Warframe New Player’s Tips

Warframe New Player’s Tips by darkprophecies

Hi all, my name is Rainald, IGN: darkprophecies i have decided to start this guide because I have seen many new players that are shouting out in the global chat for help and I think that it is good to help all other new players out there. Feel free to add me in game =)

1. Welcome Note
2.Starting the Game
3.Basic Actions in game
5.Connectivity Issues
6.After your first mission
8.Crafting, resources and the foundry
9.Extra Info about combos, mastery level, mod fusions and weakpoints of enemies
10.Current Bugs
11.Oder of operations

Welcome note

Firstly, a warm welcome to all players out there! I do hope that you will enjoy this game and people you meet in here.These are the few things that I have encountered when i was a new player and also the usual problems that new players ask. If you find it a hassle to read this whole chunk, just CTRL F and search for the particular help you need. If you cant find anything regarding your problem, just post it and i will try to reply as soon as possible! Thank you!

I do hope this video helps you guys too! *Thanks Riterew* =)

Starting the game

1. After the tutorial, you get to choose a warframe. A warframe is like your armour but each warframe have their own skills and mods. Yes you can change your warframe later in the game but please note that each character only has 2 slots in your inventory for warframes. Which means that you need to use platinum (real life cash) to expand more slots to keep more warframes. So if you do not want to use cash for this game, I highly suggest that you read out on the three different warframes before you choose (Excalibur, Mag and Loki).*Note new patch replaces volt with mag as the starting warframes* Of course if you can always try it out and then if you dont like the warframe, you can always create another account since you are still at the start of the game.

2. Whatever you do, DO NOT fuse your skill mods. You will never get it back unless from random drops in missions (very rare).

3. Thanks to ap0k41yp5, he has made and posted videos on the skills and gameplays of the different warframes. So you can watch the warframes in action before you decide which to choose!

Banshee : http://youtu.be/TmL_bzJ_rfU

Loki : http://youtu.be/JqiLRYMmka8

Nyx : http://youtu.be/IJtWK6ujpfY

Volt : http://youtu.be/IZJs1LQS6N0

4. To start off in the game, your first mission would be Mercury, Terminus. Just click on Mercury at the planetary system and click on the little dot Terminus. Just wait for a squad to be formed and the game will start automatically. Look at the top of the screen, it will say waiting for players which means that they are forming a squad (party in most mmorpgs) for you. Make sure that you are in the online mode. I dont recommend newcomers to go solo as it is suicidal. If you do take too long for a squad to form, you can always shout out in the global chat to see who can help you in the mission. At the end of the mission, your squad is not automatically disbanded. At the top of the screen it will say waiting for votes. It is actually waiting for players in your squad to vote for which map to go next. If you choose to continue missions with your squad, you can vote for which map to go next. Of course, the map with the highest vote wins. If you would like to leave your squad, just press ESC and go back to the planetary map.

5. Upon clicking on a mission, you will notice that it says “waiting for 1 vote” it just means that you are alone and they are still forming a squad for you. Usually the minimum for the mission to automatically start is two players. However, clicking on play now lets you starts the mission first and then more people can join in later to a maximum of four.

6. You get a login reward everyday you login to this game. Daily login rewards are a little bit tricky. according to Ded_Sek in another thread, you get exp for your weapons and not get the actual weapons itself.

7. In your global chat, you may whisper somebody by typing /w <ign> <message> to whisper to someone. To go back to global chat, just click on the button global. Make sure the picture beside the chatbox turns from the flag(whisper) to the global chat(globe).

Basic Actions in game

1. In the game, X is the default action key. It is being used to open cardboards or pick up mission items or even to open doors. Remember to use X to revive your teamate when he/she dies or else he would have to waste a revive on the mission. Do note that you are only given 4 revives a day so please help each other out =)

2. The default chat key is T. Press T to open the chat window to talk. Press /w <ign> <message> to whisper to someone or /r to reply to any whispers.

