The Secret World Elemental, Pistol DPS Build Guide

The Secret World Elemental, Pistol DPS Build Guide by Laughter

This is the build I personally use. Posting because quite a few people have asked me about it.

Electrical Storm

Above the Law


Elemental Precision
Straight Shooter
Chain Reaction
Elemental Force
Volatile Current
Mind over Matter
Live Wire

My rotation:

Single Target:

Above the Law -> Shock x5 -> Combust x2 -> Shootout
I keep Above the Law down even on single target fights.


Above the Law -> Wildfire to 3 resources -> Ele Storm -> Wildfire to 3 resources -> Ele storm (Rinse and Repeat)
Use Overload when you feel the cooldown will mess right with you. I usually use Overload on bigger packs or packs I know I will have the cooldown up in time for the next batch.
Keep Above the Law down

I look for items with Crit and Hit.

If you’re in need of threat reduction check out the Subversion tab in the wheel. Subtlety may interest you.

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