StarCraft II HotS Protoss Changes from WoL List

StarCraft II HotS Protoss Changes from WoL List by Kiwimancy

Old Units

– No longer powers high ground
– Units can be warped onto ramps (from high ground)

– Hallucination no longer requires research

– Blink research time increased to 170 from 140

Dark Templar
– Dark Shrine cost decreased to 150/150 from 100/250

– Range increased to 5 from 4

Void Ray
– Activated ability Prismatic Alignment replaces charge up: cooldown 60, duration 20, Damage +6 to armored
– Supply increased to 4 from 3
– Attack cooldown decreased to .5 from .6
– No longer does +20% to massive

– Leash range allows moving the carrier back
(I believe this is the change. WoL allows enemy units to move back while interceptors attacked but moving the carrier made interceptors retreat. In broodwar, the carrier could move back as well as change targets from leash range. HotS has partial leash range.)

(see mothership core)
– Upgrades from Mothership Core
– Time Warp replaces Vortex
– Recall changed to move units under mothership to target nexus
(Total warp-in time 100 (non-chronoboostable) +30 from 160; Total cost unchanged)

New Units

Mothership Core
Cost: 100/100/2/30, from Nexus, requires Cybernetics Core
Attack: 8(+0) per .85s, range 5 (ground only)
Defense: 130hp/60sh, 1(+1) armor
Speed: 1.875
Attributes: Air, Mechanical, Armored, Psionic
– Photon Overcharge: 100 energy, range 10 – Gives target nexus photon cannon attack with 13 range for 60s
– Mass Recall: 100 energy, radius 7 – Teleports core and units under to target nexus. Units are vulnerable for 2s.
– Time Warp: 75 energy, range 9, duration 30, radius 3.5 – Slows enemy ground unit movement speed by 50%
– Upgrade to Mothership: 300/300/+6/100, energy reset to 50

Cost: 150/150/3/50, from Stargate
Attack: See Pulsar Beam
Defense: 100hp/60sh, 0(+1) armor
Speed: 3.375
Attributes: Air, Mechanical, Light, Psionic
– Pulsar Beam: 25 + 2/s energy – Enables ground attack for 15(+10 light) per .86s, range 5
– Revelation: 75 energy, range 9, duration 60, radius 6 – Targeted units/structures grant vision (I think 2 or 3 sight range)
– Envision: 50 energy, duration 60 – Oracle becomes a detector

Cost: 300/200/4/60, from Stargate, requires Fleet Bacon
Attack: 30(+3)(+50 vs massive-air) per 3.3s, range 15 (sight 12)
Defense: 300hp/150sh, 2(+1) armor
Speed: 1.875
Attributes: Air, Armored, Mechanical, Massive

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