Torchlight 2 Outlander Focus Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Outlander Focus Build Guide by Doubts

This is version two of my focuslander guide.

Does +poison damage increase my spells damage?

Yes, but is inferior to focus in more ways than one. Although when your gearing up dont be afraid to use it as it does help!

Without vit arent you going to be getting oneshot all the time?

At high level on veteran and elite, most classes cannot survive for long at all even with full vit, also at 100 we have 10% mitigation with are armor. Lets say we spend aload of points to get 100% more armor! Sounds good, but thats only 10% more giving you 20% mitigation considering mobs hitting you 8kish thats a less than 1.5k reduction and with 5-7k hp your still almost getting one shot!

What about strgth and dex!?

Strgth is pretty useless for this build, but can be useful for other outlander builds! Swapping focus for strgth for crit damage just is not worth it! + you loose mana! We will grab some dex for this build for the + crit and dodge!

The Build

First of im going to go over something really important for the build, the socketable skull!

The socketable most usefull for this build is going Skull of wjpowd, what i found out about skulls is that they scale with you, (or when i was adding them to my test char it would automatically scale it) Meaning i would not be able to use a low level skull onto low level gear. Skulls require a certain item level, you can find your item level in the top right on the item box.
This skulls requires level 82 items for it to be socketable and this skull is essential for turning this build into the monster build that it is!


With this skull socketed throughout your gear which requires item level 82 to for it to socket it, will increase your focus if fully socketed by 684!

With everything your stats should look like this


+543% magic damage is huge! and makes this build hit some insane numbers. my stat allocation is for the first 13 levels i put 5 points in dex so i never have to worry about it again, then its 5 points focus all the way to 100!


This is my personal preference build! It gives me an escape, a melee repellent (repulsion hex), dodge! increased charge and the normal damage spells!) [I recommend only going 5 pts into glaive throw until you have the mana/regen to sustain higher levels spam! as the mana cost at 5 and below is alot less!]

Skills that i feel should not be changed are

Master of the Elements
Dodge Mastery
Glaive Throw
Cursed Dagger
Long Ranged Mastery




Socketed with Image This gives us +240% Crit damage!

The reason we choose wands over pistols are because akimbo does not increase all damage, just all the pistol weapon damage. Which is not too useful for us and these wands are alot better being pure magic damage meaning our bonus’s from focus applys to the whole weapon! +chaotic rift on a 66% chance to proc is awesome!


We need armors which are above item level 82 for the gems to be socketed into it, for this reason i have chosen this set.


It may not be the most useful set out there for a focuslander! but its able to be gemmed fully and some of the set bonus’s arent that bad! for example the 100% chance to poison means we will always have a poison on the target when we attack, also 20% attack speed and the even more range aswell as a 2 second silence!


303k! still stands as my highest since glaives damage fluxiates alot, one day il get better!

Thanks everyone for the support shown and improvements people have suggested!

Disclaimer: This gear has been modded onto a level 100 character, this gear is in noway easy to get! this is just BIS at level 100!

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