Torchlight 2 Money Achievements Guide

Torchlight 2 Money Achievements Guide by The Vhampster

How to earn those crazy achievements with OR without modding!
-The One Percent
-Gambling Fiend
-Trash Magnate
-Ice Breaker

Tips and Tricks for Un-Modded Files

I would not recommend going for the money-related achievements on an unmodded file.BUT if you wish, here are some pro tips that work great on the modded files as well

Part 1 – Saving Money

1) Start with a Casual Mode Character
If you want to go around collecting money, well dying kind of gets in the way

2) Don’t pay for anything you don’t have to
Recycle all your gems, don’t pay to revive on the spot (if you do die far away from town/camp, still. DO NOT PAY TO REVIVE. That’s like paying to unbind junk on Spiral Knights. It’s a big waste of in-game currency. Why? While you’re busy unbinding, you realize you need to spend your money on other things. enough said.)

3) Use Portal Scrolls. Sparingly
they may cost less than 1000 gold. that’s a good spending limit. get 5 at a time and use them right before you go into a dungeon to start a mission. That way, when you warp back to town at the end of the map, you can explore the other map right where you left off
Break lots of urns too. You can get free Portal Scrolls. You may never need to buy one. Ever.

4) Only work on 1 armor set at a time!
If your level gets too high and needs more protection, you should start ditching your set for at least normal gear with better defenses and stuff

5) Identify your loot and compare it with your current gear before shopping. 
Compare shop gear stats to your loot and to your current gear
Common sense 101: Don’t spend money on something you already have
And you can get free identify scrolls from most urns and other breakables

6) Don’t buy potions.
Sometimes mana potions are worth buying if you use abilities like Savage Rush (berserker) or Cold snap (techmage – well that’s a mod, another story). Travelling and teleporting abilities use mana like crazy. But dead guards and skeletons provide free mana and health potions. Be sure to swap out for the highest health-per-second recovery option in your quick menu

7) Take as many items to the enchanter/socketeer as possible. 
They walk away and disappear after you enchant or socket and they click off the dialogue
You might be able to re-roll which ever map you found them on and make them re-appear. I haven’t tested this though, so don’t blame me if this doesn’t work. Just guessing.

8) Use the Bartering and Adventuring Spells
They are passive skills and come in varying levels of effectiveness. Keep them up to date with your level and enjoy slightly better gold earnings as well as purchase prices from the shop

Part 2 – Making Money

1) Search the whole map in each area
There’s lots of stuff everywhere
Focus on statues, monstrous shrines, secret rooms, and piles of rocks. Often, those have the best loot. Random piles of gold are usually wimpy. Dead Vanquisher Guards often have potions and some gold. MIght as well take it. They’d probably give you some if they were alive..

2) Find that flying golden pixie dragonfly thing in each map with the treasure chest icon
You want to defeat it, take the Golden Key, and open that locked golden chest. It’s got a lot of good stuff in it

3) Find the Phase Beast!
They are in most surface-level maps. Defeat them, and they’ll take you to a separate map that provides a challenge, puzzle or arena in exchange for lots of money and often a unique item or two

4) Do all the side quests

Not only do the sidequest maps have great loot, but they often – when completed – provide lots of experience and gold as a completion reward. Also an item is offered to you

5) Choose the Quest item with: 
-the best stats (and use it)
-the best sell price (and sell it)
-the highest attack bonus for your pet (and use it)

6) Save your recycled gems when they are no longer fitting for your gear, stats, and level
The highest level gems – lv. 92 go for as much as 1000 gold each. That’s worth selling, but also you could buy socketed items from the shop and socket the gem in something useless and cheap, save the gem, destroy the item and so on. For the Socketeer achievement.

7) Luminous Arena
Arenas have very good loot drops, especially this one. Re-enter this one after you’ve completed the quest. You can get good uniques and lots of gold

8) Re-roll maps with lots of breakables and rock piles
From the main menu choose LAN and re-roll whichever map you’re on (which has all the breakables or rock piles) You can rack up points for the bull in a China Shop achievement, and collect $ while you’re at it

9) Collect gear with magic find
It will help you find even better gear for yourself and enchanted or rare items sell fo mo monies.

10) Enchant your gear with luck and magic find
These can give you bonuses to gold you’ve found and also help you find rare, enchanted and possibly legendary items

11) Do the 3 Sisters Quest. 
There is a whole ‘nother guide on this. It gives crazy $ and experience rewards. There’s no good reason to avoid this quest

12) Find ALL the secret rooms
You’ll get points toward the No More Secrets Achievement and also gold. LOTS OF GOLD
Honestly, most secret rooms are in the Wellspring Temple (break urns at the end of a ledge)
and the Forgotten Halls (visit all the altars – they have books on them – and run around and see where the secret room opens. Usually at the end of a corridor. Again, LOTS OF GOLD.

Sometimes you can get goldfish which sell for 1000 gold each. Also, points toward the fishing achievement. Sell the other fish and keep any GIANT fish you find. They can permanently transform your pet to something with better stats.

14) Defeat all the enemies you can in an area.
Especially the very 1st map in Act I. You get a Golden Key from one of the purple-metered enemies, instead of the pixie thing.

15) Collect the Argonaut or Wildwood sets. Any item with Ponya in the name should work too.
They have high magic find set bonuses. Enchant these armor sets for ridiculously HIGH MAGIC FIND. I mean, closing in on 50% magic find here, guys.

You can get great loot and increased gold and magic find. Just keep in mind the purchase price of the map itself. Remember, even if you die on a map, you can continue that map from the “Map Selection” option. You don’t have to start a new map from the mapworks upon death. However, once you defeat all the enemies and break all the breakables on every floor, there’s not much left to do.Re-Roll the world on LAN and see if the enemies and stuff respawn if you really like that map. Otherwise, pick a different map & use it.

17) And finally, SELL your freaking items. No one needs an unenchanted ring. Just sell that stuff, make your pet sell it for you. If need be, call Hoarders.

Mod-Specific Pointers

If you’re playing with a modded game, here are some recommendations to achieve crazy stuff:

1) Subscription recommendations:
Daylight Robbery (better weapon rack drops, watch out for cursed swords though)
Techmage (passive skills give gold bonuses)
Goldfish Exchange (allows you to buy goldfish at the market to invest money and be able to trade it between mod files)

…………..and Anything with gold, fame, or experience bonuses. Also you want easy access to enchanters. So do something about that, too

2) You can earn money and skill points much faster on modded games, so don’t worry about collecting gear sets until you’re level 100
If you happen to come across a set of Argonaut gear or something with Ponya in the name, it should have magic find bonuses. KEEP THEM EVEN IF YOU’RE 80 LEVELS HIGHER THAN THE GEAR

3) Enchant everything you have with LUCK. 
Forget everything else. You don’t even need to be good at combat in a modded game to make money. But do invest your skill points wisely

4) Invest in passive skills.
As I mentioned above the TECHMAGE passive skills give $ bonuses. Invest in those as much as possible

Make sure the mods are up to date, but don’t yell at the modder if they’ve decided on no further updates
They deserve a LOT of respect for making awesome stuff possible. So use the mods while they’re still useful =D
Give them a thumbs up rating for helping you achieve awesome stuff :P

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