Warframe Hard Combo Moves Guide

Warframe Hard Combo Moves Guide by Smith0rz

**** NOTE: Forward + Shift and Shift Twice have the same effect, however Foward + Shift will not work in the Wall Climb Roll the Quick Ground Slam.

GIVEN AKA References you should know for understand the guide.
Shift : Sprint button
+   :  And
>   :  Followed by
>> :  Immediately After
Wall Climb : Shift + hold Jump while running at a wall with less than ~25 degree angle away from it
RMB : Right Mouse Button also will refer to as Zoom

-Wall Climb Cancel-
Wall Climb > Crouch
(The crouch at the end of this will end you higher without throwing you away from the wall and lets you angle where you want to go, also can be used for getting of lips or small over hangs that block you)

-Wall Climb Roll-
Wall Climb > Jump >> Shift Twice
(This enables you to get around/over slightly larger lips than the Wall Climb Cancel without putting you into a sliding animation)

-Improved Ledge Grab-
Jump >> Crouch
(This allows you to grab onto things you normally can’t. Or thing considered too small to grab, but also works on some larger things. In a nutshell, when you press the crouch during the jump it causes the game to think the jump is over and as such counts it as the peak of the jump so you can grab on to things quicker or things you normally couldn’t have in the first place)

-Sliding Charged Melee-
Shift + Holding melee >> Crouch

-Quick Air to Ground Melee Slam-
Jump > Melee >> Shift Twice (after you hit the ground)
(This cuts out a lot of the delay you get from this attack)

-Ground Melee Slam Cancel-
Jump > Melee >> Shift Twice

-Rolling Melee-
Melee >> Shift Twice
(Only works well or at all with medium – fast melee weapons)

-Rolling Charged Melee-
Hold Melee > Shift Twice
(Only works well or at all with fast melee weapons)
NOTE: For Charged Rolling the double shift must be done near the end of the charge.

-Back Flip Melee-
Hold Zoom (RMB) > Melee >> Hold Move Down >> Shift Twice
(Only works well or at all with medium – fast melee weapons)

-Back Flip Charged Melee-
Hold Melee >> Hold Zoom (RMB) > Hold Move Down > Shift Twice
(Only works well or at all with fast melee weapons)
NOTE: You can also do Move down + Shift  instead of holding down and hitting shift twice. Also same as the Rolling Charged Melee, you must do the double shift near the end of the charge.

These last two might work with a slower melee weapon modded to be as fast as a fast/medium melee weapon but I haven’t tested yet.

Special Thanks to Battleseed and Wrathminded with learning/practicing these combos
**If you have any other combo moves that you know of that are a bit harder to pull off that aren’t listed, please post them and if they really are harder I’ll edit and add it to this and quote you and your donation to the list :) **

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2 Responses

  1. Deost says:

    Air Spin

    Sprint >> Jump >> Crouch >> Melee.

    If you do it fast enough you look like you’re spinning through the air and doing the same thing as the sliding cut.

    Though you hit things approx chest-head height. :)

  2. Grillsgt says:

    hey i just found out a new combo :

    w+shift (run)+e (hold it till short before release) then you add sliding dash

    basicly you just add a sliding stong cut b4 slide dash

    it cancels the strong cut and makes an immediate slidedash


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