet if you already have the Manadance weapon for your class, which most of you should probably get. Helmets gives lots of might, or should I say, HP boost gives might. Having a orange helmet is of course better than having a purple gear. After getting a helmet, the equipments to gain MIGHT would be to get the Emblem which cost 1.5k Warrior Points. The remaining orange equipments gives nearly the same might. Also, you gain a nice aura with full set!
These are the BONUS boost you can get to increase your might when you have the required number of orange equipments.

Orange LS

Anyway orange equipments give nice might!

2. Prestige
Every Prestige boost you get, it ups your defence, doesn’t it? The defence added is the amount of might added too. For example, the first boost, adds 400 defence to MDEF and PDEF. it also adds 400 to might! Subsequently, 600 defence gives you 600 might, 800 defence gives you 800 might and so on! A great but long way to get a little boost in your might! Do Multiplayer instances like Shark Lair’s Normal and Heroic daily! Do escort during double escort to earn more silver and prestige too!

3. Pets
Getting a pet gives you LOTS of might! A pet with a HP talent skill; Source of Life gives you MORE might. This is my current pet without the Source of Life talent skill.

LS pet

4. Training System
Not really useful but gives some extra might boost. These are my might for training with ONLY silver.

LS training

5. Seals
Seals not only gives you extra boost needed for PVP or PVE but ALSO gives you nice might!
Again, HP gives the most might, followed by attack seal. Orange seal – Hymn Anima Lv 8 gives you 16k boost in HP! Bladedance Anima gives you 4.5k in your maximum attack, depending on your class. Defence seals gives medium might to you too, the remaining seals like Accuracy, Crit Strike, Crit Dmg, Tenacity and Dodge gives about the same might. Easy to gain might.

6. Forging
Forging into required levels gives you boost in your might! First boost being at +40, then subsequently at +50, +60 and so on.
The might stacks up too. Easy to gain might.

Ls forge

7. Wings
Wings are awesome, they give you great HP, and Attack and later on even defence and more! You can even morph it to suit your fashion or something.
To conclude it, higher wings gives more benefit and might. Easy way to gain might. Earn feathers daily by going to Feather zone.

8. Gems
HP gems gives most might, followed by attack gems again. Now that you can carve gems into legendary gems, you can make your HP gem give EVEN more might. HP gems can be earned in Combo Instance after beating one boss.

LS gems

9. Astrology
Astrology gives you really nice might and is really easy to upgrade it until you are a legendary astrologer. It gives boost to almost every stats like Dodge, Crit Dmg and more. I’m still stuck at Legendary Astrologer though.

LS astrology

10. Purifications
Do purifications only on orange equipments, to save gold. Purifications get you stats like MP, HP which gives lots of might.

11. Charm
You can ask a friend to send you some roses and send some to your friends too. Mutual benefit as you gain might and HP.

12. Refinement
Refinement can get you extra might and stats according to the equipment you upgrade. For might, refine on your helmet but if you like doing event and want more attack, refine on your weapon. But as for increasing might, helmet is the way to go. You will fail at some point of time but keep trying. You have a chance in getting Basic Refinement stones from Mystery Shop in Lunaria City, in Hero chest and Lucky wand. Keep trying until you get to at least lv 4, which gives you a purification slot, giving you more might too.
P.S : I don’t have the slime pet like Devilish so I’m not as high might

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