Torchlight 2 Berserker Wolfstrike Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Berserker Wolfstrike Build Guide by bananagrams

This build is extremely fun, has great survivability due to the nature of Wolfstrike, and clears packs FAST.

Wolfstrike – 10-15 points, insane knockback, damage, and 60-70% chance to stun. It hits everything in a line the same way that shadow burst does. It also heals you every time because if you hit at least 5 mobs, you are bound to crit one of them. Stick to 10 points until you get enough mana regen.

Battle Rage: 15 points, survivability
Blood Hunger: 11-15 points, we don’t use shadow burst, your heals will come from this and…
Wolf Shade: 15 points, constant heals
Shred Armor: 15 points, Wolfstrike applies this
Executioner: 15 points, fast charge gain
Cold Steel Mastery: 15 points, damage
Howl: 5, great debuff for bosses
Frenzy Mastery: 15 points, long charge duration = raze/wolfstrike crits all day
Raze: Rest, great single target killer

Items and stats:
Dual Claws with the highest DPS and physical/ice damage you can find. Crit damage bonus is a huge plus, so look for that. You also want near 100% execute and %chargerate items for extremely fast charge bar filling. Attack speed is also important for charging. I like to have around 30% crit for survivability until I fill the charge bar up. After that, go about 3 strength / 2 vitality for the rest of your points. Use at least one mana on hit gem in your weapons. In your armor, use mana regen or focus/mana gems.

Use weapon spec passive, dual wield passive, armor passive, and either mana regen or elemental protection depending on what you need.

Wolfstrike a couple times to separate all the mobs with knockback. They literally go flying in all directions and most end up stunned. Build up your charge meter on a few stragglers and then wolfstrike until your meter runs out. If it’s just you and a boss left, raze him about 3 times and he will be dead. Use wolfstrike to travel faster if you have the mana for it.

Have fun being a freight train !

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