Warframe Solo Outer Terminus Tactics Guide

Warframe Solo Outer Terminus Tactics Guide by Nevrmoor


to me, soloing Outer Terminus always was my ‘great challenge’. I managed to do it for the first time 2 days ago, now i can do it reliably if no freak spawn waves break my rhythm.

I am not talking about doing it with those Nuke Frames (Frost, Mag or Volt), doing it by Sword and Bullet and non nuke abilities is much more challenging and rewarding. I hope to get an interesting discussion going on below and am eager to see how you managed to beat it.

I will go through the following topics
-Mission Info
-Basic Tactics
-Loadout and Frames

Mission Info:
Pluto – Outer Terminus [39-55]
Corpus Defense Map – 7 Waves
Prodney – Crewmen – Moa – Shield Osprey – Mine Osprey

Wave Pattern: Random 2-4 Gates at once, up to 2 troops spawning from the same Gate after each other from both floors.

Basic Tactics:
One Crewmen wont instakill the Cryopod, a bunch of them will make short work of it!
Stay mobile!
Killspeed is everything!

Early kills save time!
Don’t let them spread out, it takes much more time to wipe them if they are spread out over the entire side. Try to kill at least one wave close to their Spawn and quickly rush to the next group! The first few seconds of each wave are the toughest, if you are not fast enough and a certain number of corpus guns manage lock on to the Cryopod at the same time, you are screwed!

Preferably Shield Ospreys first, Moas and Crewmen next, Prodney is not a big problem here as they are seldom hitting the Pod. Always try to kill as many enemies as quickly as possible though, no point in chasing a stray Osprey while a bunch of Crewmen are perfectly lined up to be taken out. Sometimes, especially on the ground level, Crewmen will hide behind crates, unable to hit the Cryopod but still shooting in that direction, those are lowest priority ‘until they relocate’ and become dangerous

Cryopod taking heavy fire:
Find the direction with the biggest firepower, scan for gunfire, spray the group with your gun to draw aggro and quickly close in on them to kill as many as fast as possible. Use every trick at your disposal: Abilites such as Switch Teleport, Teleport, Superjump or even the Dashes, but don’t forget Wallwalks, especially the Walljump is useful to maneuver around the map quickly, get in there, be quick, hit like a truck!

Own shields low, health low
As soon as you take cover to recharge your shields, the whole gang will start to focus on the Cryopod again, possibly destroying it in short order. The trick is to constantly dodge the shots and allow your shields to recharge a bit every now and then. Left to right, sliding behind cover for a split second, just to approach the enemy from a different angle. Jump down to ground level or use the walljump from a crate to jump up to the first floor, as long as you have their aggro they wont go for the Cryopod, let them hit walls and crates!
Don’t forget to kill stuff, never stop shooting and slashing even when your down to 50 health with no shields at all even if the next burst will probably kill you, dodge and retaliate! Victory or Bust!

Let the Pod Regen
Don’t kill the last enemy (Listen for shots, watch for gunfire or enemies), if you are not sure that the Pod will survive the spawn of the next wave with its current health level. Get close to the last enemy, Walk in circles around him or use the slide kick to keep him falling over. If you want to play safe, make sure that your shields are back up to 100% as well before killing the last enemy.

Freak Wave at least once each mission
4 Gates opening at the same time, sometimes 2 shield ospreys on one group, evenly spread on both levels and to all 4 sides. Occasional double spawns.
If you do one tiny little mistake at your first engagement, you are screwed! There is close to no room for error.
Missed a walljump and landed far away from your desired destination? GG!
Spend too much time with the first group so the others could spread out and start hitting the Cryopod? GG!
Just hope that your magazine and shield are loaded to full capacity when this happens.
Do your best and don’t despair if you didn’t manage it on the first try.
Draw aggro and dodge, remember the priorities, keep up the killspeed

Loadouts and Frames:

You don’t need uber killer mods to do this, however better mods make life much easier.
You’ll need: (IMO)

-A melee Weapon that can one hit any enemy on this map with the basic strike
awesome: AOE Slide attack Dual X, or Heavy, just slide into the group, shoot any shield ospreys and slide-melee the rest, charged attacks are too slow and if you miss you wasted valuable time!

