StarCraft II WoL Zerg Defeating Immortal Sentry Guide

StarCraft II WoL Zerg Defeating Immortal Sentry Guide by Chase

Sentry Immortal all in generally moves out at 9:30-10:30 depending on the opponent’s skill level/Immortal Count (3 or 4 Immortals). Sometimes a warp prism in involved and most of the time the opponent moves out with a sentry count between 8 and 12. The attack abuses Zerg’s low tech as a result from the early 3 base opening. It also takes advantage of the low range of their Tier 1 Units via the forcefield spell, which is a very key part in making the push work. Immortal Sentry hits just before Infestors or mutas come into play, therefore Zerg must rely on their superior macro and vast unit production to overwhelm the opposing force.
The Protoss player generally builds a Robotics Facility shortly after their Cybernetics Core is finished and takes the gases at their natural at 6:30. The push is normally powered behind 7 Gateways.

Make sure you produce an influx of Overlords so you do not get supply blocked.

Roaches take up a lot of supply, before the push comes it is a good idea to produce Ovies until you have roughly 150-170 max supply

How to defend an Immortal Sentry:

Generally you want to execute an early 3 base opener and spend all your larva on drones, save for 2-4 Zerglings for scouting initially as well as an additional 6-8 if you see and early Zealot Stalker/Dual Zealot pressure. You could easily get away with fewer Lings if you have good micro and use your Queen but I find it easier with 6-8, along with your initial 2-4 :)
Your goal is to basically hit 80 supply in Drones and Queens before 8 minutes, where you want to pump as many units as you can. This is where basic macro and mechanics kicks in. You want to engage in a wide open space to utilise as much surface area as possible, as well to make protoss drop a maximum amount of forcefields.

Unit Composition

Creep Spread (Early 3rd Queen)
Macro Hatchery (During the battle you will most likely miss/forget injects)
OVERLORDS (Again make sure you do NOT get supply blocked)
Upgrades –
+1 Armour atleast to negate the 2 shotting Zerglings from +1 Attack Zealots)
Glial Reconstitution (Roach Speed)
Metabolic Boost (Zergling Speed)
^These upgrades are a must


Baiting forcefields
Wasting Sentry energy gives you the best chance at defeating the push. Once Protoss runs out of forcefields it’s gg for them, as your units have free reign on their forces.
Imperative to holding the attack, increasing the surface area gives you the best chance of
This is a very large factor in holding off this powerful all in. If you do not flank your opponent can cut your army in half and pick it off in segments.
On Creep
For the greatest advantage in holding this attack you want to engage on creep to add to the speed of your units, maximizing their efficiency and the micromanagement needed by the Protoss player.
Focus Fire
If a small amount of units get cut off due to forcefields you want to try and target fire as many high energy sentries as possible. If you manage to get the majority or a good amount of your units past the forcefields than Focus Firing Immortals is first priority as they are the backbone to the push and their DPS is key in the fight.

Gl hf and show those Protoss who’s boss! :)

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