TERA Online Homunculus Guide

TERA Online Homunculus Guide by Valaka and Amira

The Homunculus, introduced in the city of Velika, is a unique pet system in TERA. This pet may offer many different services to its owner. In the recent FGT2, the Homonculus was a personal shop system and this guide will detail the steps to setting one up. Life is much easier when someone else does the buying or selling for you, but of course this system is not without a price. The player will have to take care of its Homunculus in order to keep it alive.

IN FGT2, TERA offered a small in-game tutorial explaining all the basics about the Homunculus. Today we will share this information with the community, including some additional information from our team’s experience with our own Homunculi.

Currently, TERA offers 4 types of homunculi, each type with its own unique look. The different types are ‘Pooky’, ‘Mewy’, ‘Tuwangi’, ‘Darling’ (The images below are of each homunculus in the same order as mentioned in the text). Currently, A player can own as many homunculi as they want but can only use one at the time. They are tradeable until bound to the character.

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Your Homunculus begins its life as an egg. Your egg can be bought in the Homunculus Lab or, occassionally, they can be found around the world. There are different egg types available and the current FGT offered 2 egg types, the normal ‘Homunculus Egg’ and the ‘Prized Homunculus Egg’. As you can see in the tooltip below, the “Prized Homunculus Egg’ has a higher chance to hatch a ‘Darling’.

Once the player has acquired an egg, they will have to place it in an incubator. It only takes a few minutes to hatch and the process doesn’t require any direct supervision allowing the player to do other things while they wait. Hatching isn’t without any risks as there is always a chance that an egg will not hatch, leaving a usless ‘Unhatched Egg’ in your inventory.

1. Get an egg

As stated above, the player can buy an egg or occasionally find one around Arborea.

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2. Place the egg in the Incubator

You must use the incubator to hatch your egg. Drop the egg in a socket and press ‘Incubate. Once the incubation is complete just press ‘Collect‘ to retrieve the item from the Incubator. The number of orbs your Homunculus can support is determined at hatching.

3. Imprint your Homunculus

Keep in mind, even if the Homunculus is tradeable at hatching, once imprinted in the Homunculus Social Window it will become bound to the character.


Another very important Homunculus item is an orb. Without an orb the Homunculus is useless! Orbs can be attached through the Homunculus Social Window.

Currently, the Homunculus Labs offers 3 types of orbs: “Buy”, “Sell”, “Buy and Sell”. The more actions the orb offers the higher its value. Attaching an orb to the Homunculus has its risks as well, since they have a chance to break upon attachment. A higher-grade orb will automatically replace a lower-grade orb of the same kind. The player may attach as many orbs as the Homunculus has open orb-slots for.

4. Buy an orb

Currently, orbs can only be bought from the merchant located in the Homunculus Lab.

5. Attaching an orb

Note that the player is allowed to attach multiple orbs at a time to a Homunculus, but the Homunculus will only be able to use one orb at the time. Thus if you have bought separate ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ orbs, you won’t be able to buy and sell at the same time. You must attach the specific ‘buying and selling’ orb to have a Homunculus who will both buy and sell.

6. Placing your Homunculus

You can only place your Homunculus on dedicated locations. Those locations are marked by a logo on the ‘radar’.

Posted Image Player is able to place their Homunculus in their current location.
Posted Image Player will be unable to place the Homunculus at his current position.

The player will see one or more icons next to the Homunculus status window (see image below). Right-clicking on one of these orb function icons will open a shop which functions according to the selected orb.

Posted Image

7. Opening shop (buy/sell)
After activating an orb, the player will enter the shop interface. Place the items you wish to sell in the shop and press ‘We’re open!

8. Repairing your Homunculus

Repairing the Homunculus happens through the Homunculus social window. Repair the Homunculus in order to keep it alive and avoid losing items.

9. Closing the shop

You may close your shop through the shop interface. Once open, there will be a new button that reads ‘Shut Down’. Shutting down will move all the remaining items in your inventory.


Each Homunculus has a rank, this rank determines the Homunculus’ durability. A higher ranked Homunculus will have a longer durability. The player’s incubation skill level determines the rank of the Homunculus, therefor it is recommended to increase this skill.


Durability is very important as it determines the time the Homunculus can sit unattended for. A player must repair the Homunculus before its durability hits ‘zero’. If the player lets the Homunculus die, all items on the Homunculus will be destroyed, along with the Homunculus itself.

Theories and possibilities

This section will contain some initial thoughts on the Homunculus system. The Homunculus itself could be an interesting business for people who want to invest the time and money into this system. Since the Homunculus can be sold, I presume some players may choose to spend their time hatching and selling Homunculus to people who are looking for a certain quality of Homunculus. You can easily compare this with item crafting.

What is the advantage of selling your items on a Homunculus in the presence of a broker? This is the question many players will ask themselves when faced with spending time and gold in the Homunculus business. An advantage of the Homunculus is its mobility as you can find many locations around Arborea were you can place your Homunculus. A player may easily sell a dropped item in a region where players searching for the same item may quickly buy it. When the player Homunculus can sell and buy at the same time, it can allow people to quickly check both demand and offer from that Homunculus.

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