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StormFall Frequently Asked Questions by Plarium

Can I skip the tutorial?

You can complete Oberon’s tasks at any time you choose, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you follow the instructions in the order that they’re given or you risk slowing down your Castle’s development by using up your Resources too fast. You’ll also be passing up an easy opportunity to earn Sapphires early in the game. Some of the rules and instructions are complex, so take the time to learn how to complete basic tasks. If you wish to skip ahead you can refer to the Guide menu.

How can I restart the game from the beginning?

You can’t. There are no dead ends in the game, but there is also no restarting on the same account. Don’t worry: even if you make some mistakes in the beginning, you can always develop your Castle up to a higher level and fulfill all of Oberon’s Tasks. Be sure to follow the instructions in the order that they’re given or you’ll slow down your Castle’s development by using up your resources too fast. If this happens, just wait until you collect enough to continue.

When can I attack other Castles?

Users under Level 9 have Novice protection. They can attack any player but no one can attack their Castle. Users from Level 9 through Level 14 (or the ones registered for less than 5 days) can only attack players up to Level 14 (or the ones registered for less than 5 days). Users of Level 15 and higher can only attack players of Level 15 and higher; however, if you attack ANY player above Level 9 – YOU LOSE YOUR NOVICE PROTECTION! If you initiate a war with another Lord while you’re both below Level 15, it will continue regardless of one player developing past Level 14.

You can’t begin any military activity until you have constructed the Keep, and the Sentry House. You must also discover required Lost Arts and purchase at least one Unit before starting military activity.

What are Sieges?

Laying Siege to other Castles proves you’re stronger than your rivals and lets you place in the Sieges Rankings. The Top 10 Lords are rewarded with Sapphires every week. Laying Siege to an opponent does not eliminate them – you simply occupy them until they are either liberated or cease playing the game.

How do I liberate my Castle from a Siege?

One of your Friends can liberate your Castle by sending you offensive Reinforcements, or you can overthrow the occupant yourself – just build enough offensive Units and click “Break Siege” under the Enemy’s name.

When do I get my Siege points?

Siege points are given immediately, but you may have to wait a few minutes until they are displayed in your profile.

Is there an impending attack on my Castle?

You will see a countdown timer in the bottom-left of your screen when someone dispatches a force to raid or besiege your Castle. Click it, or go to the Keep and open the ‘Tracking’ tab to view detailed information about upcoming attacks. Activate the ‘Enemies’ filter, and click on the attacking Lord’s coordinates to visit their Castle. You be sent to the Map area surrounding your enemy’s location when you close the Keep window.

After you check the Attack Timer, use the Mail Network or any other preferred method to call for Reinforcements from your friends.

How is the outcome of a battle calculated?

Player 1 attacks. Player 2 defends. A is the total value of all of Player 1’s attacking Units’ offense ratings. B is the total value of all of Player 2’s defensive ratings. Players’ losses are calculated according to these aggregate values. If: А = 15,000 Offense and B = 20,000 Defense, then Player 1 loses approximately 55% of Units. Player 2 loses 45% of Forces. These ratios may be subject to change.

My Castle was attacked and I lost all my Units. Why?

Units can be either Offensive or Defensive. Click on the Unit when purchasing it to see detailed stats. A Red border indicates Offensive Units, a Green one means they’re defensive. Defensive Units are essentially useless when attacking but highly effective at protecting a Castle or Town. Conversely, Offensive Units are designed for attacks but have a low defense value. If your Castle has a large Offensive and no Defense – don’t be surprised when your force is defeated.

Can I cancel an attack/construction/upgrade?

You have 50 seconds to cancel sending Units orders, Caravans, Building construction, and upgrades. 80% of construction or upgrading cost will be returned to your account.

I can’t find my Caravans.

Check the “Caravans” tab at the market and check both “Loaded Caravans” and “Caravans on the way”. If you still don’t see it, change the timeframe from “Current” to “Expired”. Cancel expired trade offers to release your Caravans.

I have reached my 10 Raid attempts!

You will be permitted one new Raid attempt every 2.5 hours.

Why did I acquire 0 Resources after my last Raid?