3.Holding shift and a direction key allows you to run. In one of the missions in mercury, (i cant remember which one, i think is the third or fourth mission) you have to hold shift to run and then press space to jump and climb up a wall. Its really tricky and it took me like 10 minutes to do it the first time with the help of teamates =)

4. Holding shift to run and then CTRL allows you to slide. In the first mission of venus, you will learn to slide through electric doors so that you will not get zapped and die. Using some skills from warframes are able to pass the lasers as well. The easiest way is to destroy the red cameras as those are the one that activate the lasers. If you cant find any cameras in the room, it could be because of your teamates who went ahead of you.

5. In certain Corpus maps, some of the robots shoot stick bombs at you. If you do a roll, those bombs fall off you and won’t follow you around any more. They explode after a few seconds, so don’t hang around.


1. I do suggest that newcomers start from mecury and then procede to Saturn for easier missions. Venus proves a little much higher in difficulty.

2. The level of the mission depends also on which race you are fighting against and how many people there are in your squad. For beginners i suggest playing in missions involving Grineers. Try not to go infestations as they kill you very easily due to their poison and high armour making them hard to kill. Grineers are way much easier.

*Quoted the next 3 tips from Anelyn*

3. Always be aware of the area layout you are in and take note of good spots where you can fall back if things go south when you advance. Check your back when you hear the messages from Lotus that enemies are heading to your position, they can come from both sides, and last thing you want is some elite or heavy melee chewing your back while you’re happy snipping on the other side of map.

4. Never stay in open. If you are using an open cover (like a box) during an engagement, always take breaks from shooting and move to each side to check for possible ambushes from enemies. Calculate when is safe to push forward for an ambush or fall back, sitting in same place all time is not good.

5. You can jump the knockdown wave from Moa’s. Shielded Greniers who are charging you can be countered with well timed charged strike (hold E) or a jump slash (worst case scenario you both end up knocked down).

Connectivity Issues

1. For those people who are having firewall problems, enable the game ports in your firewall. The game ports can be found in the settings for the game. You can try changing the ports in the settings to see if it works. Press analyse network to check if your network is fine. It should say all networks are nominal. If you are still facing problems, there are some threads in the forum that has the solution.If you find that you or your friend cannot connect to each other, make sure that your region is the same e.g. both in EU east. If it still doesnt work, it could be a beta bug according to most of the other thread replies by game masters.

After your first mission

1. Mods are found in the missions. They can be used to modify your equipment to become stronger. However, each mod has a number slot. Each equipment has a level and each level gives you one extra mod slot. For example, a level 1 gun allows you only 1 mod slot. To use a mod with a number 2 slot, you need to level up your gun to level 2 before you can equip the mod. And so forth. (Im bad at explaining this one but im sure you will understand)

*With reminders from skinflowers* Each mod has a special symbol and some mod slots of your equipment also has a symbol. If the symbols of your mod corresponds to the symbol of the mod slot, then you are given like a “half price”. Your level 2 mod can actually equip to a level 1 equipment if the symbols matches!

2. Items and mods dropped on the floor can be picked up by anyone. It doesnt disappear except for credits which is auto shared to the whole team. So you can let the entire team know and pick up the freebies on the floor together =)

3. Gears such as ammo boxes and health potions must be equipped in your gearbox in the arsenal before you can use it in the game. There is no hotkey to use the consumables for now. Just press Q to open your gearbox in game and then click to use.

Crafting, resources and the foundry

1. You are able to start crafting by visiting the foundry. First of all, you need a blue print. Blue prints can be bought from the market or hunted from bosses.

2. The first blueprint you will find would be from Captain Vor in mercury. It is the cronus (sword). For those who do not have the blueprint, you can always redo the mission to get the blueprint. Try crafting it. It costs 15k gold and some other materials. All these materials can be found in mecury. The only material that is the hardest to find for crafting cronus would be the morphics. Morphics can be found also on assasinating Captain Vor mission. It takes 12 hours to craft and 25 platinum for immediate completion.

3. For a list of where to hunt the resources for crafting, try this http://warframe.wiki…/wiki/Resources it tells you which mission is the best to hunt the resources.


