StormFall Tips and Tricks

StormFall Tips and Tricks by StormFall DB

Here are 7 Tips that will help you progress through the game Stormfall. This is especially helpful for newer players.

#1. Complete Quests– As you progress through Stormfall you will want to complete as many quests as possible. These can be found on the left side of your screen. Not only do quests serve as a tutorial that will help you learn the game, they also reward you with Sapphire, Gold, Iron and Food. All of these resources are necessary for you to upgrade buildings, build defenses and train units. Make sure you are always completing the quests given to you.

#2. Spend Resources– When you first start playing, the maximum amount of each resource you can have is 2000. If you reach the limit and accept a quest reward the amount of Gold, Food and Iron you have will not go above the 2000 mark and you will basically lose the reward. Make sure to spend resources on upgrading buildings, training troops, learning lost arts, etc. I made this mistake when I first started playing.

#3. Build/Upgrade Resource Buildings– The best things to spend your resources on especially in the early game are resource buildings. These buildings are Mines (Iron), Farms (Food) and Townhouses (Gold). Good upgrades on resource buildings will allow you to gain more resources per hour and progress more quickly through the game.

#4. Construction, Lost Arts, Obelisk of Power & Raiding– Although each action in Stormfall takes a certain amount of time to complete, don’t forget that you can multitask to efficiently use your gaming time. In other words, four different actions can be training/building/upgrading at the same time. You can build/upgrade a building, train a lost art, use Skull Runes at the Obelisk of Power and Raid/Beseige a neighboring camp at the same time.

#5. Earn Free Sapphire– You will see offers on the bottom right of your screen that will reward you with free Sapphire. The first few are easy, such as go to the StormFall Facebook page, or watch an advertisement movie. Quick, easy and free Sapphire. You can’t beat that!

#6. Skeletons, Animals, Trolls– If you are out of resources you can click on Skeletons, Animals and Trolls that you see around your castle. Skeletons will give you Iron for their swords/shields, Animals can be captured for Food and Trolls can be killed for their Gold. It won’t be much, but every little bit can help.

#7. Recall Troops– You may already know this, but I made this mistake a few times. After raiding or besieging an enemy you will have to recall them back to your land. You can go to your Keep and click on “Tracking” to see where you forces are and how long it will take them to get to their destination as well.

These are some tips that I thought would be helpful. If you guys have any other tips or questions please feel free to comment below. You will be helping out other players as well as myself. Thanks a lot!

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