There is a weekly cap of 50,000 Resources than can be gained from looting (or gifting) in each Castle. You can go back and Raid this Castle again next week. Resources are calculated within the last 7 days.

How do I get more Sapphires?

You can purchase additional Sapphires at the Bank by selecting the “Bank” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can also get Sapphires by actions within the game:
– Completing the game tasks.
– Level up.
– Playing the game for 5 days in a row.
– Placing in the Top Ranking positions.
– Completing Feats of Valor.

Why do I need Resources?

You need Resources to discover Lost Arts, construct Buildings, and train and maintain new Units. Upgrade your Farms, Mines, and Townhouses to increase the rate at which you collect Resources. Place your mouse over “Resource” panel in the top left-hand corner of the screen to see how many Resources you’re acquiring and expending per hour.

I run out of Food all the time. Why is this happening?

All Buildings and Units constantly consume Food. You will see a warning pop up in your Military Building interface if you don’t have enough Food to support any new Units. Place your cursor over the “Resources” panel in the upper-left of your screen to find out how many Resources you’re acquiring and consuming per hour. If you do not have enough Food to maintain your Units, they will gradually desert you. Upgrade your Farms to increase your Food production and keep your Barns topped off.

Are there any bonuses in the game?

Free Iron, Food, and Gold appear outside the walls of you and your Friends’ Castles each day. You will also get a new Scroll from your Scribe each day. There is a 50 Sapphire reward each time you play the game 5 days in a row, and you will be rewarded with Sapphires when you complete tutorial tasks or earn Medallions for Feats of Valor.

Why don’t I get a bonus every day?

This game rewards careful planning and maintenance of your Castle and executing successful battles on a regular basis. You can also earn 50 Sapphires each week by playing the game for 5 days in a row.

How do I get Scrolls?

Your Scribe will give you a new Scroll once each day that you play. Play the game every day to collect more Scrolls and begin mastering some of the more advanced Lost Arts. You can also send and receive Scrolls between your friends (max 2 per day).The more often they play the game, the more Scrolls you can exchange. You can also exchange Scrolls at the Market. This is important: your Scribes will NOT always decipher the Scroll you need for the Lost Art you want. You may have to Trade for Scrolls you’re missing with other players in order to progress through the game faster. Scrolls can only be Traded for other Scrolls – not for Resources or Food. Extra Scrolls can be sold back to the game for a preset price in Resources at the House of Scrolls.

How do I defend my Castle from Enemy Spies?

The more Silent Ones you have in your Castle, the higher your chances are of repelling an enemy spy mission. You may also post Sentries on top of your defenses to increase your Castle’s Intelligence Bonus rating and the effectiveness of the Silent Ones guarding your Castle.

How can I know if I’m about to be Spied upon?

The Silent Ones are undetectable when moving around Stormfall – you will not know when they are en route, and receive no warning. Your Grand Marshal will inform you of enemy Spy missions only after they have occurred.

How do I increase the rate of my Food acquisition?

Upgrade your Farms and Barns to gain more Food. You can also use Sapphires to boost Food acqusition by 25% for 3 days.

Why do I get identical Scrolls?

Your scribes randomly pick a new Scroll each day. If you receive 2 or more identical Scrolls, you can still take advantage of them by trading the extras for Scrolls you need at the Market.

Who pays to maintain Reinforcement Units?

Your Units will always consume only YOUR Food, no matter where they are. All other Units are maintained at their owner’s expense.

Why didn’t I earn any Raid Ranking points?

Raid points are the amount or Resources you carried off during Raids minus the amount of Resources carried off from your Castle by raiders. If you get a negative number of Raid points as a result, you can’t place in the Raid Rankings.

How do I upgrade my Units?

You can upgrade your Units either by going to the House of Scrolls and upgrading the Lost Art that unlocked the Unit, or by clicking the “Level” button above the Unit’s icon in the description window.

Why does the game switch out of full-screen mode?

Whenever you enter text, the game will automatically switch out of full-screen mode. This is the result of an unfortunate dark spell upon the network platform that cannot be lifted. Our mages are hard at work researching the proper ritual to undo the spell.

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