Tribes Ascend Sentinel Newbie Guide

Tribes Ascend Sentinel Newbie Guide by Immigr4nt

or “how not to be completely useless” by the newb for the newbs.

If you fancy sentinel class yet really suck at sniping fast moving targets here is the list of thing to do not to be a burden for your team in CTF matches.

1. If there are more then one sentinels already on your team (or soldiers are lacking) be base defending/repairing soldier instead.

2. Don’t hog your jammer device to hide yourself in a remote tower share the power of that device with your comrades. Mind the Z spatial coordinate when placing a jammer – you can effectively triple the area covered. See examples below for Arx Novena map.

Image Image Image Image

By placing the jammer in the passageway you will protect it from shelling from afar and gain an optimal coverage. As we can see by doing this you will provide cloaking for friendly HoF and other defenders, next for rooftops for yourself to snipe from and also for a large part of a generator room to enable your technician and other defenders to spot infiltrators early and remain cloaked from other enemies. Note: My jammer’s radius is fully upgraded +30%.

3. Use your mines to protect entrances to your base and/or routes to your flag. Replace them often once triggered. See the examples below.

Image Image Image Image

Protect the entrance to your base generator room not covered by your jammer. Putting the claymore on a downward slope makes it hard for enemy to spot and also players have a tendency to ski downhill (to conserve their energy) so it’s almost a sure hit. Next put one on your flag, most skilled cappers will easily blow it away but nevertheless many less experienced will get caught by a well placed claymore. Third put one in some common routes cappers take. Of course when you see one tactic doesn’t work change it.

4. Snipe for the juggs first instead of faster classes. There are 2 reasons for this – first they are a heavy class and thus slower then most thus easier to hit. So they are good for practicing until you master the art of sniping fast moving cappers. Second reason is that they like to make camp and shell your base from afar. By shooting them they will have to move and it will be much harder for them to hit your base assets as precisely.

5. When you gain enough credits use them either for upgrading your base or taking out enemy defenses by tactical strikes from afar to aid your attackers. See the pic below.


The hill behind the base where the aqueduct start provides a clear view on both enemy base turrets.

p.s. Note that I’m new so please fill in with your experiences and please correct me if I said something wrong.

Misc. Tips by zxc23

Resist the temptation to fire multiple small-charge shots (unless you’re using the phase rifle which you SHOULDN’T be doing as a newb).

The easiest shot on airborne targets is usually when they are at the apex of their jet.

Unlock the falcon asap.

Inventory station near you to replenish ammo and particularly claymores / jammers.

Lower sensitivity will help so long as you have a large enough mouse pad.

Turn off bloom or switch the graphics detail to Low or Minimal so that you aren’t blinded when you look at the sky.

Don’t spend all your time scoped – look around for targets and threats to your flag.

Use the enemy spotted keybind (I have it bound to a thumb mouse button) for enemies your team hasn’t noticed, ESPECIALLY cappers going fast. Do it while you wait for your charge.

If you’re on the flagstand when the flag is taken, you can often take shots at the capper from directly behind them (easy to hit).

In a stand-off, only go for the enemy flag carrier if they’re skiing around their base. Focus on defending your team’s flag carrier if the enemy flag carrier is turtling in gen or something.

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