1. Artifacts are special things that can help you in your mission. For example enemy radar etc. They can be found from random rewards in alert missions. To equip them, click on your profile, go to DECK and select the artifact. The artifact used will help your whole squad in the mission. So its best if all of you use different artifacts

Extra Info about combos, mastery level, mod fusions and weakpoints of enemies

1. Learn how to do combo moves with your warframe

Warframe Combo Moves Guide

2. *Quoted from Locksauce*

Okay so, there are weapon/warframe levels and then there are mastery levels (think of this like your overall profile level). For ever time you level up your weapons you gain 100 points to add to your overall mastery rank. Where as when you level your warframes you gain 200 mastery points. So the game bases your experience on these mastery points and that determines whether or not you can buy the weapons/warframes or warframe/weapon blueprints in the shop. When you reach the points needed to level up your mastery (profile level) then you do a trial and if you pass it puts you to the next level.

In other words, you start level 0 and get to level 1 by reaching X amount of mastery from leveling up weapons/warframes.

Hope this clarifies.

3. *Quoted from NalkorRN*

Here’s another tip: Almost every enemy has a weakpoint! For most, it’s the fairly obvious head (or camera thing for Moas). The Infestation have an Ancient who throws out pulse heals and if you look at his right kneecap, you’ll see a red eye-like thing, that’s his weakpoint, headshots do normal damage against that one. The Infestation also have difficulties hitting someone on large crates or rocks, but if it’s not high enough, an enemy with a tentacle arm can hit you and eventually knock you off. The mining machines are perfect safe spots when you get onto the very top. I expect the AI to get tweaked eventually to prevent this from happening.

Also, prioritize your enemies. If you’re facing Grineer and you hear a strange noise that gets louder and it sounds like a whirring sound, it means a Grineer Seeker has used one of those roller bombs. Take out the Grineer Seekers as quickly as you can since they love to hang way back and just throw those roller bombs, they take out 40 shield points per explosions, they can be shot, but once they latch onto you, they blow up in about 10-20 seconds. If you’re in a group, stay away from your teammates if you’ve got a bomb on you, especially if you’re reviving someone. For Grineer, robotic voices point out one of their more hard-hitting members, first it’s a small robotic-looking grineer with a very nasty gun and in later areas like Saturn, it’s a Heavy Machinegunner with shields, make good use of cover to avoid dying. You’ll encounter Grineer who advance with a big metal shield that pretty much stops all damage from the front, if you’ve played Dark Sector before, then you’ll know they rush when they get close and they’ll hit you with a knockback and proceed to shoot you up, easily killing you in the beginning.

For Corpus, if you see a ShockwaveMoa, take them out first above all else, their shockwave attack is very easily telegraphed, but it hits very hard, knocks you down, and in groups of two or more, they can pretty much spell death, especially in enclosed areas like vent passageways. Corpus Crewmen who have a big box on their head are best shot in the torso unless you have a very powerful rifle/handgun/shotgun/sniper rifle and Armor Piercing and damage mods. Sometimes you’ll see an Osprey, a flying drone, if you see blue lines coming out of it and covering nearby Corpus, kill it. It takes priority right up there, if not above ShockwaveMoas since they give nearby Corpus powerful shields that will go away when they die. On the Jackal and Venus Defense mission, you’ll see mine laying Osprey as well, no real threat by themselves if you take them out fast enough. Leave them alone too long and they’ll have areas covered in proximity mines, very bad if the map you encounter them in is enclosed.

There are of course more kinds of enemies for each faction, but that about covers it for Mercury, Saturn, and Venus.

When you can, make sure to keep separate damag type mods for your weapons for each faction. Namely, Flame damage mods for dealing with Infestation and Armor Piercing with some Shock thrown in for Corpus. Grineer is mainly just Armor Piercing since most of them are marked as Heavily Armored.

When doing melee, unless you’re the Rhino Warframe and running Iron Skin, don’t just mash E all the time. One of the quickest ways to kill enemies in the beginning (namely Grineer) is to jump and hit E so your weapon creates a small AoE that knocks down almost anything nearby. On a knocked down enemy, approach them and line your reticle up with the body and hit E, you’ll do a downward stab that will kill them by inflicting a lot of damage. Only much later will enemies start requiring more than one application of this.

