TSW Signet Farming Guide

TSW Signet Farming Guide by Mztr44

Figured I would share an effective method to farm lower level signets.

Group makeup:
1 Tank + Healer hybrid (QL 8-10 gear)
1 DPS AOE/Single hybrid (QL 8-10 gear)

Area: Kingsmouth by the Airport

The area you want to go is inside either of the warehouses with the Moldering Corpse mobs. The Moldering Corpse mobs will spawn 3 more zombies after they are in combat for 30 seconds, each of these spawns has a chance to drop a signet.

So the Tank/Healer rounds up 3 moldering corpses and holds aggro on them while the DPS whittles them down to 1/3 or half health. Once the spawns pop out he AOE’s them. Collect the loot and repeat.

Should yield around 2 to 3 signets per group on average. This also yields a good amount of anima/potion drops for runes and other materials. There is also a rare chance for a higher level signet to drop, maybe about 1 every 100 signets or so.

You can also farm them solo, it just takes longer of course.

My Build:

I just use my PVE Blade/Chaos tank build with more Attack Rating talismans than Health for soloing since it’s not feasible to tank/heal and then kill 3 of them at once with 9 spawns so I just do 1 at a time.

Four Horsemen
Clearing the Path
Crimson Theater
Point of Harmony
Martial Discipline

Burst of Energy
Seal the Deal
Sudden Return
12 Gouge

I just make sure to have 5 blade builders for when the spawns come out since a Penetrating Clear The Path will do about 1k damage and practically instakill them. I hit Martial Discipline/Illusion to keep health about even while waiting for the spawn timer and then Point of Harmony whenever health is getting low so I don’t have to rest too much in between kills.

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