StarCraft II HotS Terran Changes from WoL List

StarCraft II HotS Terran Changes from WoL List by JorgeCis

For everyone’s reference, here are the Terran new units and changes to old units as of the end of HotS beta on March 1st, compared to WoL. Marine, marauder, ghost, viking, and banshee are the only units that have not changed:

HP: 60 (up from 50)
Speed: 3.75 (up from 2.95; speed upgrade removed)
Damage: 4 (down from 4 (+5 vs. light), building attack removed)
Attack Range: 5 (up from 4.5)
Attack speed: 1.1
Passives: cliff jumping, combat drugs that allow reapers to heal outside of combat
NOTES: No longer requires tech lab, so it now can be reactored

Ability: can transform to hellbats
Research: Transformation servos – allows hellions to transform to hellbats for 150/150, 110 second research time, requires armory to research at factory tech lab

Widow mine:
Cost: 75/25/2
HP: 90
Speed: 2.81
Cargo size: 2
Tags: light, mechanical
Attack: sentinel missiles, launches them while in burrow mode, targets air and ground. Takes 3 seconds to burrow.
Attack speed: 40
Damage: 125 (+35 vs. shields), 40 splash damage including friendly fire to all but burrowed widow mines
Attack range: 5
Research: Drilling claws – decreases burrow time from 3 seconds to 1 second for 150/150, 110 second research time, requires armory to research at factory tech lab.
NOTES: While unburrowed, widow mines have a decreased attack priority, so if you attack with marines the enemy units will target the marines while the mines sneak in and burrow. While burrowed, attack priority of marines and mines are the same.

Seige tank:
Tanks built from factory with siege mode (siege mode research removed)

Cost: 100/0/2
HP: 135
Speed: 2.25
Cargo size: 4 (not a typo!)
Tags: light, mechanical, biological
Damage: 18 (+12 vs. light), splash radius 45 degrees
Weapon upgrade: 2 (+1 vs. light)
Attack Range: 2
Attack Speed: 2
Research: Transformation servos – allows hellbats to transform to hellions for 150/150, 110 second research time, requires armory to research at factory tech lab
NOTES: requires armory to build hellbats directly from factory. You can still build hellbats without transformation servos, you just can’t transform to hellions (or hellions to hellbats) until the research is complete.

250mm cannons removed
Can change anti-air weapons from javelin missiles to HIP guns
HIP guns damage: 24
HIP guns weapon upgrade: +2
HIP guns Range: 10
HIP guns attack speed: 2
Slight change in size so that units don’t hide behind them
NOTE: HIP guns can target colossus as an air unit from 10 range, javelin missiles cannot! When in range of ground guns, thor will switch to ground guns regardless of air gun. HIP guns have a shorter cooldown than Javelin missiles, 2 to 3, but doesn’t do splash.

New ability: ignite afterburners – allows medivacs to travel at 4.25 speed for 8 seconds, 20 second cooldown

Seeker missile now costs 75 energy without cooldown (down from 125 energy); waits 5 seconds to launch (up from 3), enemy can run from it during this time; afterwards it lands for 100 damage with AOE

Yamato cannon now costs 100 energy (down from 125 energy)

Factory and starport unit armors merged to a single upgrade. So when you upgrade mech armors, your sky units are being upgraded, as well. Same cost as the WoL ground armors.

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