Torchlight 2 Outlander Shotgonne Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Outlander Shotgonne Build Guide by Krummer

I usually play melee characters in every game. And I don’t like pet classes at all. But this time I found an extremly fun close-range ranged spec for Outlander.
It’s based on shooting with the shotgonne and appling DOTs and Debuffs through various skills.

if dex < 110 then dex > str > focus > vit
else str > focus > dex > vit

We want to reach the dodge cap. crit is not very important, because DOTs don’t cit.
vit scales very poorly. don’t get it at all.

Shotgonne mastery (for control)
Master of elements (for damage) (max)
Dodge mastery (max)
Share the wealth (max)
Stone pact (max)
Bane breath (skill high enough to be able to easily kill weak enemies with it)
Death ritual (put points into it until you feel the minion’s lifetime is long enough)
Cursed daggers (for debuffing) (max)
Shadowling Brute (to always have benefit from death ritual. atleast 1 point in this, more wouldn’t hurt)

get those skills. you don’t need to max them all.

Shadowmantle (more defense is always useful)
Long range mastery (for more ranged damage) (skill this up to 5 early. not as useful later)
Rune Vault & Burning Leap (1 point in those is enough. only used for movement)
Glaive Sweep & Flaming Glaives (good for charge generation. get atleast one of those or both.) (don’t put more than 5 point into sweep)

You should probably get all those, but they’re not essential.

What are we looking for on our gear aside of core stats?
HP > All Damage > Poison Damage = Minion Damge > Ranged Damage > Minion HP > Movement Speed > HP reg > Mana Reg

We need to get HP from Items, because otherwise we’re 1 hittet if dodge fails.
The try to get a fast shotgonne with mana or health on hit and high DPS.

Run all over the place and use Bane Breath on weak mobs to turn them. Then keep up the cursed daggers debuff and just shoot them up.
Putting down a stone pact helps with not dying, and vault + leap help getting in and out of large enemie groups. You always have to be pretty close to your enemies, so keep moving.

After trying every class as a melee character and beeing very disappointed with it, this really restored my faith in the game. Its so much fun.

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