Soul of Guardian Solo Flame Altar Guide

Soul of Guardian Solo Flame Altar Guide by marekplph

Hi Guys, Im here to tell something about Flame Altar Dungeon and how it can be soloed even at a minimum level required. No hocus pocus just pure information.

First and foremost Flame Altar is a great way to farm exp. as many other guides here have shown already i will make it clear again in this Guide. this is not a repeat of how to get more exp but another Guide on how to do Flame Altar effectively.

What do you need for Flame Altar?

1.  Spree -get as high as you can.. 1000 spree points is better tho 900 is ideal
2.  EXP scrolls – get the ones you can obtain from fishing, guild bonus and if you have training order (to be opened after round 5) bring it with you as well. Why open at Round 5? the training order lasts only 5 mins and if you dont kill fast enough your epic order will end before round 10.
3.  Party – though i meant solo in this thread you cant enter flame altar without a party so create a party by pressing Y and it should only be just you in this party. ( this has been explained in other guides so im not going to focus on that anymore )
4.  Att/Def Potions – can be obtained thru fishing and other lucky star lotto but if youre high level enough no need for these things.

Now lets begin soloing the Dungeon.

Skills needed:
1. Both AOE skills in your skill tab ( alternate them by using Remote skill first and then the Damage Target skill)
2. Damage increase skill and Invincibility skill.
3. Class and Guild buffs

As you can see in the given image, Monsters come from 2 different points and converging infront of the altar itself.
1.  First hit the 2 AoE Points i have shown in the your remote skill  this will make all monsters coming after you. BE PREPARED specially if your level is not high enough ( this is the part that you will need the DEF/ATT potions i mentioned earlier ).
2. When all monsters are in front of you and hitting you like your a punching bag you can use your invincibility skill and then hit them back by using your damage increasing skill.. Also dont forget to activate your Auto Attack function.
3. Keep doing that process until all the monsters are dead and you are waiting for the next round.
4. In every round you should deactivate the auto attack function so youre character will not run after the monsters while  they are on the way to the altar.

simple as that folks… If done correctly 10 mins-15mins is the max time you can spend or less in 1 Altar Dungeon.

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