StormFall Spying Guide

StormFall Spying Guide by StormFall DB

Spying is crucial once you start raiding and besieging other players’ castles. To Spy on another, first click on his or her castle and then click on Dispatch Spies. Next choose how many Silent Ones you wish to send, then click on “Dispatch Spies” at the bottom of the window.

Note: Only Players Level 9+ Can Be Spied On.
How Many Silent Ones To Send?
I’ve experimented with this a decent amount of times and have come to the conclusion that you should send all of your Silent Ones every time you Spy on someone. The reason for this is that when you Spy on someone, your Silent Ones essentially battle the enemy’s Silent Ones. If you have more Silent Ones than your opponent you will successfully Spy on them and obtain the necessary intel.

On the other hand, if you only send a few Silent Ones it is likely they will die and you will get no information about your opponent. To further ensure Spying success, you should only Spy on players with the same level or lower level than you.

Spy Victory!
When you successfully spy on an opponent, you will see Victory! at the top of the window. In addition to this, you will see how many Silent Ones you sent and how many your Opponent has at his/her castle.

The window will also show how many resources the other player has and how many of each unit is defending the castle as well. Although you do not get any experience for a successful Spy mission, you will get more than enough information about your opponent.

If he/she has a large amount of saved resources and a weak army it is usually a good time to raid that person. Make sure your attacking army has enough capacity to steal as many resources as possible.

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