-A high DMG Medium Range Rifle (Vandal is a solid choice)
Gorgon: the wind-up time is too long, it lacks accuracy to fire from one side lower level to the other side upper level, the giant clipsize is a big plus though

If you need to draw your pistol, something went horribly wrong, but GG if both you and the cryopod are still in good shape.

Weapon Mods:
a good set of Electric Dmg mods for the rifle and your melee weapon
Fill up open slots on the Melee Weapon with basic ‘+melee Dmg’
One ‘+Max ammo mod’ on the rifle might be handy, depends on how many corpus you can kill with your melee weapon
Multishot for the rifle helps a lot, but its possible without them

Faster Frames clearly have the edge over slower ones, as you are alone versus a large group of enemies you will have to react and move quickly.

Teleport and Smoke Bomb are really handy in this situation, use them wisely! Bladestorm jumps around randomly and takes forever, groups in close formations are dispatched faster with 2-3 Slide-Melee attacks.

Hes made for this, all his abilities are very useful in our mission. Invisibility, yes! Switch Teleport to the other end of the room or directly into a freshly spawned group, radial disarm when things are going south (last resort) and the best of all: the decoy. However, it wont safe you or the Cryopod under heavy fire, you need to place it before things go wrong, anticipate where the corpus are going, place it on the other side of the room to buy additional time.

Actually I never played him myself, so here are my assumptions. Jump and Slash Dash are great for mobility, use the dash to clear freshly spawned groups but dont dash too far from the action, always be aware of where you are going to land.

Shes still in the foundry as i am writing this, but: She has no mobility Skills so you will have to rely on wallwalks and sprints to get around quickly even more than the above mentioned. Chaos! But time it wisely!

Nice Crowd Control and top notch durability. On such a small map he can make up for his slow speed by employing precision walljumps and well placed Charges.

The other Frames sort of fall out of the scope.

Frame Mods:
I prefer Shield Capacity and Recharge over Health and Armor, simply because these guys are shooting fast, even if you are taking  1 DMG per hit to your hp, it will go down over time and wont regen. Those red balls are scarce and never there when you need them. You could go with Health restore from the market and Rejuvanation Artifact ofc.

To reliably one hit stuff with the slide melee i equip around 150-250% melee Dmg Mods on my frame.

Sprint Speed and Stamina Recharge: I use them, but that’s just personal preference, you can pull of some giant leaps with that and sprint throughout the mission.

Powerduration for Loki and Ash help with their invisibility and Lokis decoy.

As for the Rest of the upgrade tree, its up to you, but make sure its efficient and works under similar circumstances, i.e. other pluto maps.

Current Stats on my Ash:
682 Shield,
+150% shield recharge
+24.7% Sprint
253 Health
36% Power Duration
150% Melee Dmg
25 Armor

Shields are gone pretty quickly if i didn’t mange to dodge, but usually they are back up fast enough.
I’m pretty sure i could cut on the melee Dmg and invest in some more shield capacity without losing killspeed. 253 Health is just because of a double mod +53 health and Loot radar (never go out without it xD).

As for my upgrade tree, i went for Max mod count, ignoring pretty much everything else. This lets me use 12 out of my 13 mod slots with Smoke Bomb, teleport and Bladestorm level 2, Shuriken level 3 (I don’t use the last two at all). I could probably go with a point less in Bladestorm and add 2 more Shield Capacity nodes instead.

edit: I went for additional Shield nodes and swapped a melee mod for a +97 Shield capacity mod, feels much safer now without loosing killspeed.

I used steelcharge, but other artefacts are viable as well. Use it to either boost an advantage or work on your shortcomings.

I hope that you guys find this useful and informative, please feel free to comment and leave some feedback.
What did you do to beat this map?

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