When in a team, never rush ahead, you have no idea when the game will decide to spawn a huge amount of enemies and start attacking you. This happens very often on the Infestation missions, even the one on Mercury. Stay together as a group and please, for pity’s sake, look at your mini-map and watch for the yellow Exclamation Mark that looks like a ! inside a diamond, it’s the general direction you need to go.

On a final note: Shoot security cameras on Corpus missions. Approach doors slowly and if you see green dots where the doors slide into, it means there’s a laser grid that can be activated if a nearby camera spots you. If you fail to destroy security cameras and some of your teammates are trapped between the very painful and auto-hitting laser grids and enemies, rest assured they will hate your guts for putting them in a VERY bad spot.

That’s all I can think of for now, hope it helps any new players.

edit: forgot to mention about the Grineer Metal-Riot-Shield users, if you’re using Excalibur, then using Slash Dash when they’re close will almost always kill them outright since the hit will be from the side or back where the shield offers no protection. The Grineer also have guys with buzzsaws on their hands, don’t try to melee them as they can stun you very quick, but a few shots from your starting rifle or pistol should be enough to kill them. Since they just charge at you swinging (like E-button mashers), they’re very easy to land a couple shots on.*edit* mag users can also pull the shield away from them.

4. *Quoted from Cauldrath*

I wasn’t able to confirm all of these numbers, as I didn’t have the exact mods, but the math seemed to work out for the ones I tested:

Assuming unranked common exp bar is 24 exp:
Common fusion mods = 12+6xLevel exp
Uncommon fusion mods = 24+12xLevel exp
Rare fusion mods = 36+18xLevel exp
Same card commons = 24+12xLevel exp
Matched polarity commons = 12+6xLevel exp
Unmatched polarity commons = 6+3xLevel exp
Same card uncommons = 48+24xLevel exp
Matched polarity uncommons = 24+12xLevel exp
Unmatched polarity uncommons = 12+6xLevel exp
Same card rares = 72+36xLevel exp
Matched polarity rares = 36+18xLevel exp
Unmatch polarity rares = 18+9xLevel exp

Fusion costs:
Commons: 200x(1+Level)
Uncommons: 400x(1+Level)
Rares: 800x(1+Level)

Sell values:
Common Fusion: 125+25xLevel (truncate to increments of 50)
Uncommon Fusion: 350+50xLevel
Rare Fusion: 700+100xLevel

Fusing onto rares gain 1/3 exp, uncommons gain 1/2 exp, each rank halves exp gain.
So, (1/2)^Level/3 for rares, (1/2)^Level/2 for uncommons, (1/2)^Level for commons.  Actual numbers are obviously going to be much higher than 24 total exp in the bar, so don’t truncate for that.

Things to note:
1) Rares cost 4x as many credits to fuse as commons, but give only 3x as much fusion experience.
2) Rank 10 fusion mods cost 11x as much to fuse as unranked, but give 11/6 the exp (just under twice as much) (as of 7.4, 6x as much exp)

Ok I think thats all I have for now and i will update when more people asks me for help >.< My IGN is darkprophecies. Feel free to add me. I will accept all friend requests =) And I am happy to be of help to everyone in this community

Current bugs I have found :

1. Cant seem to find the global chat anymore. Only sees regional chat. Anybody has a clue? Did they change the chat system?

*Courtesy of Deucalian*
Order of Operation when you meet a problem in game

1) Relog. This won’t fix many problems, but it can still help sometimes.
2) Restart the client. This fixes a majority of the issues you’ll face in-game.
3) Ask region chat. Make sure you’ve done steps 1&2 before doing this though, as they’re what you’re likely to be told to do.
4) Post it on the forums. Again, make sure that you’ve done steps 1&2 as those will likely be the first things you’re told to do.
5) Submit a support ticket. Generally the last resort thing as we don’t want you wasting the Devs time with things that 90% of the time you can solve yourself. When you submit a support ticket be sure to include as much information as possible along with any screenshots you have of the issue. This will make it much easier for the Devs to identify the issue and enable them to come up with a prompt fix for it.

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