Tribes Ascend Chasing Basic Guide

Tribes Ascend Chasing Basic Guide by orseoste7o

First, so people don’t dismiss me for an idiot, i do know how to chase. Look at this:


That’s my profile page. Iv’e been playing almost exclusively pth since launch, and roughly 70-80% of that time, i have been chasing. Iv’e also wanted to show off my stats for a while. Now why did i make this guide? Too flaunt my knowledge and hopefully help someone new to chasing, and because i’m in a helpful kinda mood. Many players probably already know everything i’m about to write, and good for them. Please don’t post saying ‘already knew this lul’.

Now, first up.

Load out.

Here is the one load out i always use:

Primary: Light spinfuser
Secondary: LAR
Nade: Normal impact nitrons
Perk 1: Rage
Perk 2: Light weight

Most chasers use the bolt launcher too chase. However, there are several reasons why i do not use the bolt launcher. These being:

-A single self-boost from a bolt launcher generally doesn’t get as much speed as a disk jump+ nitron.

-You can only ‘bolt jump’ once, then a nitron or another jump will kill you.

Personally, i prefer speed over firepower. Other then the fact that spinfuser overall gives you more speed, despite having less knock back, the bolt launcher is better then the spinfusers in every way. It does more damage, and the drop actually makes it easy too aim while chasing.
If i didn’t love blue plates so much, i would switch too the bolt launcher whenever there was a capper that i could catch up to with a single bolt-jump.

For my secondary, i use the LAR. The faster the capper is, the more useful the LAR is. However, when ever you chasing a capper going slower then roughly 175, use the hold out, as it is hands down better then the LAR in every way in a duel.

For my nade, i use nades as, like i mentioned before, disk-jump then nitron gives more speed then a single bolt-jump or explosive nitron. Also, the ability to knock the flag from a capper, and retrieving it without killing them is very useful against heavy and soldier cappers, and against cappers that are also decent at dueling.

Rage and light-weight are pretty self-explanatory, though i know a lot of cappers have a second chasing class that has egocentric instead of light weight, and safety third instead of rage. They use rage to start chases, and the egocentric class if they die and the enemy already has the flag, as rage is useless if the enemy already has the flag.

That’s load outs done.


(this is assuming you have people defending your flag with you)

So you picked your load out, now you wait for a capper. Your position really depends on how fast you know a capper is going to be getting the flag.

For lots of llamas, just sit some high place and explode them when they touch the flag stand. Pretty easy.

For your average capper, going 200ish, do like you would llamas, then just rage-jump after them if they get the flag with some speed. Again, pretty basic.

For highspeed grabs, cappers that actually use routes, things get a bit more complicated. I’m talking about 250+ sanics cappers, that basic defense can’t stop and it’s too difficult to time shooting the flag stand with them.They first time a fast capper gets my flag, they usually always get away. But the second time, you should know where to position yourself, and man positioning is important.

If the capper is going on a back-to-front, position your self half way down a slope, behind your flag, facing the enemy base, and a decent enough distance away from the flag to see cappers go above you, and you to successfully triple jump after the capper (i’ll go into how to triple jump below). This means no big rocks or buildings in the way of the flag as well. You also want to be safe from the other teams offense. What a fast capper gets the flag when your in the middle of the duel, he *will* get away. Unless i’m on your team.

For fast cappers doing side to side routes, its the same, without the ‘facing your base’ thing.

The chase.

Ah, now to the meat of chasing. The chasing.

To chasing a normal capper, you use your rage with either a disk-jump or a nitron jump. This depends on the cappers speed. For slower cappers, like llamas nitron-jump, as nitron-jumping is slower then disk-jumping. For faster cappers, disk jump.This is important because you don’t want to overshoot the capper. The key too chasing is too give your self the most time possible to kill the capper and/or retrieve the flag.

If you screw up your landing, or aren’t going fast enough to gain on the capper, again, use a nitron or disk-jump to gain some more speed. Like i said above, it depends on your speed and the cappers. A disk jump would leave you on 350hp, and a nitron on 600. If you still need to go faster, use another nitron.

Remember you can use any of the jumps to change your direction. The vast majority of your speed gained will be from self harm and the vast majority of the time you change directions, again, it will be through self harm. You will hurt yourself *alot* during chasing.

To triple jump.

You triple jump to chase very fast cappers. Triple jumping basically means disk-jumping, 3 times. huuur.

You start the triple jump when you see a capper coming in. If you positioned your self well, you should be directly behind the capper. So you saw the capper, you turn and face the flag, you thurst towards the flag, then you turn around again, and you disk jump. It’s important too time this part so you disk-jump before the capper gets the flag, so rage can heal you back to 800 hp again. You should aim to land from the first jump a few seconds beforer the capper gets the flag.

So now your already going hopefully 160+, and you have rage activated and 800hp. Rage-disk-jump, and you will still be on 800hp, but now going 250ish. If you still need to go faster, you can disk jump *again*, and would now be going 300+ if you didn’t land on the wrong side of any hills.
Again, it’s important not too overshoot the capper,giving yourself the most time to take care of the capper is key to chasing.

Here is me triple jumping after a capper. Cheers to Mephoric for helping me out with this! (even thoughhi might have only actually got the flag from him once or twice throughout 1.5 games. ) …

During chasing

There are several things you should be mindful of while chasing.

1. Save your main squeeze for when your going the same direction as the capper.

By this, i mean use your nitrons to angle yourself so your going the same direction as the capper, then your disk-jumps to actually gain on the capper. If a capper changes direction during his route, doing jump towards him, wait to you can get near him, going the same direction as him.

2. Know when to intercept.

You will screw up while chasing, as the capper will get ahead. Don’t go directly after him again, if you have any disk or nitron jumps left, use then to go intercept the capper at places along his route. It’s fine to go for multiple intercepts for the same capper. You will have to be very careful though, as with intercepting you only have a very short time-frame to actually hit the capper as they go past. If the capper’s route is wide, and you have speed, go for the flag, though don’t expect this too work often as the other team does have (a really stacked) defense. Most of the time.

3. Beware the ground.

For chasers, the ground is more OP then sentinels. You will crater, a lot. If you see your not going to make it over the next hill, stop jetting, and leave some energy to start jetting a few seconds before you hit the ground. This stops fall damage sometimes. You can also save your self by shooting the ground just before you hit it, if you have enough hp left to survive the splash damage.

4. Beware autos

A lot of the time, you will be on 50 hp from a disk then nitron jump. A single auto bullet can take you out. Steer clear of other players while chasing.

5. Aim to maintain speed from skiing, don’t worry about gaining speed.

Like i said before, your speed comes from repeatedly exploding your anus. Don’t worry about landing on the down slope all the time, flat ground is fine (if you don’t crater). You should worry about landing on the up hill though.

6. Place your shots.

Aim to splash the capper off the course of his route. Splashing in front of him slows him down, and knocking him side to side can screw up his route.

7. Start the chase on full HP.

You need to be careful while waiting for cappers, as rage does not actually always heal you back up to full health. If you have any less then roughly 400 Hp when rage activates, you will not get back to full health, when stops you from using a extra nitron or disk jump.


I think thats all there is too cover, for the basics. Landing your nitrons and disks on the capper just takes practice, like every other aspect of tribes. I’ve anybody has got any questions, ill answer them. I hope you got something out of the guide.

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